He got along so well with her, they were obviously in love. Their parents thought they would get married when they grew older. When they became the age of 15, he needed new friends. She became lost, sad, and she didn't think of him again. She was never a popular kind of girl. She never had a lot of friends. She never was very pretty. Her life turned complete upside down. Until he walked back in it.


12. Chapter Eleven

School went by terribly slow, with each changing class period the day dragged on. Glances shared across the hall from girl to girl all meant the same thing.

"Who's the new guy?"

"He's gorgeous.." 

"His name is Harry!" 

It made me despicably mad, for some reason. I couldn't stand to let them look at him the way they did, like they were undressing him with their eyes. It caused a burning feeling in the pit of my stomach, the kind you get when you're ..jealous. Yes, I am jealous that those girls think the things they do, even if I can't have Harry. I mean, I don't want Harry. There's just a thing that happens to me every time I see him. I notice every little feature about him, and I can't even control it. The way his green eyes turn dark when he wants something badly, and the way he flips his hair across his forehead when he's upset or nervous, the way his dimples appear on his face when he flashes a half smile. All those things make me sick with the feeling that I might be falling for Harry. That's why I hate them. That's why I hate him. He looked for me between each class period, the five minutes walked in the hallway from English to Chemistry and every second before and after. I tried hard to avoid him, so the feelings wouldn't rise in my stomach and make me act upon them. I remember every minute spent with him, from the smiles sent across the classroom towards each other to every second of the day we met. When school finally ended, I was quick to move, avoiding eye contact with every girl that walked by, since they all hated me now. Every time they see me with Harry, their hate grows stronger and eventually it will snap in half, sending me spiraling to rock bottom. I dumped my books in my locker, making sure I could close it before slamming it and racing out of the building. I half ran half walked to my car and started it before I saw him. He was faster than me, already halfway down the road towards the entrance of the school while the temperature dropped with every passing minute. Remembering what he did for me the day we met, I slowly drove towards him and stopped a couple feet in front of him so he could catch up. I rolled down the window and he came over to me.

"Harry, get in the car. Its cold out and you don't need to be catching a cold," I sighed and he looked at me for a second. His red nose and cheeks looked adorable and his hot breath came out in pants, creating a mist in the air.

"It's all right, I'll just walk," he breathed out and continued walking forwards, and I rolled my eyes and pulled up more. 

"Harry, stop. Come on, don't be stubborn," 

"No. I said I was fine," I groaned out loud and turned right, parking my car in an empty lot. I yanked open my door and zipped my thick North Face jacket up over my lips. 

"Well, then I'll just have to walk with you then," He stopped and turned towards me, shaking his hair. 

"Elizabeth, go home. Niall is sick and you need to be with him now. Besides, wouldn't want you catching something, would we?" I nodded my head no and walked over towards him and pulled him along. He groaned and shook his head at my ignorance. "You're a pain, you know that?" He chuckled and I laughed sarcastically at him. The sky turned a light grey color, and then soft white pellets of snow came falling lightly down to the ground.

"Its snowing," I whispered in awe to Harry and he giggled like a tiny kid. I laughed and moved closer to his body, collecting the heat that radiated off his body. He looked at me and half smiled, causing me to blush even though my cheeks were pink already. He draped his arm over my shoulder and I hung onto his waist, keeping each other warm.

"Its beautiful," Harry whispered and I leaned against his shoulder onto his heavy winter coat with his grey scarf draped around his neck. He rested his head on mine and we walked slowly down the road. "Elizabeth, why are you doing this," Harry said slowly and I gulped, a tear falling down my cheek from the sting of the wind. 

"I just want to keep you warm, Harry," I sighed and he sighed as well, but his sigh was full of so much more feeling. "Harry, I can't help it," I looked at him, leaving my warm spot on his shoulder as we stopped walking for a minute.

"You know what this does to me," he whispered and I walked in front of him, turning to face him. 

