He got along so well with her, they were obviously in love. Their parents thought they would get married when they grew older. When they became the age of 15, he needed new friends. She became lost, sad, and she didn't think of him again. She was never a popular kind of girl. She never had a lot of friends. She never was very pretty. Her life turned complete upside down. Until he walked back in it.


15. Chapter Fourteen


Her hand clenched mine as she ducked her head into my shoulder, breathing my scent in as she placed a soft kiss to my neck and pulled away. Our feet made quiet clicks against the cobblestone sidewalk leading into a clearing, giant willow trees on both sides of the pathway. The sun was warm, orange against the scenery as we neared the end of the solid ground. She turned to stand in front of me, blocking my feet from moving past the concrete.

"Harry," she sighed, moving her thumb softly across my knuckles. I pulled her hand up to my lips, pressing them to her skin and letting our arms fall. 

"Yes, love," 

"Are you sure you want to do this?" Her eyes searched mine worriedly, the beautiful green color turning gray in the winter weather. The wind blew her hair across her face, the long strands of brown obstructing her view. She let out a soft giggle before tucking them behind her ear and focusing her view back onto me. I stepped towards her, closer and closer until I was pressed tightly against her body. I let my hair brush her forehead as my lips left a small trail of kisses up her neck. 

"I'm sure," I sighed into her sweet smelling skin before pulling away and stepping around her tiny figure. I heard her sigh behind me before her hand caught mine again and she kept pace beside me. I pulled her closer to me, wrapping my arm snugly around her waist. I felt her heart speed up as adrenaline rushed through her veins, pulsing through her body. "Why are you nervous," I chuckled, and she rolled her eyes amusingly in my direction? I squeezed her side and she let out a scream, laughing loudly into the crisp air as we kept walking through the grassy strip. 

"We're almost there," she whispered, her steps becoming wider as she quickened her pace. I let out a grunt as she suddenly pulled me towards her, stopping me behind her abruptly as we came to an open clearing. My eyes opened wider as I took in the surrounding area, a large and beautiful willow tree spread across the ground in front of us. The sun peaked through the leafy fronds that reached the grass, spreading for what seamed like miles long and wide. The tree itself was massive, its trunk wide enough to hide three people. A silhouette appeared from the northern side of the tree, walking slowly as he turned to face the two of us. The sound of footsteps started again as I saw Elizabeth walk towards the tree, the grass crunching beneath her shoes. I trailed behind her, peaking at the large pine trees circling either side. Our footsteps made soft noise in the tall grass as we came up to the tree. It was massive to take in, the branches extending for what seemed like miles. Birds chirped as the sun lowered into the sky, filling the open air with purples and pinks. Elizabeth took a breath, stepping around the tree to look at the  person standing behind it. 

"Niall," she spoke, her voice sounding sour. He smiled widely, his teeth shinning at her mildly.

"Elizabeth, you came," he breathed out, running towards her. He reached for her body, but she shied away and stepped around him.

"I did," she stated. I took a breath, peering around the clearing as Niall gushed on to her about soon-to-be child. She smiled as she talked, like she hasn't in months since he left her. The fact that she was smiling made me smile, and I looked down at the tall green grass as I dozed off. The two of them stepped towards the willow tree and slowly climbed up to the lowest branch. Her laugh rang through the air as Niall spoke to her, his legs swinging below him. 

"Harry!" I heard Elizabeth shout, interrupting me from my thoughts as I was shaken out of oblivion.

"Yes, love" I smiled at her, swallowing a lump down my throat. 

"Meet Niall," she breathed, her eyes shutting for a short second as she let her hand touch his shoulder. I bit my lip, holding back the words that rushed to mind as I stepped near the tree and looked up towards the guy sitting next to Elizabeth.

"Hi," I said roughly, slowly as his jaw tensed. He eased a smile onto his skin, pulling the corners of his lips up slightly.

"Hello," he spoke.

"I can feel the awkwardness in the air already!" Elizabeth laughed, pulling her hair from her face as she swung down and tightened her arms around my waist. She gave my cheek a light, soft kiss before pulling back and clutching onto my hand.

"It was nice catching up Ni, I'll see you at school I guess," She warmly grinned, winking at him playfully before turning towards me. She was too nice to realize why he actually brought her here.

"Elizabeth, wait. Don't go yet, there's someone that wants to see you!" He spat out, struggling to jump from the tree branch until his feet loudly hit the ground. She looked at me, her eyebrow raised as he neared her, smiling. 

"Who?" She guessed in a childish voice, letting a smile form on her face and her nose to scrunch up. 

"You'll have to see for yourself," he laughed, walking towards the cobblestone path as his loud voice echoed through the clearing.

"Harry, please can I go? I want to see who is waiting for me," she smiled up towards me, pressing against my body as her lips trailed my neck.

"I'm not your mother, go if you want too. You don't need my permission." I spat out, running a hand through my hair as I stepped away from her body subtly. Her brow lowered, coming together as she bit her lip in frustration. She turned, her hair blowing behind her as the wind trailed between the soft strands. 

"Then I'll see you at home," she yelled as she ran to catch up with Niall. The clacks of footprints on the cobblestone echoed through the clearing, much like everything else that made noise in this area as she ran away. I sighed, shoving my hands in my pockets and kicking a stone that had grown stray from the rest. 

"I'll see you at home," I whispered to myself as the wind picked up, taking the words with it.



"Niall, who is waiting for me! Please just tell me," I laughed, giving his arm a quick shove as we pulled into my old flat's drive. He turned the engine off, rolling his eyes in amusement as I pestered him for the fiftieth time. He opened his door, and gestured for me to follow him as I slowly and nervously pulled the handle open. 

