My Love For Who

Beth, a young, confident girl, never had a liking for the boyband, One Direction. Never met them, never planned to, and never wanted to. But what will happen when she moves to London with her dad and meets a certain guy on the plane ride there? Will she confront her hatred to him? Will they meet again? Will her feelings change for them? Will teasing begin and competitions for love start? It can be hard to be around such friendly people and never grow feelings. Can she just stay friends..even with benefits? Or more..?


10. That Should be Me and Her..Fresh Start


Beth's POV:    After  explaining how much of a bitch I was to Harry on the plane that day we all just sat on the floor talking. During a conversation about Niall and the 'amazing' discovery of Nandos, I looked over at Harry who was sitting cross-legged and just staring at me. I smile at him and he winks. Then he signals me to come over and sit by him. So I did. When I got by him he pushed me in a jokingly way and said, "Eww go back by the couch!" While laughing I said, "I will not!" Then he said, "Fine, but you have to sit on my lap then!" And with that he pulled me up onto his lap.    He then tucked my hair behind my ear and whispered, "I'm glad you didn't crawl back over to the couch, because I wanted you to sit on my lap the whole time. Which I knew you would do if I just pulled you up on so." He pointed to us. I giggled while getting goosebumps feeling his breath on my neck.    "Oh my, what a sneaky plan! You must be a genius!" I say sarcastically. Then with that he pushes me and pins me to the floor and says, "ARE YOU MAKING FUN OF MY PLAN?!" I laugh and say, "Ughh...I would never do such a crime!" Sarcastically of course. He yells,"THAT'S IT! YOUR GONNA GET IT!"  He immediately starts tickling me up my sides still on top of me so I cant move! I beg him to stop between my laughter, but he has a devious smile on his face that tells me he isn't going to anytime soon!   Harry POV: I absolutely love flirting with this beautiful girl! Cutest laugh ever!   Louis' POV:     While Niall was talking about Nandos I was about to say something to Beth who was next to me, But then I saw Harry wink at her. I look at her and she starts crawling over to him with the biggest smile on her face. I look away getting frustrated because I brought her over here to spend time with me not to fall in love with Haz. I look over at them again and see him pull her onto his lap. Not only that but he also looks her in the eyes, tucks her hair behind her ear, whisper stuff to her, and they start giggling.    It was horrible! They were just too close! I was about to say something but then he pushes her on the floor and sits on top of her and they start play fighting. Are you kidding me? That should be me and her! Not them.    I see her begging him to stop, then he says, "Tell me I'm a genius." She denies to until she cant take it anymore. I was angry! I was jealous! I really was going to push him but then I heard her cute laugh. I saw her happy face. I didn't want to ruin that fun for her. I couldn't  I then realized what I had to do. Instead of ruining the fun for her and Haz..I will make us have more fun together without him and make him jealous! Yeah..That's what I will do. ******    It was later that night and Beth was still over, obviously. We were all watching a movie when the front door swung open. I sprung off of the couch when i saw who it was. Eleanor. "El, what are you doing here?"    We were kinda in a fight. I  don't  even  remember  what its about. All I know is that we have always been fighting for the past months. Most of the time we  couldn't  even be in the same room. so I basically had already known what was coming.    "LOUIS WILLIAM TOMLINSON! ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! WE HAVEN'T TALKED FOR MORE THAN A WEEK AFTER OUR LAST FIGHT! YOU KNOW WHY?? BECAUSE YOU  DIDN'T  EVEN BOTHER TO CALL!!!!!" She screamed.    "But El I'm sorry I-" I started to say but then she  interrupted  with, "OH YOUR SORRY?  THAT'S  IT? WHY? WHY  DIDN'T  YOU CALL?" She stopped and looked at Beth. "OH WELL NOW I SEE. YOU HAVE YOURSELF CAUGHT UP IN A LIL FLING WITH A SLUT! I CANT BELIEVE YOU! WE ARE SO DONE. GO TO HELL YOU SICK BASTARD!"  And with that she marched out of the door and was gone.    It was dead silent. No one dare said a word. Not one word. I broke the silence by saying "Wow.." Then Liam says, "Why aren't you going after her?! Why aren't you really reacting to this?"    I sigh and say, "What am I going to do, Liam? Just go get her back then lie to myself everyday saying that I am with the love of my life and that I'm happy when I'm not? Tell her that I love her when I don't? Fight everyday and night about nonsense? Break her and my heart more and more little by little until there is nothing left to be broken? No. No, I will not live that life. Not anymore. This is my chance for a new beginning. A chance for a fresh start..and I'm going to take it. This may sound strange but I am already feeling better."
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