He got along so well with her, they were obviously in love. Their parents thought they would get married when they grew older. When they became the age of 15, he needed new friends. She became lost, sad, and she didn't think of him again. She was never a popular kind of girl. She never had a lot of friends. She never was very pretty. Her life turned complete upside down. Until he walked back in it.


3. Chapter Two

After three periods of talking and sitting quietly, it was finally lunch time. The only places within 45 minutes of the campus were Wendy's and Nandos. I was really in the mood for some Nando's, so that's where I was planning on going. Anthony, Chad, Madeline, or any of the beasts were not in my lunch period. But guess who was? Yeah, Niall was. I was walking up to my car when I heard my name being called faintly. I turned around and saw a crazy looking Niall running towards me. 


"Hey!" He smiled at me, his cheeks blowing in and out while he breathed.

"Can I ask you why you are talking to me? We haven't talked in about two years..why now?" He hesitated and I shifted weight to my right leg, impatient and hungry.

"Can we go somewhere and talk?" I sighed and got in the car. He stood there and stared at me wondering what to do. 

I smiled at him, a chuckle escaping my lips. "Well don't just stand there!"

"Oh, right!" He laughed at himself and got in the passengers seat, buckling the seat belt. 

"Are you hungry, Ni?" Realizing what I said I stopped myself. It was just a nickname, but I haven't called him that since grade 10. It was a bit awkward now.."Uh-um..I'm sorry. I just.. uh-yeah." He burst into laughter and I blushed slightly.

"No, Li it's okay." He called me Li. I was totally screaming in my mind. FINALLY, IT'S HAPPENING!

"You called me Li." He scratched his head. 

"Oh, sorry. Is that not okay?" I giggled and nodded my head.

"It's okay, I don't mind." He nodded and I drove to the light where you turn to go to Nandos. "So are you hungry or not?" He groaned.

"Have you forgotten that I'm hungry ALL the time?" 

I laughed, "How could I, you emptied my fridge every time you came over." I turned into Nandos and went through the drive-thru. The people there knew me, and Niall by name. He was a big Nandos fan. 

"Liz! Good to see you! The usual?" I smiled.

"That will be fine. Ni? What about you. The usgh for you too?"

"YES PLEAAASSEE." He whined and I giggled. 

"You know what to do," I said to Amanda, the drive-thru manager. She nodded smiling and put in my order. I drove up to the next window and Amanda opened the glass.

"14.37 pounds please." I pulled my wallet out and Niall put his hand on mine.

"No, Li, let me pay." 

"Niall, no it's okay." I pulled my hand away and handed her the 15 pounds. 

"Li, thank you." I nodded and took the brown bag of food from Amanda. The smell of it wafted into my nose causing me to moan in hunger. Niall laughed and I blushed. 

"Where do you want to go?" I asked him. His gaze fixed straight ahead and then he got a slight grin on his face. 

"Let me drive!" He screamed while opening the door and yanking me out of the car. 

"NIALL, WHA-" he pushed me over to the passengers seat, and started the car. 

"COME ON LIZ, KEEP UP!" I laughed and tilted my head back, and he drove off, a little to fast at first.

"NIALL! SLOW YOURSELF DOWN!" I screamed laughing, and he chuckled. We past the school, and he turned into an open field. Trees and trees past, and I soon realized where we were going. Niall slowed down when we reached a clearing surrounded by pine trees. In the middle a huge willow tree that had millions of branches with draping fronds that reached the ground. 

"Remember this?" he said softly, and I smiled. He parked the car and got out, grabbing the food. I opened the door and followed him, the soft mud squishing under our feet. There was a spot in the tree that was flat and had notches that acted as seats. Niall and I always came here to eat lunches and talk about anything and everything.

"I can't believe it's still the same.." I whispered. He nodded and placed the food on a low branch so we could climb up. I grabbed a branch and swung myself up, I was always flexible and easily made my way up to the flat area. Niall on the other hand took forever to get up, and it was hilarious watching him. He swung cautiously onto the second branch, and stood up ready to climb to the next. Once he got the hang of it, he could do it in seconds. He soon joined me on the flat branch sitting in the spot that made a seat. I straddled the branch, swinging my feet beneath me. The willow fronds covered us from everything, giving little peaks of areas in the distance. "So, spill it." I said while getting my fries and sandwich out of the bag. He looked at me, watching me until I looked up.

"Elizabeth, I really miss you.." I stopped mid bite and looked at him shocked and confused.

"What do you mean, miss me. You didn't talk to me for two years and all of a sudden you 'miss' me?" I bit into my sandwich, chewing slowly. He sighed.

"I thought you hated me so I didn't talk to you. And this morning when I saw you, Madeline was such a bxtch to you and I defended you. She got mad at me, but I didn't care. I wanted to talk to you, hear your voice." I swallowed and looked at him. He was looking at the field, wind blowing his hair in every which direction. The sun hit his face perfectly, making him glow.

"Niall, I've waited two years for you to come back and tell me that you were wrong. That your choice was stupid and your friends aren't and weren't worth it. But you didn't. And I could never hate you, Niall." I swung my legs onto the branch, standing up gracefully. I pulled myself up to the next branch then the next. I was at the top and Niall was hard to see through the thick fronds.

