Living In Apartment 1D

This story is about three teenage girls who are tired of there lives back home in Canada, so they decided to move to London, England. When they get there they meet five GORGEOUS teenage boys. They almost instantly fall for the three single guys in the group(Liam and Danielle are still together in this book). Will it last or will things fall apart when they find out who they really are?


6. Morning


Alyssa’s POV

I woke up to a lot of talking. I assumed the boys were over, but I didn’t want to move so I just lauded there pretending to sleep. Then I heard Roberta yell.

“Someone go wake Alyssa, the pancakes are ready!”

“I’ll do it!” screamed Harry.

I heard the door open and I peaked and sure enough it was Harry. He looked nervous for some reason. Why? I was interrupted when Harry started tickling me. I screamed and my eyes shot open and I sat up. When I sat up we smashed foreheads. We started laughing while we both rubbed our heads.

“Good morning Harry.” I said

“Hello love” replied Harry. When he said love my heart just melts. He sounds so sweet. I think I am starting to like him….like a lot!

Harry’s POV

When I went to wake up Alyssa she looked so cute when she slept. I really like her and I think I am going to tell her that soon. I didn’t know how know to wake her up so I decided I would tickle her. I started tickling her and she started laughing and screamed. When her eyes shot open and she sat up we smashed heads. We were laughing so hard. Her laugh was adorable! I wanted her to be mine and I think some day she will be. When we touched I felt sparks and I hope she felt the same way

“Good morning Harry” she said in a groggy morning voice that was even cuter.

“Hey breakfast is ready” I replied. Her eyes lit up, I guess she was hungry, she ran out of the bedroom. I started laughing as I chased after her. I finally caught her and picked her up and spun her around. We were laughing as if we were the only ones in the room, and then when Roberta started laughing we realized we weren’t. I set her down and we were both blushing crazy. The silence grew more awkward by the second. It was ended by Angelica saying,

"Were out of orange juice, milk, and we forgot to but syrup, Harry can you and Alyssa go check if you have any at your place?" i looked at Alyssa and she nodded

"Sure" and with that we left.

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