He got along so well with her, they were obviously in love. Their parents thought they would get married when they grew older. When they became the age of 15, he needed new friends. She became lost, sad, and she didn't think of him again. She was never a popular kind of girl. She never had a lot of friends. She never was very pretty. Her life turned complete upside down. Until he walked back in it.


14. Chapter Thirteen

-1 month later-

"Harry, stop!" I squealed as he chased me down the hall, bumping in to the occasional person as they hurriedly tried to dodge us. The clack of my shoes on the white tile of the school blended with the loud stomps of his white converse as we ran up the stairs. ( My breath came in pants and I could hear Harry's behind me as well. "Harry!" I laughed, out of breath, as we got to the balcony at the top of the stairs. His breathtaking smile appeared on his face, his cheeks moving aside to make room for the small indents  in his cheeks. My teeth involuntarily bit my lip, my eyes gazing into his sparkling emerald ones. He stepped towards me, my hands sliding down his chest gently as his tongue darted out to lick his lips quickly. 

"Got you," he whispered before kissing me gently, carefully, his pointer finger tracing patterns into my lower back. His long fingers ran up and down my waist, his large hands squeezing my sides. A small scream escaped my lips as much as I tried to hold it back, my body jolting with the sudden sensation. God, I hated when people did that. A wide smile spread across his face as he laughed, wrapping an arm around me slowly and playing with the curls that fell down my shoulder. I sighed contently as we walked to the lobby, snuggled into each other. I learned to ignore the glares I received from other girls in the halls, hate and anger mixed with death. The girls still bullied me, indirectly of course. Nobody wanted Harry to think of them badly, he had a side to him that nobody wanted to see let alone meet. When he got angry, he would spend the rest of the day outside, sitting in the freezing cold until his anger cooled. He fumed around the house, large footsteps sounding throughout the large hallways and rooms as he tried to control himself. I spun out of Harry's grip, smiling at him as I walked sideways. He bit his lip, a dimple popping onto his beautiful face as his hand ran through his curls quickly. The plaid button down shirt he wore fit him snuggly, the defined shape of his biceps showing through the tight sleeves. I turned slowly, leaving him behind me as we neared the locker bay. I drew in a quick breath and ran a hair through my hair, reaching out to grab onto my lock and open my locker. 

"Baby, where do you want to go for lunch?" I looked behind me, a hand holding my locker open as my gaze locked on Harry standing against a back wall, looking casually at the screen of his phone. He shrugged, taking in his lip between his teeth as he continued to scroll through his phone. I groaned, setting my textbook on the locker shelf and shutting it closed softly. The lock clicked as my fingers dropped from the silver metal. "Harrrryyy," I sighed, walking up to him and placing my hands on his cheeks. His gaze stayed on the screen of his phone, glowing up into his eyes. He licked his lips, focusing on his thumbs taping away at the glass. His brow furrowed in concentration, a dimple appearing on his face as sucked his cheek. I drew in a breath, stepping back as I pulled the keys out of my cardigan pocket. "I'll see you later then," I waved behind me without turning around, walking towards the door of the lobby. I heard a grunt as he pushed himself off the cinderblock wall, following behind me, his footsteps making a soft scuffing noise on the pavement. A small smile grew on my face as his hand slipped around my waist. I turned towards him, kissing his jawbone gently as we continued to walk to the car. "Tell me what's wrong," I whispered into the fabric of his jacket, the smell of his Calvin Klein cologne wafting off the soft gray material. 

"Nothing, its just my mum's boyfriend," he mumbled, shaking his curls out of his eyes while rubbing his large hand over the expanse of my arm.

"What's going on, is Anne okay?" My eyes widened as I stood in front of him, holding my hands out to stop his movement.

"Yes, she's fine," His half smile appeared on his face, his lips pressing to my cheek as he took me back in his arms. I dug my head into the soft fabric of his hoodie once again, breathing in his scent. His fingers drummed patterns into the soft skin as his free hand slipped into my hand, pulling the keys from my grip. Lot 234 came into sight, the black truck coming into our view. Madeline's corvette was pulled into the lot next to it, two people occupying the vehicle.  I stood frozen as Niall came into view, Harry giving me a quick squeeze on my arm as he let go, walking to the driver's seat. Niall was smiling at Madeline, who had her hands on her now-quite-noticeable baby bump, rubbing gently. He pressed soft kisses to her cheek, as her laugh rung in the air, escaping the opened windows. My breath became uneven as I walked past them, pulling the door of the truck open that Harry had already started. I slid into the car, Harry watching Niall through the window with narrowed eyes. My hand gently pushed his face away from the two, my fingers slipping to rub a small circle into his skin. His warm hand held mine to his face before pulling it to his soft lips, kissing it gently and letting his fingers intertwine with my own. My heart fluttered, his captivating eyes boring into mine. "Two months and I still can't keep my eyes off you," he chuckled, pulling the shift gear into reverse and slowly backing out of the parking lot. I laughed at his remark, hitting his arm playfully as he pulled out of the school. A buzz came from my lap, tingling as I picked it up quickly. Niall's name was on the screen, now changed to "Cuntfaced baby daddy." Harry came up with that one. The message read, 'Meet me at the tree. It's important.' My brow furrowed as my lip was taken into my teeth. I didn't want to see him, I avoided him for a month and I could avoid him for a hundred more years. Harry and I had bought myself new clothes for flat, so I didn't have to go to my own and face the beasts. Why he was still living there, I had no idea. But he payed rent and the electricity, so I let him. 'No.' My fingers typed out the reply quickly before joining Harry's again on top the shift gear. 

