My Love For Who

Beth, a young, confident girl, never had a liking for the boyband, One Direction. Never met them, never planned to, and never wanted to. But what will happen when she moves to London with her dad and meets a certain guy on the plane ride there? Will she confront her hatred to him? Will they meet again? Will her feelings change for them? Will teasing begin and competitions for love start? It can be hard to be around such friendly people and never grow feelings. Can she just stay friends..even with benefits? Or more..?


15. Movies

Authors note- Hey lovelies! Sorry I haven't updated in awhile. I dont know what i was thinking! I also have thought of a new idea for a new story. I only published one chapter but its just getting started. I'll be working on it more. The name is Irresistible. Read the description and favorite it so you can see when i add the next chapters! Love you all! xx.


  Beths POV: After breakfast I jumped in the shower and thought about things. I thought about Harry, then Louis, and then Harry again. I don't like to think that they BOTH like me. I wish just one. I'm not sure which one yet though. I have a feelings about one of them more than the other but I'll just wait and see what happens. So after i got out I went to the room i was staying in and put on a pink crop top with a black infinty sign and some black skinny jeans. I wore my white vans with it and let my long waves hang down. I then put on lip gloss and ran down the stairs to the boys in the living room talking and laughing. I go and sit down next to Niall. His laughter is very contagious and cute. Liam started a new conversation by asking what we're doing today. Harry thought of a good idea to go the movies. Louis of course screamed in excitement.

    Liam said, "I think we should watch monsters university." Niall agreed and so did Zayn.

  "So its decided! Monster time," Harry laughed while saying. "Let's load up the cars!" He said while pulling my hand. Harry and Louis were the two driving. Harry ran pulling me with him to his car. He stopped, hugged me quickly, opened the passenger door for me, patted my head, and closed it. He's so adorable. Running around to the drivers seat he stopped and waved over Zayn to come along. He jumped in the back and sang, "woohooo!" for some reason.

    Zayn had on a black hat that looked really cute with his hair curled out in the front. Harry's hair was flipped up in the front which was very attractive on him. Louis drove off real fast in front of us before Harry even started the car. Harry smiled at me while starting it. The radio was on and Best song Ever came on. One of they're new songs. They sang along to it and then made goofy faces while dancing real funny. We were laughing the entire way there. Once we pulled up Louis and the boys were already waiting inside with the tickets payed for.

   Louis had them in his hand  putting each ticket right in everyones faces saying, "Here ya go,here ya go," like a nerd to all of the boys.Hes such a dork. When he got to me he just pulled me to the entrance to the ticket guy. he gave him both of ours. We were just sitting down when everyone else were walking in with popcorn, candy, and drinks. Niall had the most but i guess got our popcorn and candy for us. Liam passed down our drinks too. We all sat down and The order was Louis, me, Niall, Harry, Zayn, and Liam. We all ate when the movie started. When the title shown up i heard a loud laugh. I looked over to see Harry bent over laughing hard with Zayn and Liam. He saw me looking and smiled big before looking at the screen. I kept looking at him until Louis pushed me back with his arm and hit Niall.

"Are you eating my candy?" Louis said frantically. "No, I would never!" Niall says in a way that made me laugh. Louis hits him again, "You're eating it right now! I see it in your hand." Niall laughs, "Thats a lie!" Louis then grabs Nialls popcorn and Niall whined and gave him his candy to get the full bucket. We laughed some then got back to the movie. Louis took out a milk dud and showed me that it looked like a heart. I took it out of his hand and ate it.

"You ate my heart.." he put his hand over where his heart would be and started breathing fast and heavy and then stopped like he died. "I guess Niall can have Lou's candy since he wont be able to eat it." I started taking the box when lous grabbed my hand. "No lovely, that's mine!" He took it out of my hand then started tickling me. I told him it was his and he quit. Which was good because it was hard to laugh quietly. Louis was fun to sit by because he mocked the characters. We were throwing popcorn in the air and catching it in our mouths when the movie ended.

