To See You Smile

In one crazy summer, the lives of 5 couples change as they learn the ups and downs when it comes to love, relationships and fate.

Louis falls for Adelaide, an actress who feels trapped by what management wants her to be. Zayn admits his feelings for Marley, his close friend and roommate. Liam and his girlfriend Charlotte try to make their relationship work as they both see their careers bloom. Niall meets his dream girl by chance, but has no idea who she is or how he can find her. Harry sets out to prove to Lucy that he is worth falling for, no matter the media may say.

Everyone has a love story, and these are theirs.


1. Chapter One

Adelaide Winters had one job tonight, and one job only. Smile. That’s all she had to do, she didn’t even have to talk, just stand there and smile. It was a lot harder than it sounds, but Adelaide did her job. Arthur talked enthusiastically to a short balding man, his name unknown to Adelaide. He went on about a vacation he took last month in the Bahamas.

            “You ever been to the Bahamas, Adelaide?” The shorter man turned to her with a sleazy eye brow raise.

Adelaide looked at Arthur who nodded. Since when did a 21-year-old need permission to talk, she thought. “A few times.”

“You know that’s how I met Jeremiah.”

Jeremiah, Adelaide trained to refrain from rolling her eyes. She shouldn’t be like that, but if it weren’t for Jeremiah she wouldn’t have to be at this party sown into a dress she secretly thought made her look like a walking blueberry.

“No kidding. Jeremiah was a mentor of mine back in the day.”

I’d rather have 75-year-old Jeremiah as my manager than overly controlling Arthur,  Adelaide thought crossly as a fake smile plastered her face as Arthur continued on. “If it weren’t for Jeremiah I wouldn’t have such successes as Adelaide here.”

“Speaking of success, Adelaide, how many seasons is Greek Tragedy  going on?”

“We just finished filming the third season last month, season four begins shooting in July.”

“Did you tell Stanley about your newest project?”

Adelaide almost asked who Stanley was, but she quickly concluded Stanley was the man they had been talking to. “ No, I haven’t. I actually am working on a movie with Chris Pine about the civil war, so not stepping too far out of my regular roles.”

“But you should stick to what you are good at,” Stanley raised his drink.

Adelaide smiled politely, but actually thought quite the opposite. She was running out of steam for all the serious dramatic roles Arthur demanded she take.

“You don’t drink Adelaide?”  Stanley asked noticing her empty hand.

“She doesn’t need to be drinking,” Arthur quickly interrupted.

Adelaide disagreed with that also. She actually really did need to be drinking.

            “Nonsense. I’ll buy you one. What do you drink?”

“I’ll have-“

“It’s not necessary Stanley. She doesn’t drink.” Arthur quickly took Adelaide by the arm. “You know, we have some other people to stop and say hello to, but let me get you my card. Next time you are in town lets all grab some dinner.”

Adelaide smiled, yet again, before saying good bye as Arthur quickly whisked her away.

“I don’t understand why I can’t just have one drink Arthur.” Adelaide asked as Arthur ushered her through the crowd of people.

“Do you remember the last time you had one drink Adelaide?” He snapped.

She did. She thought it was funny, Arthur however did not appreciate cleaning up her few inappropriate tweets or the home video she and her sisters had made to an old Britney Spears song.

“If you want me to mingle with the industry people, you have to let them buy me drinks.”

“I want you to smile Adelaide. Nothing else.”

Adelaide glared at Arthur. If you met him on the street, you’d think he was a charming man, dark hair light eyes and quite a polite smile. In fact that’s probably what made him such a good manager, or really what made people think he was such a good manager. If you asked Adelaide, the last year she had worked with him her life had become a monotonous, do-as-I-say-life. The nice thing was, she didn’t have to make a single decision for herself, the bad thing was she couldn’t even think for herself.

