Living In Apartment 1D

This story is about three teenage girls who are tired of there lives back home in Canada, so they decided to move to London, England. When they get there they meet five GORGEOUS teenage boys. They almost instantly fall for the three single guys in the group(Liam and Danielle are still together in this book). Will it last or will things fall apart when they find out who they really are?


21. On The Field


Josh’s POV

I had just asked Angelica to go out with me and I was praying she would say yes.

“Ummm……” she said.

I crossed my fingers and hoped she would say yes. She opened her mouth and was about to speak when Mr.Stong said

“Okay everyone quiet down and get your textbooks and turn to page three, you will be doing a project in partners so I am giving you two minutes to find a partner. I was just about to ask Angelica to be my partner when she quickly got up and walked over to a girl I think was named Makayla. I sighed and turned to Adam beside me and we ended up being partners…


Throughout the day Angelica and I had two more subjects together; math and history. History is so boring so the whole time I just stared at Angelica. She hadn’t talked to me at all.

I think she’s avoiding me. I don’t know why though. My thoughts were interrupted when I saw her! She was talking to Makayla; probably about their project for science. I started walking towards her when she looked and saw me. She quickly said goodbye to Makayla and headed in the other direction. I started walking faster trying to catch up to her. I saw her leave the building but then I couldn’t find her.

She wasn’t wearing the same thing she was wearing. She was wearing running shoes, soccer shorts and a t-shirt instead of the skinny jeans, toms and lace tank top she was wearing earlier. Her hair was now up in a pony tail instead of down.

I needed to find her! She still hadn’t answered my question!

I was walking home and while I was I passed the soccer field and I noticed a girl playing all by herself I have to cut through the field to get home anyway so as I was walking by her I realized it was Angelica! I watched her in awe for a moment. She set a ball up at the penalty line and took a shot. It perfectly flew through the air and just as I thought it was going to hit the cross bar it curved in and went in. I was in shock!

She took another ball and moved it a bit farther back. She took another shot and it did the same thing! I quickly jogged over to her. I tapped her behind her shoulder and she turned around. When she saw me her eyes widened in shock and she tried to walk away but before she could I grabbed her wrist and spun her towards me.

“Why are you avoiding me?” I asked her stepping closer. She didn’t say anything and she just looked away.“You still haven’t answered my question” I said calmly. She still didn’t say anything. She just looked at the ground. I lifted her chin and made her look at me. She tried to get away from me but I wouldn’t let go. I pulled her closer to me and looked to her lips. I wanted to kiss them so badly! I started to lean in and she tried pulling away but I still wouldn’t let go. She was squirming so I grabbed her shoulders. I slowly started leaning in again…

Niall’s POV

We arrived in Canada about an hour ago and we were on our way to Angelica’s house. As we were driving by a school Roberta told me to pull over. We both stopped out of the car and then Roberta came up to me and cuddled into my side. I put my arm around her and she sighed.

“What’s wrong love?” I ask her with concern.

“This is my school” she says.

“Oh, do they have a football field?” I ask her.

“Do you mean american football or soccer?” she asks.


“Ya here I’ll show you it” she says as she takes my hand and leads me around the building.

Roberta’s POV

I was leading Niall to the soccer field when I saw a girl and a guy about to kiss on the field. The girl looked like she didn’t want to kiss him and he was forcing her to, so I dragged Niall over to try and help her. The closer I got the more I recognized her. Then Niall whispered “Angelica!”

That’s when I noticed it was her!

We quickly ran over to her and I said

“What’s going on here?”

Angelica looked up in relief and the boy looked almost annoyed.

‘What’s wrong with him’ I thought to myself.

She quickly escaped from him and ran towards me. I embrace her in a hug and Niall walked over to the boy.

“Hi I’m Niall” Niall said and reached out his hand for him to shake. He accepted and said “Josh” with a smile.

“What were you guys doing?” Niall asked.

Josh started to scratch the back of his neck and he didn’t answer.

Then I said “Angelica lets go I think Zayn is looking for us”

She tensed up when I said his name but I winked and her and moved my head in the direction of the car to hint her that I think we should leave. She just nodded and I looked at Josh and said “I’m Roberta and it was nice to meet you but we have to go”

Niall’s POV

Roberta and Angelica started to walk away but I stayed put. Josh looked at me.

“Who’s Zayn?” he asked

“Her ex-ish boyfriend I don’t know if they officially broke up or not but I know she still loves him” I said firmly.

He looked to the floor ashamed and started to walk away. I felt bad so I grabbed his shoulder.

“Don’t worry mate, you know she’s pretty and you couldn’t help yourself, she’s one of my best friends and I don’t want her to get hurt again”

He nodded.

“I’m her new neighbor do you think if I came over in a few days to apologize it would be okay?”

“Yea I think but wait three or four days” I said back.

“Thanks and it was nice to meet you” he said and then walked off. I started walking to the car when I heard sobbing and I knew I needed to comfort Angelica so I ran…

A/N: hope you guys liked the chapter! I’m coming out with a new movella and need your help if you like it or not so here it is

Ways to Love

Allison Payne is Liam Payne’s brother. When Allison’s parents divorced at the age of four for the both of them; Allison moved with her father to the United States while her mother stayed in London with Liam. After the divorce her father started drinking a lot and abusing Allison. Will her brother and his friends come to save her? Will she run away? Will she fall in love? Find out in ‘Ways to Love’!


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