Living In Apartment 1D

This story is about three teenage girls who are tired of there lives back home in Canada, so they decided to move to London, England. When they get there they meet five GORGEOUS teenage boys. They almost instantly fall for the three single guys in the group(Liam and Danielle are still together in this book). Will it last or will things fall apart when they find out who they really are?


14. The Mall (part 2)



Chapter 14: The Mall (part 2)

Roberta’s POV

As we were walking in the mall I was starving, but never said anything.

“I’m hungry” whined Niall.

I swear he can read minds because I was just about to say that.

“Me too, I think you can read minds” I said while giggling.

We both started laughing as we walked up to the food court.

“What would you like to eat, love” Niall said. Every time he says love my heart melts.

“SUBWAY” I screamed while running towards it. I got in line and pulled out my wallet. When Niall caught up to me he was trying to hide his heavy breathing. I started laughing so hard and he just looked at me confused and said “What?”

“I can tell you are trying to hold your breath,” I said in between giggles.

“NO I’M NOT!” he said defensively.

“It’s fine I don’t really care” I said back to him in a more serious tone.

He just looked down and ignored what I said.

“Niall…Niall…Niall” I kept calling his name but he never responded. I just looked at him and walked away slowly.

Niall’s POV

I was joking when I was ignoring Roberta and it was so hard to not forgive her right away. She kept calling my name and each time I had to bite the inside of my cheeks to not smile. When I looked up she was gone.

I stood on my tippy toes trying to find her, and that’s when I saw it. A high bun with blonde streaks that was identical to hers. I ran up to her but when I got there I realized it wasn’t her. I was freaking out! I looked everywhere for her but I couldn’t find her. I needed to see her now. I was only joking. I really needed to relax so I went to the music shop and decided playing the guitar would help. I got there and heard someone playing “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together By Taylor Swift” and it was flawless.

I went and grabbed a guitar and started playing moments. When I was done I went to the back of the shop to put away the guitar and I saw who was playing the guitar…sort of? From my point of view it looked like a girl. She was wearing light wash jeans and a sweat shirt with the hood up.

I put the guitar back and decided to call Roberta. I walked to the middle of an aisle and dialed her number. As I was calling her I heard a phone ring from the back of the store. I looked in that direction and I saw the girl look at her phone. She sighed and pressed decline, and as she did my phone stopped ringing. I saw her take her hood off and it was ROBERTA. Finally I found her! I wanted to make my apology special so I quickly left and went to get her flowers. When I came back I sat beside her and started playing with her. She looked up and stopped playing and tried to get up and walk away but I quickly pulled her back down. She immediately looked down and started crying.

I lifted her chin and wiped away her tears as I looked into her eyes. She tried to look away but I wouldn’t let her.

“I’m sorry for what you did, I was just joking and I didn’t mean to take it that far. I have looked all over this mall for you but you were no where to be found. I was really worried about you and I don’t know what would I would do if I couldn’t find you. When I looked up and you were gone I started panicking and my heart sank. I love you Roberta and if anyone took you away from me I would go to the ends of the earth to find you. I am so sorry and I hope you can forgive me, I just don’t want to look weak in front of you because that would have been very embarrassing but I guess when I ignored you it hurt even more and-” I was cut off by Roberta smashing her lips onto mine in the most passionate kiss we have ever shared and I could have satyed in that moment forever. After we pulled away we leaned our foreheads on each others and stared into each others eyes.

“You are forgiven Niall, I love you”

“I love you too” I replied and kissed her again.

Roberta’s POV

When Niall and I kiss it is always like the first and I feel the sparks all over again. I really love him!

“I didn’t know you played guitar” he said to me after we pulled away.

“Well I used to and I just play when im nervous or worried or sad or something now. It’s the way I let my feelings out” I replied with a smile.

“Well you’re amazing” he whispered in my ear. I giggled and I leaned and whispered.

“By the way, when you were trying to catch your breath I thought it was really cute.”

Niall quickly pulled me up and kissed me and I wanted to enjoy every minute of it!

A/N: it will be updated very soon! To be continued….

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