She desperately looked around the packed restaurant. She saw several media journalists from the red carpet, chatting up anyone who would be willing to talk. If Arthur caught her talking to anyone from the media without him at her side, she would have to suffer some type of scolding. She actually didn’t know many of these people, she saw a few models she had once done a photo shoot with, and then there were all the want to be industry agents who were about as subtle with their business cards as a flashing neon sign. Everyone appeared to be having a good time except her.

A roar of laughter caught her attention back in the corner by the bar. She watched as she saw a group of people shout “Cheers” and take down a shot. Lucky bastards, she frowned.

Arthur caught her wishfully looking to the back. “Don’t get any ideas. You have an early flight tomorrow, just a few more people I want to see then we are leaving.”

“Can’t wait.”

“Adelaide, you always act like I’m making your life one big miserable- Oh Claude, I haven’t seen you in ages.” Arthur stopped as they ran into a man much taller than Adelaide. Another one of Arthur's old business buddies.

“Arthur, how have you been?” The two shook hands and exchanged pleasantries. “I see you brought Adelaide Winters?”

Adelaide hated when people used her full name, but she still smiled and held out her hand. “Nice to meet you.”

“What are you up to these days?” Arthur asked Claude, before Adelaide could say anything.

“Working with a new management company. It’s great, it’s a handful but those boys keep me young.”

“Oh, who are you managing today?” Arthur asked smugly. Adelaide hated when he thought he was better than everyone.

“Um, I’m more assisting than managing a band. It’s a little different then representing an actor or actress, but I couldn’t ask for a better group.”

Adelaide wondered what it would be like if she was a singer, would she have more or less freedom. “ Actually they are right around your age.” Claude pointed at Adelaide.

Adelaide raised her eyebrows. “You mean there are people here my age?”

Arthur shot her a look. “So couldn’t last in the acting world, had to move to the music industry.” He responded smugly to Claude.

Claude didn’t seem to notice Arthur’s subtle insult. “I was just ready for something new.”

“So a band?”

“Yep. One Direction. Great guys.”

Adelaide’s heart skipped. “One Direction?” She asked more shocked than she had meant. Her head began to race. Just like that, this party didn’t seem as boring as it had. Didn’t he say they were here? So was she breathing the same air as them? Adelaide, she scolded herself, knock it off.

“You’ve heard of them?”

“I may have heard a song or two, of theirs.” She lied. If Arthur wasn’t standing there, Adelaide would have admitted she had made her own dance routine to Everything About You and confessed that she cried the first time she heard Moments.  She noticed Arthur’s face. Was he jealous of Claude? Hell, she was jealous of Claude, but was this Claude showing up Arthur? Adelaide grinned, “Actually, Arthur you know who they are.”

“Really, Arthur? You a fan too?”

Arthur crossed his arms, “ Adelaide may have mentioned them once or twice, but we’ve really just been so busy with a number of projects we haven’t had time to pay attention to the music industry.”

Adelaide smiled for real this time. Arthur was jealous of Claude. After all this time of being a hot shot manager with all of Adelaide’s success, Arthur met someone who was, dare she say it, had a bigger name client than him? Arthur would be too preoccupied to notice if Adelaide slipped away to the restroom, and by restroom she meant bar.

“Arthur, Claude, please do excuse me for a moment, I must find the ladies room.” She ignored Arthur’s typical eye brow raise, and turned her back to Arthur. She figured she had ten minutes of freedom before she would be forced to stay at Arthur’s side for the rest of the evening.

She had two priorities: get herself a strong drink and find One Direction. Even though she had worked beside the likes of Matt Damon and Emily Blunt didn’t mean she couldn’t be star struck. She would play it cool though, she didn’t like it when she had strangers come up to her and just stare, even though she couldn’t help but feel that is what would happen if she spotted them.

Once she found the bar, she looked around as casually as she could but saw no one beautiful enough to be mentioned in the same conversation of One Direction. What was she doing, she shook her head as she stepped up to the bar. She was being ridiculous, they’re human just like she is.