"She's inside," he grinned at me while turning to face me, his blue eyes sparkling with excitement, "hopefully she didn't run off," he laughed, and my eyes grew wide as we walked up the steps of the front porch. My hands shook as he opened the door, thoughts running through my mind. Who is here to see me, hopefully it isn't Madeline... I hope Harry's okay, I hope he doesn't think I'm ditch— "Elizabeth," Niall said softly, closing the door behind me and placing a hand on my lower back, pushing me forwards gently. "She's in the loft, dear," he said matching the same voice from earlier. 

"Who?" I whispered, slowly stepping up the stairs as Niall followed behind me gently, keeping a hand on my back. 

"You'll see," he smiled encouragingly, the sound of our shoes gently clinking on the wooden floors echoed through the empty hall as we neared the door at the end of the stretch. I opened the door, pulling it back, taking confident steps up the steep stairs, the loft floor becoming visible to me. I reached the top step, turning towards Niall to watch him follow me as he touched the top step too.

"Niall, I still want to know who it I-," my breath caught in my throat as a figure standing in front of me stood from the plush green couch that was pushed against the wall. Her hands quickly moved down her figure to wipe the back of her pants as she walked towards me step by step. Her vibrant purple hair was tied into a bun, much different from the blonde colour it used to be. ( She now stood in front of me, her green eyes peering into mine, a smile on her face. My heart thumped in my chest, air becoming unbearable as her perfume wafted around me.

"Hello, Elizabeth," she breathed out, blinking twice before caressing my face with a cold hand, the tips of her french nails grazing my skin. I felt like crying, running home to Harry and crying in his arms until all the tears and thoughts were out of my mind. 

"Summer," I spat out, pulling back from her hand as she took another round around my face. She smile faded, her lips pursing as she ran a hand through the back of her bun. Her eyes shut, and her chest rose as she took a deep breath.

"How are you, sissy," she chuckled and reached her arms out to pull me into a hug. She wrapped the thin bones around me, my arms staying by my side as she continued to cradle me in her unwelcoming arms. 

"What the hell are you doing here," I rolled my eyes, pulling away from her over perfumed body as she sat on the couch. She patted the spot next to her, but I just looked at it and folded my arms together tightly against my chest. Niall stepped towards Summer, pulling her off the couch and spinning her around once. "Oh, don't tell me you're dating her too," I spoke harshly, sending glares in her direction.

"Of course not, Li. She is your sister, and she was my friend too," he smiled at her as she ducked under his arm to hug him gently. My eyes looked her down, her thin figure now thicker and more curvy than when she was seventeen. 

"How sweet," she cooed, her yellow heels clacking on the ground as she stepped around Niall, her laugh ringing through the room.

"Yes, how sweet," I mocked as I turned to walk down the stairs, rolling my eyes at the sight before me. I neared the door until Madeline stepped in, holding a platter of fruit. 

"Elizabeth, please stay," she smiled, her voice soft and her stomach protruding. I felt the need to sneer at her, but her smile was so sweet and full of love. This isn't the same Madeline I knew for three years. 

"Madeline, let me leave. You wouldn't understand what I'm going through and I need to get back to Harry," I sighed, brushing past her. Her hand clutched my wrist and pulled me back up the stairs gently, her fingers cold against my skin.

"Just for a little," she whispered and winked, handing me the fruit platter and wobbling back down the stairs. Niall had taken a seat next to Summer, their quiet chat increasing volume as laughs echoed through the room.

"Glad you decided to come back," Summer winked, patting a spot next to her as I stalked around the table in the middle of the room.

"I'm not sitting next to you. What I want to know is why you left. To make it worse, you left when I was seven. Seven, Summer," I yelled, my voice shaking at the increasing vicious level, "You left me to grow up on my own! Do you know what that was like? It was fucking living hell. You took all of my money, and left. Just like that, without even saying goodbye. In my opinion, that just makes you weak. Which you are, of course. When things don't go right, poor little Summer Anne fucking Kamak goes running off again." I screamed, my face burning from the rage that boiled through my veins and pumped adrenaline into my body. Her eyes widened, as well as Niall's as he walked behind me to rub my back. His hand felt warm against my back, and I pulled away. "And you," I yelled, turning to face him as his eyes widened once more, "I can't fucking believe you would do this to me! You out of all people knew how much I hated her for this, and I even told you that I never wanted to see her again. You knock a girl up and think, 'Damn, I own the place, so I'm going to go and fucking invite whoever the hell I want no matter what my best friend thinks!' Well, fuck you," I screamed at him, which was something I never have done. His eyes shut as he took in the pain from what I said. I took a breath, turning to walk back down the stairs until the quiet room became regular again.

"Elizabeth, do not go back to Harold," Summer spoke sternly, crossing her arms as she stood firmly in her yellow pumps. I stopped in my tracks, my lip pulled up in a sneer as I turned to her, my lips pursed. 

"How the fuck do you know about Harry,"

"I know a lot of things you don't know, honey. Do you see what Harry has done to you? Look at the influence he has on you," Summer said while circling me, her mouth making noises of disapproval, "Besides, he needs to be with his mother, now." She smirked at me, pulling her gray polka dot sweater down on her torso as her thin hands found spots on her hips to rest. I reared up, taking steps towards her until I was in her face. 

"Die," I whispered, before slapping her hard across her cheek and walking at a fast pace out of the room. Madeline wasn't there to stop me this time, so I easily escaped the loft and ran through the house to the front door. I heard Niall calling after me, but I started down the road, as fast as my legs would take me, ignoring everything behind me.




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