"Harry, you shouldn't think about that. There are so many girls at our school that would be perfect for you."

"But they're not you," his eyes squinted and turned the dark green color again. When I looked up into them, my breath caught in my throat and my gaze moved away from his. 

"They can be," he groaned and started walking again, dragging me along with him. I wrapped my arm around his waist once again, and we walked in silence until we turned the corner that led to his street. "Harry, please don't be mad at me," I whispered feeling a bubble rise in my throat. Oh God, please don't cry. 

He stopped and heard the choke in my voice, and turned to face me while holding my face in his hands. "I could never be mad at you, love." I felt a tear slide down my cheek for God knows what reason, and he wiped it away with his cold thumb. He kissed my forehead, and when he did, amazing warmth came from it washing over my body and making me shiver. I closed my eyes and bent my head down, walking into him and hugging him. He provided so much warmth I almost started to sweat, and he smelled of attractive cologne that made my tastebuds water. His arms moved slowly up and down my back, holding me close and tightly. He stepped back, his arms still on my shoulders and his eyes searched mine. "Lets keep walking, we're almost there," he whispered into my hair as he turned me and started to move slowly next to me. I nodded and closed my eyes while I rested my head on his shoulder, taking in his sweet smell and his warmth until we arrived at the old brick house with vines crawling up the sides. He brought me up under the covering above his front door, staring at me until I noticed.

"All right Harry, I'll see you tomorrow," I said while starting down the brick stairs and down the driveway.

"Elizabeth, wait!" I turned to look at him and he was jogging down the driveway, curls bouncing up and down in a rhythmic motion. "Come inside, please? It's too cold for you to be out by yourself, I'll drive you back to the school once you're warm, yeah?" He asked while arranging his hair out of his eyes before clearing his throat. I really needed to get home, Niall was probably worried sick. I really didn't want to walk home though, it's a far walk back to the school since I have to get my car. 

"Okay, only for a little though. I do eventually have to go see Niall, you know," I laughed and he joined in, while grabbing my hand and pulling me into his house. The first thing I saw was a beautiful dark mahogany kitchen that was light in all the right places to make it seem as warm and cozy as possible. From the granite bar, there was a tiny family room with a plush plaid couch and a chair with furry pillows. Stairs were to the far right, lined with a oakish-red color wood. It was beautiful. "Harry, this is gorgeous!" I smiled at him and he looked down while a pink color rose on his cheek. 

"Thanks. I didn't do much, just the furniture. Everything else came with the house! You wouldn't expect this kind of beauty in an old house like this, yeah?" He chuckled and I nodded and giggled. I slipped my shoes off in the corner near the door and walked into his family room while Harry went and got warm towels for the two of us. 

"So, you never told me much about yourself, Harold," I sat on his couch and examined the room more closely, taking in every detail and design in each piece of furniture.

"Did you just call me Harold? How did you know that was my name," he laughed and threw a towel at me, while he wrapped one around his own body. I shrugged and giggled, and he came and sat next to me. 

"Well, I'm from Holmes Chapel as you know. I moved out here for ..A fresh start, you could say. I have an older sister named Gemma. My mum, Anne divorced my dad Des when I was seven. It just wasn't a good relationship, I guess," he said, his voice choking just at the fact of talking about his family. He must miss them a lot. I moved closer to him, wrapping my arms around his body.

"I'm sorry, Harry. I-my parents died when I was thirteen. They were always together, but they didn't love each other. I wish they would have just divorced instead of always fighting. My sister Marcy, she never loved me, it felt like. A year after my parents died she left for the United States, leaving me alone. It was hard, growing up without anyone there, you know?" I said while rubbing his back soothingly, like I always did for Niall. I didn't get upset talking about my family, I just got angry. My eyes clouded with tears and I sighed. Harry looked at me, his eyes a tiny bit swollen from the little amount of crying he did. 