“Excuse me.” Adelaide quickly asked as the bartender came her way. “Can I please order a drink?”

The bartender stared at her. “I’m not sure what you have,” Adelaide began as she realized she had never actually ordered a drink from a bar before.

“I’ll let you think about it, doll.” He said irritated, before walking away.

Adelaide frowned. She looked down the bar, to see the bartender serving a couple. “Sir?” She leaned over the bar and called down to the bar tender.  He wasn’t listening. “Sir?” She called again, more impatient this time, sure she never had ordered a drink at a bar, but she was pretty sure it wasn’t suppose to be this difficult.

“You have to show some leg.” A voice interrupted her feeble attempt to gain the bartender’s attention.

“Excuse me?” She said turning to the voice.

Her heart dropped.

“To get his attention.” He said, pointing to the bartender.

Adelaide wasn’t listening, she was too busy staring into the bluest eyes she had ever seen.  She bit her bottom lip, as he ran his hand through his perfectly messy brown hair.

“Show some leg?” She repeated, pulling herself out of that mini trans she had just slipped into. “Isn’t that how you get a taxi cab?”

He smiled, “It works both ways.”

“You know this from your own experiences, right?”

He nodded. “I have been know to show the occasional leg when necessary.”

“I bet it’s really worked out for you.”

“It actually has, and I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t stopped there. Hey-“ He called out to the bartender. “Can I get another round of these?” He held up his empty shot glass, “And one for lady, please.”

Adelaide smiled. “Thank you.”

“Pleasures all mine.”

“I’m Adelaide.” She offered him her hand.

“I’m Louis.” He said with a firm handshake, that sent butterflies on rampage in Adelaide’s stomach.

“Hi.” She whispered.

“Hi.” He winked, still tightly gripping her hand.

“Here you are.” The bartender said, clearly unaware he was interrupting.

Louis looked away from Adelaide, “Cheers.” He said letting go of Adelaide’s hand. He handed a shot to Adelaide and raised one for himself.

“What is it?” She asked, a little timid.

“Just take it. You’ll like it.”

“Is that what you tell all the ladies?” Adelaide said without thinking, but as soon as she said she quickly covered her mouth.

Louis looked at her, “ Well, the girl who can’t order a drink, sure can be a little cheeky, huh?”

“I didn’t mean to say that out loud.” Adelaide felt her cheeks turn a shade of red.

“I guess that means you have to take another shot.”

“Are you trying to get me drunk?”

Louis grinned. “ Just try the shot. I promise. It goes down smooth.”

Adelaide raised her eyebrows, “Louis!” She playfully shoved his arm.

“I’m talking about the shot, Adelaide, but now I really know what you’re thinking about.”

“You have no idea what I am thinking.”

“Pretty sure I do.”

“Please do tell me.”

 “You’re thinking, What is a charming, ridiculously handsome, single lad doing at such a terrible party like this? More importantly you can’t stop thinking about how you can’t stop checking out my bum.” He shrugged.

“I was not checking out your bum.” Adelaide lied.

“You’re thinking about it though, aren’t you?”

Adelaide rolled her eyes. “Cheers.” She said raising her glass. “Here’s to your bum then.” She winced as she felt the liquor go down. Louis laughed.

“Drink up. You’ve got another one to do.”

“I really shouldn’t.”

“Is your date going to be upset at me for chatting you up?”

“He’s not my date. He’s my manager.” Adelaide’s nose scrunched up at the thought of dating Arthur.

“So that means no boyfriend then?”

“It does actually.”

“How’s that possible?”

Adelaide laughed, “Honestly?”

Louis nodded. “Honestly.”

She leaned in towards Louis. She could hear the sound of him breathing, and smell his cologne just enough to make her head spin. She wanted to say something witty. Something that might cause him to just push her up against the bar, but that didn’t happen. Instead it was one of those rare moments she actually allowed herself to be honest. “I haven’t found anyone worthy of my love, quite yet.”

