He got along so well with her, they were obviously in love. Their parents thought they would get married when they grew older. When they became the age of 15, he needed new friends. She became lost, sad, and she didn't think of him again. She was never a popular kind of girl. She never had a lot of friends. She never was very pretty. Her life turned complete upside down. Until he walked back in it.


6. Chapter Five


The alarm started beeping and it took me a while to realize where I was. I groaned and shut it off, and I felt the tighting of arms around my waist. I turned to my right and realized Niall was next to me. I smiled, and kissed his nose. 

"Niall, baby. Wake up, it's time for school." I pulled myself out of his grip and straddled him, kissing his face. His eyes fluttered open, and he smiled pulling me into a quick kiss. 

"I don't wanna wake up," he pouted sticking his bottom lip out. It was so sexy, and I kissed him biting the jutted out lip.

"You're so sexy," I whispered. I felt a something against my leg, and I laughed. "Niall, dirty boy." I rolled off of him and turned the shower on. I quickly washed myself and blow dried my hair while Niall was in the shower. I turned around and stared at him, the water glistening off of his toned chest. I bit my lip but continued fixing myself up. It looked cold outside, the sky was grey and the clouds were blocking the sun. I decided on something warm, and something of Niall's. ( When he walked out of the washroom and saw me, he laughed. I walked down into the kitchen to let him get changed. Niall kind of moved in to my house over the weekend. He just took all of his clothes and brought them here. The whole weekend went by so fast, but I had so much fun with Niall. We went to the fair, watched movies, did so much stuff together. It was just like old times, and I really needed it. It's hard to be without your best friend for more than a month. Imagine being without him for 3 years. 

I heard the sound of footsteps run down the stairs as soon as I finished making the bacon, which Niall loved. He slid in his socks to the bar stool and sat down with a cheesy smile on his face. I laughed and shook my head, dishing out four pieces of bacon on each of our plates along with some pastries. He took a piece of the sizzling food and bit into it, chewing it while staring at me with a smile on his face. I took a piece and turned around, going to wash the pan. Niall had stood up and came behind me, wrapping his strong arms around my waist. I turned in his grip dropping the pan into the sink and kissed him. The taste of bacon was on our lips, and he turned it into a passionate kiss. His hand carressed my cheek and my fingers tangled in his hair. His hands slid underneath my shirt and I pulled away, twisting out of his grip.

"Lizzieeeeee." He whined and I pecked his nose. 

"I'm sorry baby, we have to go to school." I pulled my jacket over myself and grabbed my bookbag while I walked out of the house and to my car, with Niall on my heels. I was definitely looking forward to seeing Madeline today. Her nose had gotten no better, obviously and I was excited for that. For once, she wouldn't seem perfect. But the class work and other stuff, I hated. I yanked open the car door and jumped in. I stared out the window, watching a bird build its nest in a barren tree. A second later I heard the car start and we pulled out of the driveway. I placed my hand lightly over Niall's, not wanting to distract him from the road.

It never took long to get to the school since I lived a mere ten minutes away. Since we were a bit early, we decided to go to Starbucks quickly and grab a coffee. Once we pulled into my favorite coffee place, Niall took my hand and walked us into the store. The breeze brought the smell of fresh coffee and cinnamon to our noses making our mouths, well mine mostly, water. A lot of people from our school were here, it was sort of a before school hangout I suppose. Niall didn't really like coffee so he usually just got hot chocolate and a cake pop. I ordered a pumpkin spice latte and Niall got his usual.

"9 pounds." The cute teen said, probably just starting work. Niall pulled out his wallet and handed her the amount, coins and all. "Thanks, your drinks will be right out." I smiled at her and pulled Niall to where you were supposed to wait. I leaned up against the counter and kissed his lips softly, and he moved closer to me placing his hands on my hips. Just that second, the bell rang that signaled the door being open and Madeline walked in. Her nose was wrapped in a huge bandage, but it was pink so I guess that was a plus for her. Hahaha. I'm so funny. She always had a little possy of girls with her, and of course they were here too. What is this, like Mean Girls? One of the girls, I think her name was Sarah, pointed us out and I rolled my eyes. Madeline smiled evilly and walked up to us. Niall's grip grew tighter around my waist and I kissed his cheek.

"Well, well, well, look what the cat dragged in!" She smiled jokingly and I laughed. It was hilarious the way she talked, she sounded like a sinus infection had taken over her body. She raised her eyebrow and I wiped the tears out of my eyes.

"Oh, nothing. You just sound like a three year old, that's all." She glared at me and turned around talking to the girls that stood as a defense. Niall traced patterns into the small of my back and I leaned into him for support. Madeline seemed to ignore my comment and looked straight at Niall. I gulped hoping nobody noticed.

"So, Niall. How is she in bed, better than me? I highly doubt it. I bet you still miss the way I would kiss you before we fell asleep sweating and naked, right babe?" My breath caught in my throat and Niall let go of me. He fucked her? Holy shit, no.

"Madeline, stop." Niall yelled, his voice shaking.

"You had sex with her?" I asked. It was hard for me not to cry then and there. The anger was obvious in my voice and it was intimidating Niall a little. He looked at me, then looked at the floor. 

"I-yes. I had sex with her. But that was only because we were going out. You can't get mad at me for that." I raised my eyebrows. I can't get mad at him for that. Everyday he knew that she would bully me, and bully me, until I would eventually go home crying. He had sex with her. My world broke a little. My fists curled into tight balls. I breathed deeply and looked up at him.

"You're right." Our orders had just been finished and I took mine without looking at him or Madeline. I took a sip, the hot liquid burning my tounge but I just pushed that thought out of my head and the pain was gone. The door slammed open, and I walked fast pace out and to the car. I was walking to school, I can't really deal with that awkward talk that comes after this right now. I opened the car door and pulled my phone out leaving the rest behind. Niall would eventually come to school, so what was the point of hiking it for ten minutes. I walked, walked faster and faster. I could hear Niall calling me but I really didn't want to talk about it. I needed time to think, to process what had just went down. I know that he wasn't with me when they had sex, but the fact that they did just pissed me off. By the time I had walked for about five minutes, Niall had pulled up next to me and gotten out of the car. He chased me down the sidewalk screaming my name. I sighed, I knew that this was going to be hard. When he was closer I turned to him, my hair flipping behind me.


"Li, what are you doing! It's like 47 degrees out here! You'll freeze and maybe get sick and then you might get frostbit-"

"I'm fine."

"No. I'm not taking that bullshit, get in the car." I looked away, at the few cars that zoomed past us. They probably thought we were psychopaths but I didn't care what anyone else thought. Niall walked over to me and wrapped his arms around me, rubbing his hands against my arm to create heat. The wind  blew and it was freezing. I finally gave up on ignoring him and burrowed into his warm chest. He pulled open the car door and gently shoved me in, then he ran to the other side and hopped in. He sat in the car and looked at me while making sure the heat was on. "Li, I'm sorry."

I felt a tear stream down my cheek but I have no idea why I was crying, this isn't that bad. I turned from my view of the window and kissed his cheek. "No, I'm sorry. I have no right to be mad at you." He smiled a little, and placed a soft kiss on my lips. It felt great. The warmth of his lips against the coldness of mine was really amazing to feel, something different.

He broke the kiss and whispered against my lips, "I love you." I smiled at him.

"I love you too." He started to drive to the school, his free hand intertwined with mine.


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