"Li, I don't want to lose you. You were the greatest best friend I have ever had. Please forgive me." Niall yelled up to me. The wind blew again making the fronds breezily flow around creating a clear vision path to Niall. I looked at the trunk of the tree and saw Niall and my initials carved delicately in the tree. I ran my fingers over it slowly, smiling.

"You have to promise something.." I trailed off, wondering if I was doing the right thing. 

"Of course!!" I could hear the smile in his voice.

"You can't leave me again..not like you did last time. If I'm not good enough for you then straight up tell me now. I can't go through that again, Niall." It was silent for a long period of time, and the wind picked up creating howls. 

"I would never." I smiled and climbed down, hugging him. He held me in his arms, embracing the first of many moments to come. The smell of him, the way his arms fit perfectly around me, it felt all so right. The feelings from 4th grade rushed back to me. Each and every memory and moment I spent with him flooded into my head. But then I remembered Madeline who was waiting for him at school and immediately let go, maybe a little to fast because my balance was lost. I started to fall back, and I shut my eyes ready to take what was next. Just as I was about to fall, strong arms grasped around me and pulled me up. I was breathing heavily and sweating, scared and afraid. "I've got you," Niall whispered in my ear. I turned into his chest and rested my head against it, tears burning my eyes. I blinked them back, I'm not crying in front of Niall now. He tilted my chin up. "I won't let you fall," his bright blue eyes burned into my green ones, and I looked away.

"Niall let go," I whispered. I didn't want him to but he had to, for the sake of his relationship. He sighed and let go slowly, collecting the trash from the flat branch and putting it in the bag.

"We should go, the bells about to ring." He stated while jumping down careful not to fall. I followed him slowly. He landed on the ground uneasily with a thud. I stared at him for a while, and lost myself. "What," he said annoyed. 

I sighed, "help me down?" He groaned and walked over to me impatiently. What I was about to do was so wrong but I've been waiting for so long. I reached my arms out to him and he took my waist, and when I was against his body I kissed him. He held me and kissed back, moving his lips against mine. The wind blew my hair into his face and then..his phone rang.

He broke the kiss to whisper, "Ignore it." 

"I sighed and wiggled out of his arms. "Answer it.." He pulled his phone out of his pocked. The volume was so loud, I heard everything in the conversation.

Niall: "Hello?"

Madeline: "Babe, where the hell are you? Class is about to start. You better not be with that slxt."

Niall: "Excuse me?"

I looked at him begging him not to do anything stupid to ruin anything. He ignored me.

Madeline: "What. You know who I'm talking about! Niall, honey don't tell me you are."

Niall: "Well yeah I am. And she is not a slxt, you are. I SAW YOU THIS MORNING WITH JOHN, I'M NOT OBLIVIOUS MADELINE!"

His face turned red and I put my hand on his shoulder to calm him down but he shook me off. He stomped over to the car and opened the passengers seat, slamming the door closed once he was in. I followed him cautiously and got in the driver's side.

Madeline: "I'm sorry babe, I've been bad. You can spank me all you want."

Niall: "Oh, fxck off Madeline."

With that he hung up, and I started the car turning around and pulling it out of the clearing.

"You okay, Ni?" I asked softly, and he didn't answer, just looked out the window. I sighed, "Niall, I'm sorry about that kiss. It was really wrong especially since you have a girlfriend and I don't really know what came over me. I was waiting two years to do that and I finally did it. Tired of waiting. I'm really sorry if this is all my fan-" He leaned over and kissed my cheek. 

"It's okay, this isn't your fault." I sighed and we pulled into my lot, 234 and Madeline was there waiting for us. Great..I looked at Niall and he looked at me, opening the door. I turned the car off and opened my door slowly. Closing my eyes to brace what was coming, I listened. 

"Um, Niall? Why were you with her.." she glared at me.

"Because she's my best friend. Why else?" She walked up to him, fake sadness in her eyes.

"I thought you were cheating on me!" She whined and he actually looked shocked.

"Babe, I would never! Do you not trust me?" I looked at Niall. He was falling for it so easily!

"No, no honey! I trust you! It's her I don't trust," I looked down as she snarled and walked up to me.

"She's an ugly, weird bxtch. She has no friends and boys just want her for meaningless, pointless sex. Why would I trust her?"

I looked at her anger reflecting from my eyes, "you know what?" She looked at me sarcastically.

"Whatcha gonna do about it, Lizze? Or should I say 'Li'?" She snarled and that's when I snapped.


"ELIZZABETHH!" Madeline came up and slapped me, the contact stinging my cheek. I gasped and straight up punched her in the nose.

"I hope you can pay for that, love." I smiled at myself and pulled Niall to the school.

"That..was awesome.." he gawked at me and I chuckled.

"Hell yeah it was, I've been holding that in for three years." He laughed and I yanked open the doors seeing a circle of people surrounding the lobby. I stopped mid step and they stared. Ten seconds later, cheering burst out from everyone, even teachers, and I laughed. Niall joined in, clapping slowly. I looked at him, blood rushing to my cheeks. Anthony came running over, with an excited, crazy look on his face. 

"Liz, tell me that just happened and I wasn't dreaming!" He screamed an I laughed.

"No Ant, it really happened. We need to talk, like now." I said while dragging him and Niall to my locker.





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