thinking bout you - A Niall Horan Fan Fiction

Alice is a shy, bubbly, optomistic, and caring person. She lives nextdoor to her best friend Spencer, who has a twin brother Niall. Secretly Alice has had a crush on her best friends brother but has hidden the secret from her best friend because she is afraid of what she would think. Alice also has a boy that she has just started seeing because Spencer kind of forced her into it, she doesnt like him at all but she she doesnt want to hurt anyones feelings, Summer comes around and things get a bit heated up between Alice and Niall, but will it just be a summer fling or more? What happens when Niall has to leave to tour with one direction his newly formed band.


2. Sleepover (Part 1)


Harry's p.o.v 
Damn Alice is hot! I'm surprised Niall hasn't made a move yet! We arrive at what I assume is Niall's house, I see Alice jump out the car and go next door, she comes out seconds later with a duffel bag. So I'm guessing she's staying the night too? Hey I'm not complaining. 

Alice's p.o.v 
I walk back to Niall and Spencer's house after grabbing a few things for tonight, I find the Harry guy staring at me and I frown, I see his cheeks colour just before he quickly looks away. 
Spencer looks at me eyebrows raised and I roll my eyes then walk inside. 
Once we are inside I hear Harry say to Niall
"so are the girls sleeping with us tonight?".
"Uh I'm not sure why?" asks Niall.
"Alice is hot I want to get to know her!" he replies.
I swear I hear Niall growl.
I feel eyes on my back as I pretend to check my phone. 
"I don't want to get on the wrong foot here or anything but if you hurt her, I will personally kill you" he says so quietly that I'm not quite sure that he even said it.

Later during the evening we order pizza, which was amazing. 
We were all sitting down talking, playing truth or dare and it was my turn, I chose truth, "Alice! You always choose truth" complains Niall and I stick my tongue out at him.
"Too bad!" say giggling. 
Just then my phone starts ringing, fabulous! 
I sigh and leave the room. 
I answer my phone "hello?" I say with an annoyed voice.
"Hey Alice, are you feeling better?" asks Alec. "Huh? Oh um yeah, um I have to tell you something" I say thinking back to what Spencer said to me this morning. 
"Ok, hit me with it" he says flirtatiously.
I sigh "look Alec I like you, but I just don't like you enough to have a relationship with you I'm sorry, I kind of have a thing for someone, I thought maybe I could have gotten over it but I can't" I say quietly. 
"Oh, well okay then, but let me ask you one thing, does this person make you happy?" He asks.
I can hear the hurt in his voice. 
I take a deep breath and say "yes, he does make me happy, but he doesn't know I like him, I'm so sorry to have hurt you, I never meant to!" I say in a small voice. 
"I'm glad he makes you happy Alice, I'm going to go now, but good luck" he says his voice cracking at the end.
I hear the phone disconnect. 

I sigh relieved and head back in the lounge where I hear them all cheering, I stand there mouth gaping open when I see Spencer lip locked with Liam. 
"Alice it's your turn now!" yells Harry. 
I sit down waiting for him to dish me my truth, "what would you do if I kissed you right now?" He asks as he makes his way across the room and grabs my face in his hands, his lips are inches from mine, I wiggle from his grasp, I can't do that I front of Niall.
"Ouch" says Harry clutching his hand to he heart.
I roll my eyes at him "you can't get all the girls Harry" I say laughing. 
He winks at me and I roll my eyes again. 
The game lasts for about another half an hour, then everyone goes to get changed in their pyjama's, I feel self conscious so I slip my pyjama shorts and singlet, then I put my light purple onesie on over top. 
I sit on Spencer's bed waiting for her to come out of the bathroom, "so Spence, what was that all about downstairs with Liam?" I say teasingly.
"Oh nothing" she says blushing red as a tomato. "Who rang you before?" She asks innocently. 
"It was Jake, I kind of broke things off with him, I think he might have suspected it" I say sighing. 
"Finally, and don't feel bad, he just wasn't the guy for you" she says reassuringly. I smile and we head out to the lounge.


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