He got along so well with her, they were obviously in love. Their parents thought they would get married when they grew older. When they became the age of 15, he needed new friends. She became lost, sad, and she didn't think of him again. She was never a popular kind of girl. She never had a lot of friends. She never was very pretty. Her life turned complete upside down. Until he walked back in it.


9. Chapter Eight



I haven't told anyone about it, but this whole month I've been feeling weird. My stomach's been hurting, I've been throwing up some mornings. My nose has healed a little more, its better than it was last week. That bitch. But back to my point. Something's up. I walked over to my desk and logged onto my brand new MacBook Pro, courtesy of my Daddy. I mentally smirked and typed into Google the symptoms I've been having. Headaches, stomach cramps, morning sickness .. Wait. Morning sickness? No, shit. No! I didn't even think about the possibility of it. I pushed myself up out of my rolling chair up and it fell back onto the plush carpet. I ran down the stairs and to my car, turning it on and not bothering to buckle my seatbelt. I drove to the closest drugstore and got out in a rush. Keep calm, keep calm. You can't let this make you stressed. It's all right, you're probably just imagining things. I walked into the isle with the-oh, how I really don't want it to be true..

-Pregnancy tests. I picked up three of them and hurried to the counter, where an older lady looked at me in shock.

"You're how old and already having this scare?" I gave her a dirty look. What kind of person talks about what the customer is buying? Um, hello! She needs to be fired. 

"You have nothing to do with it, now tell me the price and see me to the door." I rolled my eyes and mentally high-fived myself for the creative comeback. Hahaha. Oh, Madeline how I love you. She snorted and told me the amount and I happily payed her and took my buy. I sighed and prepared myself for what could happen in the next 15 minutes. Right now, all I really want is for Niall to be here with me. I know that I am so mean to Elizabeth because of him, but I really love him. But no, she took him from me like she took everything else! We have a tiny bit of history. Oh, who the hell am I shitting. We have a novel of history. We used to be the best of friends, but we didn't go around parading it to the school like people nowadays. We were like sisters, joined at the hip. We did absolutely everything together and it was great. When we started getting older, things started to change. We had made new friends but eventually, I became ..meaner and they left me for her. She still talked to me, and she was very nice to me. But, she took all my friends. The three of us, and by three of us I mean Niall, Elizabeth and I were close friends. I developed feelings for Niall, and so did Elizabeth but Niall liked me. So I went out with him, and she got upset. Karma's a bitch!

I finally rolled into my driveway and turned the car off. I breathed in slowly and walked into my house with the bag clenched in my hand. My palms were sweating and cold which I guess was an awkward combination. I walked into the bathroom and shut the door, but not like anyone would come in. I emptied the plastic bag out onto the floor and sat on the cold blue-gray tiles. The box said to pee on the stick, and then it would be over. Wait two minutes for the results, and wallah. Your life could be ruined in the matter of 120 seconds. All I had to do was pee on the stick. Pee on the fucking, ruin-your-life stick. I did so and repeated it for the other two, placing them in the white cermaic sink that sat near the door. Then the waiting began. It was pure hell. I paced back and forth, counting down until the time was up. I started to breath heavily and then I started getting scared. What if I really was pregnant? What would my parents think? Nobody is even here to support me through this! As the final seconds were up, I gulped and walked painfully slow up to the sink. My eyes were a blur and it took me a minute to focus on the pictures that appeared in front of me.

First one has two pink lines. What, no! Impossible. It must be a mistake. Good thing I bought two more. Another mental high five. 

Second one has two pink lines. Oh my god. No, shit no. No! NO! I didn't even have to look at the last test to know I was pregnant. I'm having a kid. I'M HAVING A KID! I slid down the wall onto the floor and started balling my eyes out. What am I supposed to do, what the fuck am I supposed to do!