Once she said it, she realized how conceded it sounded.

“Worthy of your love, huh?” Louis said slowly.

Adelaide sat up. “It’s really quite foolish, forget I said it.”

“How does one become worthy?”

“I didn’t mean it like that.”

Louis handed her another shot. “How did you mean it?”

“I mean,” Adelaide corrected herself. “I mean I haven’t had that feeling. You know, the kind that…”She trailed off. “You know like meeting someone one and it’s literally electrifying.”


“More than fireworks.” She looked at him, her heart raced. “ You know, like when your heart beats so fast, you think it’s actually going to leave you chest, but you don’t really mind because it’s the best and scariest feeling in the world?”

“I think I’m familiar with that.” He cleared his throat.

“Or when they smile, it’s even more beautiful than the first sunset you ever watch, and all of a sudden everything else you thought was beautiful is just rubbish.  And the very thought of them picking you tops every feeling imaginable, and in the morning when you wake up to them sleeping peacefully, you want nothing more than time to just stand still so you can just lie there with them until the end.”

Louis stared at her in amazement. He watched her lips move as she talked passionately. He’d seen her in movies and magazines and always had thought she was pretty, but it wasn’t until the moment she turned to him that realized that she wasn’t just pretty; she was beautiful.

He had seen her earlier in evening, walking around the room offering a polite smile and few words to the guests. He could tell she was bored, and desperately searching for a way out of tonight. She subconsciously played with her blonde hair, twirling it around her finger as she went on about this feeling, she called love.

So this is what she thought it felt like to fall in love, he thought to himself. He smiled, pleasantly surprised by how enthusiastic she was all of a sudden.

“So what’s the kiss like?” He interrupted.

“The kiss?” She repeated, slightly blushing.

“Yeah, you know the first kiss? Does it make your knees buckle?”

“I’d prefer it if I couldn’t walk afterwards,” She grinned.

Louis laughed, “I could arrange that.”

“What?” She asked quickly.

Louis froze. “What?”


They both turned around. He looked at Adelaide’s face as he saw that passion she had just had slowly disappear to robotic smile. He looked at the man, he had seen her with early in the evening, her manager, he remembered.

“Well it was great to meet you Adelaide,” Louis offered her his hand.

She nodded. “Nice to meet you also, Louis.”

“We should be going, you have a flight to catch.” Her manager said eying the shot glasses on the bar.

Louis watched as Adelaide looked at the man with resentment. He understood though, the resentment though. If his observations were correct, it wasn’t that Adelaide hadn’t found anyone worthy, it was that she wasn’t even allowed to look. Probably wasn’t allowed to do much of anything. He’d heard of actors, and even musicians so tightly controlled by management everything became a chore. It wasn’t fair, Louis thought. No one as beautiful as her should have to put up with that. He needed to make sure she kept that smile. Not that smile she had plastered on her face. The one Louis caught moments before, the one that made her green eyes light  up, and her nose scrunch up. He didn’t know how he would do that, but some how, some way he’d make it happen.  

“That was her boyfriend, wasn’t it?” Harry Styles asked as Louis approached the table.

“Manager.” Louis corrected.

“I told you!” Niall Horan exclaimed, “You owe me a steak Harry!”

“I don’t owe you a steak. We didn’t shake on it.”

“Doesn’t matter.” Niall continued, “You still owe you me a steak. I said he wasn’t her boyfriend.”

“Did you get her number?” Zayn Malik asked, looking up briefly from his phone.

“Do you guys want the shots or not?” Louis ignored Zayn as he carefully set the shots on the table.

“The Swagmaster was denied?” Zayn gasped, laughing.

“Louis, you’ve got to get your game back.” Niall raised his glass.

“It’s ok man, I still love you.” Harry patted Louis on the back.

Louis grinned at Harry then turned to the rest of the table. “This party isn’t over a for a few more hours, we’ve got a lot more shots to take. Bottoms up!”


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