My Love For Who

Beth, a young, confident girl, never had a liking for the boyband, One Direction. Never met them, never planned to, and never wanted to. But what will happen when she moves to London with her dad and meets a certain guy on the plane ride there? Will she confront her hatred to him? Will they meet again? Will her feelings change for them? Will teasing begin and competitions for love start? It can be hard to be around such friendly people and never grow feelings. Can she just stay friends..even with benefits? Or more..?


6. New Friend


Beth's POV:    So after the whole Harry fiasco, I forget about it quickly. I get a cab and tell them to take me to my dads address. After about half an hour I arrive there and may I His hou..I mean our house is HUGE! I scream while running in. Hes there. "Bethle Bee!!" he jumps up from his black leather couch. "DADIO!!!" I scream. "I missed you so much!" We both say in sync as we hug! WE catch up a bit then he tells me where my room is before he leaves to go to a call in he got about some judge stuff. He is going to be gone fore a couple of weeks which sucks! Anyways, my room is amazing! Its a nice light shade of purple. There is a kings size bed that has a cute bed set that is white with light shades of purple, pink, blue, and green plaid on it. Then I realize there is cute matching curtains and a lampshade. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this room!    After unpacking a bit i decide to take a break. I go take a nice walk down the street to get familiar with London. As I walk I see a park and a bench. I go and sit down. While looking around, I see a guy playing soccer by himself. Gosh i love soccer. I used to be the number one starter on my school team. I wish I could go play with him. I think about it some more and come up with the answer, "Why not?" I get up and start to go over to him. He is dribbling the ball back and forth before kicking it into the goal. His back is turned towards me. I walk up and confidently say, "Having fun?" He turns startled at first. Dang he is cuuuuute! He has hazel eyes and brown hair that is messily styled to the side. Which is dang sexy! Oh and did I mention a beautiful smile? Cause he has one! "Yeah. I was quite bored so i decided to come down and play some ball." British accent! I guess I need to get used to it if I'm staying in London now. I reply, "I can see that. Well to be honest I'm quite bored, too. Mind if i join?" He smiles amusingly. "Sure. But only if you can handle a loss well." I smile back and say, "Hmm..I think i could handle it. But I wouldn't know because i never had to deal with losing." We both laugh as we begin to play. He stops and looks at me while tilting his head to the side a bit. I realize he doesn't know my name. "I'm Bethany Robinson by the way. You can call me Beth though." He smiles widely. "Nice to meet you Beth! I'm Louis Tomlinson. You can call me Lou though." He replies mocking me.  
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