"Now tell me, what's going on with Anne," I smiled, a sigh releasing from my lungs as I let my phone  drop to the floor. He looked at me, raising an eyebrow before turning back to the road. He sighed, his cheek puffing out and his eyes widening before he flicked his curls out of his eyes.

"I think Steve hit her,"  his breath caught in his throat as his features became more prominent. I could tell he was getting angry, and I didn't want that for him. 

"Harry," I sighed, rubbing my thumb on the back of his hand softly as his breath became even again. "I'm so sorry," I choked, pressing a kiss to his jawbone. "How do you know? Did she tell you? Did she send a picture? Were the police involved? Where's Gemma? Why didn't she say anything?" A rumble sounded from Harry's throat, involuntarily signaling me to shut up. He didn't notice, but whenever I talked to much or asked many questions he let out a sound that always shut me up. I shut my eyes for a second as Harry pulled into the drive-thru of a sandwich shop. 

"You want to split one, the usual order?" He asked, fingers tapping the steering wheel as his lips pursed. I nodded, brushing a strand of hair behind my ear. He nodded, his curls moving forwards slowly as he spoke to the drive-thru attendant. "A number seven please," his sparkling smile gleamed at the young lady working the drive-thru who melted a bit by the look in her eyes. I sighed, rolling down my window and letting the cool breeze hit my face. I still don't understand why Harry choose me. There are plenty of other girls in the world that are so much better than me, not as crazy or broken. They're all gorgeous, beautiful hair and eyes that sparkle like Harry's. If I was like them maybe I wouldn't be so insecure about the subject, but I can't help the fact that Harry deserves someone better. 

"Here you go, a number seven with extra ranch," the girl said, winking as she slowly leaned out the window and handed him the bag. "It's on the house," She purred, fluttering her eyelashes as she pulled back. He nodded, taking it from her and pulling the shift gear into drive. 

"How kind," he snorted while rolling away, turning the steering wheel out of the lot. His fingers quickly darted to the radio, twisting the knob until he found something he liked. I could feel his eyes on me as we reached a red light, my face still stuck out the window admiring the people that walked by in the cool weather. "Something wrong?" His soft voice surprised me as his hand gently stroked my thigh. A breath was let out through my body, he knew what he was doing to me. His fingers drummed patterns onto the inside of my thigh as the light turned green. My lip was taken between my teeth, the attempt to stop moans from escaping my throat. I gripped onto his wrist, prying it away from my body that was now Jell-O. 


"Am I not allowed to touch you?" He pouted, his bottom lip sticking out. I sighed, letting all the tension built in my abdomen relax. I leaned over towards him, my breath in his ear.

"Not like that," I whispered, nipping his soft earlobe and turning away. He had a sweet spot there and I knew just how to tease him with it. His breath caught in his throat as we pulled into the school parking lot. 

"Elizabeth," he breathed out, his hands gripping for my arm as I edged myself away from him. A smirk plastered on my face as Harry struggled to park the car. My fingers traced patterns on his forearm gently as he regained his breath. 

"Time to eat," I yelled, reaching over his lap slowly to grab the brown bag near the door. The constant rise and fall of his chest stopped as I retreated from his lap. His hand caught my wrist, the bag falling into the footwells. "H-Harry," I exhaled, slowly attempting to pry my wrist from his hardening grip. His eyes turned dark, the color of the pine trees, and I knew what he wanted. "Not here," I whispered, letting my hand stroke his cheek before falling to land on his chest. My fingers danced along the collar of his flannel, tracing the prominent collarbones that peaked through the fabric. His hand once again tightened on my wrist, pulling me over the console with his empowering strength. His hands guided me into his lap, my legs cramped behind his back. The steering wheel propped me up, giving me support and a little height against Harry's looming figure. "Harry," I warned sternly, my eyes wandering to the window as my head nodded to Madeline's car. His lips parted, a gulp of air taken in before his eyes shut. My hands explored his curls, playing with the soft tufts of brown. 

"I don't even care," he sighed, pressing a soft kiss to my lips before looking down. "Shit," he mumbled under his breath, eyes still trained at his crotch. My inner thigh was poked, a rising object running along the skin. 

"Harry," I laughed, leaning on his shoulder as tears began to form in my eyes. I felt the vibration of his chest as he started to laugh, his hands wrapping around my back before letting his hands crawl underneath the sweatshirt I wore. I latched onto his neck, warmth rising to the skin where my lips left a small spot. My lips trailed up his jawbone and around his face, ending on his lips. His hand retreated from my bare back and caressed the side of my face, his cold fingers leaving streaks on my face. I pulled back, breathless and ran a hand through my hair. He pushed me back slowly against the steering wheel, his hands supporting my lower back.

"I love you and I always will, remember that," he breathed out, his nose softly rubbing against mine as his eyes shut and his lips pressed to mine. My hand crawled up to his neck, deepening the kiss until the horn went off. 

"Harry!" I screamed, leaning into him, away from the steering wheel. My heart thumped in my chest, my hands becoming warm as adrenaline rushed through my body. My breath settled down in my chest as I slowly moved across the console to my seat. "No kissing, just eating," I chuckled, letting a puff of air escape my mouth. Harry reached for the spilled remains of our lunch in the footwell, picking the sandwich up and unwrapping the wax paper. 







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