To See You Smile

In one crazy summer, the lives of 5 couples change as they learn the ups and downs when it comes to love, relationships and fate.

Louis falls for Adelaide, an actress who feels trapped by what management wants her to be. Zayn admits his feelings for Marley, his close friend and roommate. Liam and his girlfriend Charlotte try to make their relationship work as they both see their careers bloom. Niall meets his dream girl by chance, but has no idea who she is or how he can find her. Harry sets out to prove to Lucy that he is worth falling for, no matter the media may say.

Everyone has a love story, and these are theirs.


2. Chapter Two

"Good morning sunshine!”

Zayn Malik winced as the bright morning sun awoke him. It took him a few seconds to register where he was, which was passed out on his sofa. He grabbed the closest pillow and covered his pounding head.

“Come on, it’s such a beautiful day!”

“No.” He groaned as the pillow was ripped away from him.

“I made pancakes.”

Zayn rolled over and covered his eyes. “What time is it?”

“Its almost noon, now please get up.”

“Marley.” He whined. “Let me sleep.”

“I can’t.” She hit him with the pillow, “Get that ass up Malik!”

Zayn tried to grab the pillow. “10 minutes.”

She hit him again. “No. Now.”

Zayn sighed. The last thing he wanted to do was get up, actually the last thing he wanted to do was eat. The very thought made him feel sick. He should really stop these nights of drinking, nah, who was he kidding. He opened his eyes to see his roommate standing over him her arms crossed.


 “Zayn I need you get up and take care of your boyfriend.” Marley gave Zayn a slightly helpless shrug.


“Harry’s passed out naked in the bathtub, and Jackson will be over in an hour, and I don’t really know how to explain that.”

“Is that that boy you fancy?”

“Zayn.” She hit him again.

“Stop it.”

“Am I messing up your hair?” She teased, rolling her eyes.

Zayn’s hands went up to his hair, not wanting to know how bad it looked after a night of drinking. Marley smirked. Even when she picked them up early this morning- 3 am to be correct, Zayn couldn’t stop touching his hair. She spent the car ride home convincing him that hair gel cannot be removed with alcohol. Sometimes it wasn’t fair to live with someone who had ridiculously marvelous hair, although the good thing was they never ran out of hair gel.

He sat up, the blanket falling revealing his perfectly sculpted bare chest.  It also wasn’t fair to have someone as handsome as Zayn as her roommate, don’t get her friends started.

Nothing would or has happened with Zayn. He was her best friend, plus someone like Zayn wouldn’t fall for someone like Marley. He liked those intelligent girls, Marley was on her third try with her economics course. He was too busy running around with all the girls he meets on tour, don’t get her friends started on that either. It all came down to the understanding that Zayn wouldn’t like a girl like Marley. That didn’t bother Marley. Zayn wasn’t really her type, well minus the ridiculous good looks and mysterious smoldering, Marley had her type: blonde, tall, and as clean cut as possible.

“What?” Zayn asked suddenly.


“You’re spacing again. Planet Marley’s where it’s happening, huh?”

“Shut up.” Marley hit him again with the pillow, this time aiming for that messy coif of dark hair.

“Marley! Anywhere but the hair!”

“Anywhere?” She raised an eyebrow.

            Zayn grinned. “You made pancakes?” He asked changing the subject quickly.

Marley nodded, sitting down on the coffee table. “I did. With chocolate chips.”

“So is this kind of like a bed and breakfast kind of thing? Are you going to bring me some, or is that your way of getting me up.”

“Well I’m sure as hell not bringing you any.”

“And I’m sure as hell not getting up, so we’ve got a situation on our hands.”

“You need to get Harry up. I love him as much as the next girl, but I’ve seen his ass once already this morning, twice I feel like I’m violating him.”

“I don’t think he will mind.” Zayn rubbed his eyes with a yawn.

“But seriously, you guys have to be out of here in like an hour.”

“Because of Jackson? It’s my place too.” He actually wasn’t even sure he had ever met Jackson.

“Please Zayn?” Marley stuck out her bottom lip.

How was he suppose to say no to her? He sighed, “Fine.”

“Thank you.” She flashed him a smile.

“Just this time.”

“And the next time, and the time after that.” She shrugged.

“Just keep the noise down.”

“Whatever, Malik.”

“Don’t whatever me.” He said reaching for the pillow in Marley’s hand. “Give me the pillow Mars.”


“Please?” Zayn looked at Marley with his dark brown eyes, and stuck his lower lip out.

“It’s not going to work on me.”

Zayn leaned forward to grab her wrist. “I won’t go back to sleep, just give me the pillow.”

Marley looked at him and shook her head. “I don’t think so.”

“What are you going to do Marley?”

“I’ll mess with the hair.”

“Please. No one messes with the hair.”

Marley mimicked Zayn. “No one messes with the hair.”

“What are you a child?”

“Zayn please get up.” She raised the pillow over her head with her one free hand. But Zayn was too quick, he grabbed her other wrist and pulled her towards him. Marley laughed, “Zayn! Knock it off!”

