He got along so well with her, they were obviously in love. Their parents thought they would get married when they grew older. When they became the age of 15, he needed new friends. She became lost, sad, and she didn't think of him again. She was never a popular kind of girl. She never had a lot of friends. She never was very pretty. Her life turned complete upside down. Until he walked back in it.


5. Chapter Four

After Niall and I hungrily munched our pizzas away, the movie ended and I turned on "Titanic" without Niall noticing. When he finally exited his oblivion and recognized what I put on TV, he chuckled and nodded his head in approval.

"This movie is so sad, I'm going to need a cuddle buddy." I pouted jokingly, setting my empty box of pizza on the side table. I could eat. I had high metabolism so I never gained any wait. And Niall loved that about me, that I could eat more than him and still stay the same wait. Niall soon placed his box down on the table, wiped his hands and faced off with a napkin. He opened his arm and I clung to him. A little later into the movie, Rose andy Jack were so in love, and I just really had to know something. "Niall?" No response. "Niall?.." He was still next to me, and when I turned to look at him he was asleep. Nudging him awake, he flung up and hit me in the face on accident. "OWWWWW." I yelped and Niall immediately was kneeling in front of me holding my cheek in his hand. 

"LI! OH MY GOSH, I'M SO SORRY!" I smiled through tears were brimming my eyes. 

"Ni, love it's okay! Accidents happen!" Tears were brimming his eyes too, I don't know if they were from sadness or joy, but I wiped them away quickly with my thumbs. "Don't cry, you didn't kill me." I chuckled and he picked me up placing me in his lap. 

"Elizabeth I'm so sorry. Tell me you're okay. Give me a sign." He whispered into my hair and I turned to him, pressing my lips to his. He smiled into the kiss and I smiled too, moving away from him slowly.

"Can I tell you something?" I whispered and he nodded.

"Anything!" I gulped, I didn't know how to put this in words. I've held this in for, I don't even know how long but it's something I don't know why it's coming over me now. I just started talking to him again and this feeling is just..ugh. In me. Ever since we were young, I knew this was true, but I was afraid of the rejection that followed after it.

"Niall..I  l-l-love you.." I whispered, my breath catching on the word love. His eyes searched mine for any hint of regret, caressing my face with his soft fingers. 

"I-I.."Immediately I regretted everything I said and got up.

"You know, I think I'm going to go. Uhh..yeah." I ran out, grabbing my purse on the way out and ran to my car. Tears were starting to stream down my face and I wiped them away with my hand. 

"LIZ, WAIT." Niall chased me out of the house, following me to the the black truck parked in his driveway. I climbed into my car and started the ignition. I didn't bother wiping the tears now, there were to many of them.

"Li, please. Listen." I nodded my head and sniffed, about to pull out of the driveway when he reached through the window and kissed me. He put his hand behind my neck, pulling hair gently out of my face. "I love you too," He whispered and I smiled. I kissed him again, leaving soft lingering kisses on his lips. "Don't cry anymore, I don't like it." He soothed while wiping the salty drops away with his thumb. I chuckled half heartedly and he opened the door pulling me off my seat. Not letting go of me, he turned the ignition off. I held onto his neck, clinging to his body. He shut my door carefully. I placed light kisses on his neck, wrapping my legs around his waist.

"I've missed you so much," I whispered softly and he kissed my forehead. Finally we got to the door and I sighed as he opened it. He brought me up the stairs to his room, where he sat down on the bed with me straddling his waist.

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you before. I thought you felt differently and I didn't want to tell you so I tried to cover it up, or make the feelings disappear." I dug my head lightly into his shoulder, breathing in his scent.

"It's okay, Niall." I placed a light kiss on his jaw and he shut the front door behind us. He looked at the clock sitting on the TV box, which read 12.46.

"It's getting late, love." I sighed and wiggled from his grip.

"Okay, I'll get the couch," I said as I was walking to get the blankets for my make shift bed. As I opened the closet door, Niall came up behind me and picked me up, running up the stairs quickly giving me no time to recover.

"You're not sleeping on the couch," he whispered and I giggled. I lifted my flailing legs up and wrapped them around his neck so my butt was on his shoulders. I then pulled myself up and he piggybacked me to his room at the end of the long hall. He was shocked I had the body strength to do that and I just ruffled his hair. He opened his floor to ceiling door and rain in, throwing me softly but strongly onto the bed. I was still wearing my jeans and blouse from school, so I scratched my neck for a second. "Li, you can get a shirt from my closet." I smiled but then just awkwardly walked over to the closet. I would just wear my panties to bed?.. I mean not that Niall never saw me in panties but I mean now that we kind of have feelings for each other, I mean I don't know. Whatever, who cares. I took his moose sweater which always kept me at a constant warm temperature and walked into the washroom. I stripped myself of my clothes, and pulled his sweater over my head. It was quite large on me and it fell around my mid thigh. ( I walked out of the bathroom, and Niall was turned around just finishing clothing his lower half. He turned to me absent mindedly, and when he saw me half naked his mouth dropped. I bit my lip while a blush rose on my cheeks, and he walked over to me and ran his hands up my sides. 

"Beautiful, so beautiful." He whispered to himself. He was making my face turn an embarrassed red color, he was just so sweet and I couldn't help it.

"Nialll, stop." I pouted while chuckling and he picked me up and placed me on his bed. I crawled into the warm blankets and he followed me, smacking my bum while rolling over. I gasped and laughed and he joined in, pulling the duvet over our bodies. I moved over to him so his arm draped across my shoulder and kissed his cheek. 

"I love you, Elizabeth Grace Hamak." I smiled into the darkness, gleaming as if he could see me.

"I love you too, Niall James Horan." He kissed my forehead gently, then my cheek, and finally my light pink lips, satisfying my urge. I snuggled into him and we fell into a blissful sleep.




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