"Elizabeth, I had no idea. I'm sorry," he whispered to me while pulling onto his lap and hugging me closely. I put my head in the crook of his neck and cried, just cried. I never let my past out to anyone, I always had trust issues. Harry ran his hand over my hair and shh'd me, rocking me back and forth gently. "Look, look at me," Harry whispered while pulling me back from his arms. I looked at him for a second before looking away. He grabbed my face with his giant hands and turned my face towards his. "You didn't need them, Elizabeth. You're perfect without them. Look at how good you did, on your own!" He smiled at me and I laughed, stopping to just grin at him. I slowly moved towards him and placed my lips on his, moving my hand to the nape of his neck to play with his hair. He was shocked at first, but kissed back after a while. I just wanted to sit like this forever, in his arms and kiss him but then I realized what I was doing and pulled back, eyes open wide.

"Harry, I-I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me," I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding, moving off of his lap and sitting next to him on the couch. 

"It's all right, I shouldn't have kissed you back," he said quietly and slowly, standing up and stretching his muscles. "I'll bring you to the school now, yeah?" He helped me off the couch and over towards the door to get our shoes. He opened the door and a gust of wind rushed towards us in as if a cold welcoming. I laughed and walked out the door with Harry following behind. He opened my door for me and I thanked him as he shut it. He walked around to the other side, yanking it open and sliding in quickly before coldness over came him again. He started the car and pulled out of the drive, careful not to run over the grass that lined both sides. 

"Thanks for doing this, Harry," I smiled at him and he nodded, still alert as ever as he was the first day he drove me home. 

"Tell me something." He said while putting the turning signal on, and I laughed quietly.

"What do you want me to tell you, Styles?" 

"What is going on with you and Niall? The first day we met, you said you walked to my house because of him. What happened?" He looked at me from the corner of his eyes, furrowing his brow. 

"Ah, the question I knew was coming. Well, Niall and I used to be best friends. When we turned fifteen he ditched me and found new friends. He started going out with this girl, Madeline Karrington? She's in our history class, if you didn't know. Anyway, she is the meanest person at school, she always bullied me because she thought I was lower than her. I guess that was true, in a way. Anyway, about a month ago, Niall started talking to me again and told me he missed me. We kissed, and Madeline found out. I stood up to her and broke her nose and s-," I just heard laughing and I looked at Harry, who was in hysterics at the fact I broke Madeline's nose. I shook my head and smiled, continuing my story. "Niall broke up with her, and we started going out. She was terribly angry, and ever since the day I met you they have been keeping a secret from me. So, I got really mad and I walked here for some reason. There's my story," I said while taking a few breaths after everything I had said. A dimple showed on his cheek and I knew he was biting his lip, deep in thought. He did that a lot.

"Oh." That's all he said. Oh. Oh?! For some reason, I was expecting more. We pulled into the school's parking lot and he parked next to my car. He got out and opened my door for me, taking my hand to pull me out. "Well, I'm now eager to meet this character," he grinned and I rolled my eyes in amusement, hitting his shoulder gently. 

"Of course you are, Harold." He laughed and I hugged him. "Thank you for bringing me here, I appreciate it." His eyes were glued to mine and his tounge darted out to wet his lips quickly before he nodded. I got lost in those hypnotic green orbs, and he kissed me quickly but passionately. He pulled back before I could do anything, and just stood there looking at me. I blushed and sighed, closing my eyes and breathing deeply. 

"Sorry, I kind of had to," he smiled and walked towards his car. I started after him, but stopped myself. I had to be with Niall, and I wanted to be with Niall. I got into my truck and started the engine, sitting on the plush seats while it heated up. I saw Harry's car pull out of the school lot and drive away, and I put mine in reverse and started to my flat. I can't put a finger on it, but I still have butterflies in my stomach from when he kissed me. Then, it came to me. The way I noticed all his features, kept track of every second I spent with him? I was falling for Harry Styles, whether I liked it or not.



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