Before she could think about what happened, she soon felt herself straddling Zayn. Neither of them moved. She tried to read his face. He was a little surprised himself, she thought. She was more than a little bit surprised. It’s not like Zayn intended for her to find herself on his lap. When she thought about it like that, she blushed.

She was still holding the pillow tightly in her hands, Zayn wasn’t expecting this, she was his friend. He didn’t know if it was the last traces of alcohol that made him feel like this, or if it was Marley.

He’d always liked her, she just made it very clear in the beginning that they were only roommates and would be only roommates. Since that,  Zayn had never thought of her in such way. Until this moment.

His hands slowly trailed down from Marley’s wrists to her arms, then down to the small of her back and finally stopped at her hips. He refused to take his eyes off her. She gasped a little, he wasn’t sure out of surprise or pleasure.

“Zayn.” She said quietly.

“Yeah?” His eyes now glued to her lips.

Marley didn’t move. She wanted to, but something wasn’t letting her. She sat frozen.

“I’ll get up, if you want.” He whispered.

Marley heard something entirely different at first, sending some quite pleasant and inappropriate thoughts her way. “What?”

“Were your eyes always this brown?” Zayn asked, brushing her hair out of her face.

Marley could almost taste his lips, he was so close to her.

“I think you are still drunk.” Marley dropped the pillow out of her hands and her hands quickly fell to Zayn’s bare shoulders.

“Hungover? Yes. Drunk? No.”

Marley knew better. She knew that she was in dangerous water. This would be bad, but if they didn’t do anything…Marley’s hands began to trace over the muscles in his shoulders, and then up the back of his neck until they quickly began to run through his dark hair.

Marley stopped. She knew he didn’t like people touching his hair.

Zayn must have noticed her hesitation. “It’s ok, you can touch it.”

“What?” Marley gasped, again her mind somewhere else.

“My hair. It’s ok.” Marley ran her fingers through his hair as she pulled his head forward till their foreheads met, resting against each other.

“Hi.” He grinned looking up at her, as his hands soon found themselves under Marley shirt, and stopped until they stopped along the curve of her bottom, Marley’s hands gripped tighter around his hair.

“Hi.” She barely whispered.

Zayn proceeded cautiously, curious as to how far this would go. He never looked away from Marley. If she at any moment looked worried or scared, he’d stop. No questions.

What was it? What made this switch go off. If Zayn was going to be honest he was in no position to be thinking. In fact it was to the point of not being able to comprehend the outside world. He just wanted to comprehend Marley.

Zayn licked his lips as she delicately placed her lips on the temple of his forehead. His lips caught the bottom of her jaw line.

He knew she wanted him. He just hoped that she wanted him as badly as he wanted her. He felt her lips glide down to his cheek, and she mumbled his name. His hands firmly cupped her bottom and he pulled her to his lap.

She moaned as she collided with him. Marley wasn’t expecting that. She reached for the blanket that was separating them.

“I don’t want to interrupt what’s going on right now, but can anyone tell me where I’ve placed my boxers?”

Marley pushed herself away from Zayn, turning a deep shade of red.  She looked over at Harry who stood naked in the hallway  holding a roll of toilet paper over his area. Marley covered her eyes. “I put them on the one of the hooks in the bathroom.”

“Nice Zayn.” Harry said before turning around.

Zayn sat there trying to wrap his brain around what had just happened, or really what almost happened. “ I should have just gotten up.” He said after a bit.

Marley nodded. She wasn’t really sure about those feelings she was trying to suppress.  The main feeling was trying to refrain from jumping Zayn now that Harry was out of the room, and the other was she can’t believe she almost got caught by Harry. She’d never hear the end of it. She looked over to Zayn, not able to get the feeling of his hands on her skin out of her mind.

“I should get going.”

“What?” Zayn asked.

“I have to get something, real quick. I’ll be back.” Marley said quickly. She stood up, knowing that the only thing that could stop her head from exploded was to leave the apartment.

“Marley, I’m sorry.” He apologized, fearing that she was mad.

She looked reassuringly at him, “Zayn, I have to step outside. It’s not your fault, well, you know what I mean.”

She reached for her purse on the table in the kitchen before quickly leaving the apartment. She didn’t even have her shoes on, but she wasn’t going to go far. She closed their door behind her and leaned back against it and sunk to her knees.

What on earth was she thinking? What was he thinking? Oh gosh, she was meeting Jackson soon. How is she suppose to look at Jackson and not think about Zayn’s lips or how he smelled.

She reached into her purse to grab her phone.  She frantically opened the text messages and scrolled to her good friend Charlotte’s name. She looked at the time, Charlotte would be on lunch now so hopefully she would respond. Hadn’t she mentioned though Liam was bringing her lunch? Liam is the last one that needs to find this out.  Marley didn’t bother weighing her options. She texted Charlotte, I almost slept with Zayn.

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