This morning when I woke up, I felt on top of the world. Music was playing in my head, and I was okay with going to school. I almost jumped out of bed, leaving Niall dead in the bed. He slept like a baby, even when three alarms went off every morning at five minute intervals because we were both deep sleepers. But today, it was like my body's alarm clock went off early so I would let him sleep. I chuckled at myself and walked into the washroom to take a shower. I changed into a cozy jumper and some leggings because it wasn't that cold out this morning. ( I did my hair which didn't take long and my barely there makeup, and I went into the room to see if Niall had crawled out of bed. Nope, he didn't. I sighed and crawled on top of him while giving him small kisses everywhere on his face. His eyes fluttered open and a moan/groan of protest escaped his throat. I chuckled against his skin and he got goosebumps. 

"Good morning, love." I smiled at him and he smiled back but his eyes were closed. "Niall, come on. We don't have time for this. I let you sleep in late, so now you have to get ready! Please, for me?" I kissed his lips and he rolled his eyes in fake mock.

"Fine. You owe me, though." I raised my eyebrows while giggling.

"Oh do I?" He finally got out of the bed and went to shower and I grinned. That was easier than expected. I walked down the stairs and poured myself a bowl of cereal before school. When I had finished I set out a bowl for Niall and waited for him to run down the stairs at the slightest smell of food. Even dry food. I packed my things for school, and during this time I heard the familiar patter of large feet tumbling down the stairs and sliding across the floor. I nodded my head and laughed. He was a trip. I walked back into the kitchen to see that he had already finished his bowl and was packing his bookbag for school. 

"Ready, babe?" He yelled out to me while he got the keys from the table near the front door.

"Yeah, meet you in the car!" I screamed as I heard the door close and I shortly followed him out. It felt nice out today, the sun was shining and the sky was for once. The wind still blew but not to harshly, like it has for the past few days. Birds chirped and people sat on the porches enjoying the strange change of weather so late into the fall. I opened the red car's door, we had recently gotten a new car for Niall since his other one had lost the lease. But of course, he had to get the best he could. We drove to the school and got there a tad bit late due to an fender bender that had caused some drama. When we finally got there, the bell had just rung; causing Niall and I to race to our lockers and first period. Good thing it was together. I walked slowly into the class because one, nobody wants to learn today. It's a Tuesday and they were terribly boring. I slid into my seat and Niall followed shortly behind me. As soon as we sat down, Madeline Karrington walked over to us and looked really, scarily upset.

"Madeline?.." Niall asked in shock, because seeing her shook up was a pure rarity. 

"Ni-Niall can I talk to you? Please? It's important." He looked at me with wide eyes and I looked at Madeline for any sign of weakness in her act. I rolled my eyes and nodded to Niall and he got up, following Madeline to the door. They didn't leave, but stood next to it so I could still see the expressions on their faces. Madeline just told Niall something and Niall was statue still, his face not moving. Madeline was now crying and Niall was pacing back and forth in the small area near the door. What could possibly be wrong? Madeline never cried, and Niall never looked so..serious in his life! I stood up cautiously and Niall looked at me, motioning for me to sit back down. Pfft. I plopped back down and crossed my arms, slamming open my binder on the desk and getting a few looks from students. Fuck you, idiots. The bell rang and the teacher walked in, eyeing Niall and Madeline in the corner. Niall had hugged Madeline, and was rubbing her back while she cried into his shirt. Ugh, he got stained with devil's blood. The teacher eventually got annoyed and told them to sit down or leave, and Madeline looked at Ni and left. Niall looked at Mr. Blanchard, then followed Madeline out. Um, what? What the fuck is going on?! Why is Niall following Madeline around now? Why is Madeline so upset? Why am I asking myself all these questions? I sighed and shook my head, staring out the window that offered so little light from the back of the classroom. About thirty minutes into the class, Niall and Madeline walked in; his arm draped around her shoulders. No, no, no. Excuse me? Madeline's makeup ran down her face and her hair had fallen out of it's perfect high bun. Right as they sat in their seats the bell rang and I raced out of class, not wanting to talk to Niall or Madeline. If he wants to be like that, then fine. Take it as you want.


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