Harry's POV: Once we sat down i ended up being by Zayn and Niall, which I was fine with, I'd just rather sit by Beth. But I wasn't going to let that bother me, Lou can have his time with her. I just hope he doesn't really like her because I really like her. I especially hope she doesn't like him more than a friend or else that would crush me. When i was thinking about that I got interrupted from my thoughts with Zayn hitting my arm to get my attention.

"You gotta try this," he whispered and nodded towards Liam. When i looked over, Liam was throwing pieces of popcorn over peoples heads attempting to land in their popcorn buckets. We all started doing it when Zayn threw one and it landed in some old Lady's hair. We started to laugh quietly. Then I threw one and it hit a woman and she turned around and started to blame the guy right behind her. Once she turned towards the screen again we all lost it in laughter. I laughed really loud but i couldn't help it it was hilarious. Once i started to catch my breathe again I saw Beths eyes on me. I smiled at her then looked at the screen. 

After the movie ended everyone started to get up but i made them sit back down. Once everyone was gone but us we huddled up. I said we should watch another movie, they all agreed. "We're going to watch the Conjuring. It's a scary movie and its right across from here. So be fast going over there so no one sees. We'll go one at a time. Let's go!" And with that i pulled Beths hand. I walked out and stood near the door in the hall to see if any workers were there. Nope. I pushed Liam for him him to go. He ran across, then I put my arm around Beth and we quickly walked straight into the room of the Conjuring. Now it was Me, Beth, Zayn, Niall, Liam, and Louis was last to come in so he was on the end. The movie was still playing the previews before so we had time to talk. 

"Are you excited?" I asked while she turned her head from the screen to me. "I don't watch many scary movies" She started twirling her hair. "Well are you afraid?" She tried to smile,

"Not yet, it hasn't started but I might get scared. I'm not sure yet." I paused and looked at her, "Well don't worry, if a monster comes to us we can sacrifice Zayn." Zayn leaned forward to look at me. "I heard that, and now if we have to choose who dies my vote will be Mr. Curls." That got a laugh out of her, "I love you too, Malik." I say sarcastically. 

The movie started and I was hoping it would be really scary so then Beth would need me to protect her. As it was starting I looked down at her and her eyes were huge and her knees were bent up where she could hug them. I chuckled at how cute it was. She looked up and gave me mad eyes. I laughed and put my arm around her. She snuggled up to me.

Beth's POV: The movie was just starting and i was already scared. I was a baby when it came to scary stuff. I was hugging my knees when i felt Harry's eyes on me and he chuckled. I looked up at him to see that he had a cute smirk on his face. I evil eyed him and he just smiled more and put his arm around me before looking back at the movie. I couldn't help but put my head on his shoulder and scoot in closer to him. I smelled a light cologne on him. It smells so good. I inhaled again to get another whiff. I noticed that smell first when he hugged me in the car earlier today. I loved that smell. It comforted me.

As the movie when on the scarier it got. It was during a really scary scene when I had my head buried in Harry's chest gripping his shirt tightly. He had an arm around my back and his other hand holding the top of my hand on his shirt. He rubbed my hand it was whispering, "It's all okay beautiful. It's just a movie" Throughout the movie we talked and he rubbed my back. Neither of us had any idea of what the main plot was about. We didn't care though. When it ended I was so happy he was there with me so I didnt have to watch it. He stood up and took my hand and i gabbed his back. He grinned at me and we stood there for a few seconds just holding hands and looking at each other.Until the boys all rushed us. When we got out of the theater it was dark out. We all went to the cars. Harry and I walked over there with Zayn next to him. He opened the door for me again and i sat down and  he slowly let go of me hand then closed the door. He walked around and got in the drivers side. On the way home Zayn talked about how he couldn't believe how scary the movie actually was and how Niall was shaking during it some parts. Harry just looked at me smiling and started rubbing my knee. This was a good day.

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