Living In Apartment 1D

This story is about three teenage girls who are tired of there lives back home in Canada, so they decided to move to London, England. When they get there they meet five GORGEOUS teenage boys. They almost instantly fall for the three single guys in the group(Liam and Danielle are still together in this book). Will it last or will things fall apart when they find out who they really are?


5. Perfect Kiss



Roberta’s POV

I woke up and was STARVING. I feel like pancakes and know that it would make Angelica feel better. When I went into the pantry, I realized we did not have any flour so I decided to go next door. I put on my slippers and went next door. I knocked on the door and it was Niall. I was actually relieved it was him and not someone else because that would be awkward. He was wearing pyjama pants and no shirt.

“Hi..” I said as I felt myself blush and look at the floor.

Niall’s POV

I woke up to a knock on the door. I went to go answer it and I saw Roberta standing there. She was wearing short pajama bottoms with a pink tank top and bunny slippers. I accidentally sighed out loud because I realized how much I like her.

“What” she said with a confused look on her face.


“Tell me, I’m not moving until you tell me”

“It’ll be weird”

“Just tell me, it’ll be fine”

“umm…you just look really cute in your pajamas and when you blush”

“umm…thank you…you don’t look to bad yourself” she said while she blushed and looked at the floor.  Oh my gosh, she is so cute. I think she is the one and I will tell her that soon, maybe later today.

“So how may I help you?” I asked her. She looked up and was still blushing a little.

“I was going to make pancakes but I don’t have any flour, do you think I could borrow some?” she asked as if she was a little embarrassed. I smiled “Of course” I said.

“You can come help me if you want” she said.

“Of course let me just get the flour and we will start.” I answered. I was so excited she asked me to help her.

Roberta’s POV

When he opened the door without a shirt on I blushed and looked away and then when he told me I looked cut in my pajamas I was so shocked. I really like him and I think he likes me back. “So how may I help you?”he asked me. I looked up and was still blushing a little.

“I was going to make pancakes but I don’t have any flour, do you think I could borrow some?” I asked. He smiled

“Of course” he said.

“You can come help me if you want” I said.

“Of course let me just get the flour and a shirt and we will start.” He answered.

When we went back to our apartment the girls were still asleep so we just started making enough for everyone, even the guys. I measured everything and started adding it to a big bowl. When I dumped the flour in some accidentally blew into Niall’s face. His whole face was covered in flour and it was so funny. I was laughing so hard when he said

“Do you think this is funny” while he tried not to laugh but he let out a few giggles. I nodded my head because I couldn’t speak from laughing so hard.

“Well then this is funny too” he said while he through some at me. I screamed and from that point in it was a full out flour fight. I slipped on some flour but Niall caught me. I looked up into his gorgeous blue eyes and got lost in them.

“Thanks” I mumble and before I knew it his lips were pressed against mine. I felt butterflies but he wasn’t off the hook yet so we kissed. I took an egg and smashed it over his head. He instantly pulled apart and gave me an evil glare.

“Don’t you dare.” I said to him in between laughs. He picked up an egg and about to crack it when I place my lips in his displacing him while I took the egg from his hands and put it on the counter. As we were kissing we heard the door fly open and I heard Angelica laugh while she said

“Was I interrupting something” we pulled apart and were both blushing crazy.

“nope, just making pancakes,” said Niall with a cheeky smile on his face.

“Well I’ll leave you to it” she said and winked at me as she left.

“um..sorry” said Niall, he was blushing really badly but instead of saying anything I just kissed him again and said

“any time” with a wink. I THINK I LOVE THIS BOY! 

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