Living In Apartment 1D

This story is about three teenage girls who are tired of there lives back home in Canada, so they decided to move to London, England. When they get there they meet five GORGEOUS teenage boys. They almost instantly fall for the three single guys in the group(Liam and Danielle are still together in this book). Will it last or will things fall apart when they find out who they really are?


18. She Left...


A/N: heyy guys I made an error Angelica’s exboyfriend is not Josh it’s Jake; sorry.


I was strolling around London until I saw Zayn standing there all alone on a bench. Now why is that.

“Hi Zayn” I said and sat right next to him.

Angelica’s POV

I’m still really upset and frustrated. I normally run from my problems and since Zayn and I are done I’ve decided to go back home! Its almost Christmas and I want to go back home. I miss being bothered by my brother…not really and my family of course. I don’t want anyone to know and besides its three in the morning no one will know. I left a note on my bed and was already packed and had my plane ticket so I was off. I left as quite as possible and was also very fast. Of course I stubbed my toe on the table. ‘OWWW’ I said to myself. There was a cab out front that was taking me to the airport.

***just gonna skip; on plane by now***

I put in my music and fell asleep to the sound of Ed Sheeran’s voice.

Alyssa’s POV

According to Niall something happened between Angelica and Zayn. I feel so bad for her, first Jake and now Zayn. Zayn and her are soo cute together though. Anyways, I wanted to make her favourite bacon and eggs. But who doesn’t like/love bacon and eggs? I got interrupted by a knock on the door. I opened the door and it was Danielle.

“Good morning love!” said Danielle. What a good way to start my day. Danielle is actually one of my closest friends now, we have multiple things in common.

“Good morning” I said cheerfully back.

“Smells good in here, whatcha cooking?” she asked

“Just making bacon and eggs for Angelica, you know..” I said.

“Ohh yea, Liam told me” said Danielle. I just finished with the bacon and eggs and Roberta entered of course ruining the moment.

“GOOODD MORNINGG!!!!” Roberta shouted.

“Good morning to you to” said Danielle and I with less excitement.

“OOOO it smells so good in here!!” said Roberta.

“Well it’s not for you” I said

“Now that’s not very nice”

“Its for Angelica now shush!”

“Fine” said Roberta.

I then headed to Angelica’s room. I knocked on her door; no answer. I knocked again; no answer. I just went in. her bed was made and it was empty with a note on her bed. It read

‘ I’m sorry I left you guys. I’m going back home now. I knew coming here was a bad and good thing. Guess things turn out for the best and this was it. It was a really hard decision but I’ve made up my mind. I normally run away from my problems and that’s what im doing. Tell Zayn that we are done and that this was for the best. There’s nothing more I can say do bye and love you all.


“Roberta, Danielle come in here” I said

“What’s going on?” Roberta asked

“Angelica left” I said.

“What?” they both said in unison.

Zayn’s POV

I was sitting on the bench waiting for Angelica when SHE came up to say hi to me.

“Hi Zayn” she said with a smirk and come and sat next to me I felt soo uncomfortable.

“PERRIE” I said. She’s my ex girlfriend if you didn’t know. What was she doing here.

“What do you want” I ask

“you” she said.

“Well that’s too bad cause I happen to have a girlfriend and love her unconditionly.” She came closer too me and just kisses me. I pulled away but she kept on grabbing me and pulling me. Until Angelica out and saw everything. How could Perrie do that…wait it’s Perrie.

“Zayn?” Angelica said with hurt and disappointment in her voice. How could I do that to her. She threw her gift and ran. I even made her cry I am such an awful person. I ran from Perrie, got the gift Angelica got me and walked away while opening it. It was a snap back that said ‘Vas Happening.’ With also a note inside saying ‘this is only part 1’. If that’s only part one what would be part two? I love it!

**next day**

I decided to head to Angelica, Roberta, and Alyssa's flat. Everyone’s already there but me. Probably eating breakfast. I can’t even think of food right now only Angelica. I gotta apologize to her or something to do to make her forgive me.

I knocked on their door and Alyssa answered.

“Ohh hey Zayn” she said

“Hey, is Angelica here” I asked

“ she left” she said. My heart just broke.

“She left…”

A/N: Heyy guys, hope you liked the chapter. And I love Perrie in reality she’s not the nicest in this movella though.


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