He got along so well with her, they were obviously in love. Their parents thought they would get married when they grew older. When they became the age of 15, he needed new friends. She became lost, sad, and she didn't think of him again. She was never a popular kind of girl. She never had a lot of friends. She never was very pretty. Her life turned complete upside down. Until he walked back in it.


10. Chapter Nine

The way he looked at her, with pain and happiness mixed into a gaze that has never bore into my eyes, killed me. Even if he was honest, even if I know he would never do that to me, it just shattered my heart. Every time I saw him, his eyes were filled with this gaze and I knew it wasn't directed towards me. Madeline had become a mess, she never showed up for school and when she did, Niall was like her puppy. When school ended, I was ecstatic. I thought Niall could drive himself home, and it wasn't freezing outside so I walked. Besides, it was only a fifteen minute walk from my house anyway. The breeze sent waves of chills down my back, but it didn't bother me. I was quite oblivious to it, actually. It was probably about sixty-five degrees, not that bad for an early winter day in England. I walked along the road, careful not to step to far into the ditch that lined its side. Most of the trees had lost their leaves, except of course the pine trees that only shed a few. My favorite part about winter is when the cool, frosty wind blows, you can smell the pine. It reminds me of home. You see, as a child my home wasn't the best place to be. My parents were always loving towards me, but they weren't loving towards each other. When I was thirteen during the summer, they were driving home and got into a car accident. They both died, leaving me alone with my sister for help every once in a while. She was a junior in high school at the time, meaning she always had work to do and in the next two years she would hopefully be off to college with the money saved in the account our parents had made for her. When it was time for her to go to college, she didn't get in to what she wanted which was Oxford. She was absolutely ruined, and decided to move to the United States for a new start. I haven't heard from her since. She took a third of the money, telling me that I could use it for whatever I wanted to. It's a big stretch, but I want to go to Franklin College in Switzerland. First of all, it's a tough school to get into! And second, it's for Americans which makes it even harder. With some exceptions, I could possibly make it in but I'm not relying on it. If that doesn't work, I have the University of Sheffield to fall back on. But if that doesn't work, I'm screwed.

I didn't realize where I was walking to until I stopped in front of an old brick house with lush green vines crawling up the sides. I just stood there, not sure of what to do. I heard the sound of a screen door slam onto the white framing around the house, and a boy around the age of 18 came out of the house. He was absolutely breathtaking. With every step he took, the pile of dark curls that framed his face bounced in lively movements. His emerald green eyes made my stomach turn inside out. His face was amazing, his features delicately arranged in a way that would make every girl melt. His pink lips pressed together and his dimples showed which killed me even more. But wait, why am I taking in every bit of him when I love Niall? I shook my head and woke up from the daydream that seemed to be hazing me from the outside world.

"Can I help you?" He asked in an accent that I could identify as western British, from around the Bradford area. 

"Oh-I, um..," Words had become pointless and a blush rose over my cheeks as he chuckled at my attempt to talk to him. I looked at my feet and built up the confidence to actually speak. "Sorry, I was just walking home but I guess I got — well — lost." He smiled and his snow white teeth could have blinded me, the way the shined. The dimples in his face melted my insides but then I remembered how wrong it is for me to be thinking this way about a guy I don't even know, especially when I have Niall waiting back for me at my house. Hopefully. 

"Do you need a ride to your house, perhaps?" My eyes widened at the offer, not because of want but because of fear. He immediately realized and laughed at himself. "Don't worry, I'm not going to kidnap you or anything. I just moved here from Holmes Chapel." 

I grinned, at the sound of Holmes Chapel. That's where I had lived for my childhood until I decided to move out here to be closer to the school. "Holmes Chapel, yeah? I knew I recognized that accent from somewhere." I giggled and he smiled, shoving his hands in his pockets. 

"So do you want a ride, it's getting dark and plus, it's freezing!" I looked around myself, and noticed it was indeed getting darker by the minute. I shrugged, and nodded my head. What harm could he do, he doesn't even know his way around here! He smiled a beautiful half smile and gestured to a small black car parked in the drive. I walked to the passenger's side and he opened the door for me. 

I giggled, shocked at the gentleman that was standing in front of me. "Why thank you," I gushed and got into the car that was temporarily cold. He closed the door behind me and jogged over to the other side, his curls bouncing up and down. 

"You're going to have to tell me where I'm going, because I am still new to this place!" He smiled and started the car, looking over his shoulder to back out and start down the road. I nodded, and pointed straight ahead. 

"I walked this way, I think so I guess this is where we should go-," I looked at him and realized I hadn't gotten his name, let alone told him mine. 

"Harry. Harry Styles. You can call me Harry, though." I nodded and smiled, finishing my sentence with his name. He sat straight up in his seat, hands on the wheel and his eyes were alert with every turn we took. I started to recognize where we were and I knew my way around.

"My name is Elizabeth. Elizabeth Kamak." I mimicked his tone and he chuckled. "But you can call me Liz, or Eliza, whatever floats your boat. And turn right by the way," He did that half smile again, a dimple appearing on his cheek as he turned the car.

"All right, Liz. So tell me, where do you go to school?" 

"Linston High. And what about you, Harry? You said you just moved here, where will you be attending? Turn left at the next light. " 

"Actually, tomorrow I'll be starting at Linston too!" What a small world, right? I giggled and he looked over and smiled at me.

"Maybe I'll see you there," I said and he nodded while making an 'mhm' noise deep in his throat. 

"So, why were you this far away from your flat? Besides getting 'lost.'" He said lost sarcastically and I looked at him with mock shock on my face. 

"You think I lied to you, Mr. Styles?" He laughed and I rolled my eyes in amusement. 

"But seriously, this is far away from your flat. Why are you here?" I sighed, and looked out the window. Really, I was here because I dazed off into an unbreakable spell of my childhood, but I walked home because of Niall. So I guess because of him ..and Madeline of course.

"Oh, just school drama. My boyfriend, actually. You'll meet him tomorrow, if we see each other. He and this girl that I absolutely despise are keeping a secret from me and it's pissing me off. But you know, normal stuff for a teenage girl, right? And go straight for a bit, and the flat with the large holly bush in the front is mine." I laughed at myself, and Harry looked at me with those green eyes burning into my face. My heart rate jumped. For some reason, I felt something for this boy that I had just met that kind of just ..clicked. I don't know, and I know its so wrong but I can't control feelings. 

"I'm sorry. I hope you figure it all out," he said earnestly and I could tell because of the way his voice changed tones. 

"Thanks, Harry." A genuine smile that I haven't seen plastered on my face in a long time was on my lips, and he smiled back. We pulled up into my drive, and Harry stopped the car. He looked at me and I smiled back. "Thank you so much for driving me home, I think you might have saved me from some amputated limbs!" We both laughed and he nodded. Thoughts about tomorrow came up into my head, and since he just moved here he wouldn't have very many friends. So, why not be his first. "Here, give me your phone." He looked at me funny and pulled it slowly out of his pocket, handing it to me. I unlocked the screen and opened his contacts, adding my number. "Text me tomorrow at school! I'll see if I see you!" He laughed.

"All right. Thanks for the company by the way, it's lonely out near my house. I appreciate it, Elizabeth." I nodded and opened my door, yelling a thank you into it before I closed it gently. I stood in the driveway as I watched him pull out, and waved as he sped off down the road. I sighed. What the hell have I gotten myself into.



Please don't be mad at who I brought into the chapter! I like it. :)






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