My Love For Who

Beth, a young, confident girl, never had a liking for the boyband, One Direction. Never met them, never planned to, and never wanted to. But what will happen when she moves to London with her dad and meets a certain guy on the plane ride there? Will she confront her hatred to him? Will they meet again? Will her feelings change for them? Will teasing begin and competitions for love start? It can be hard to be around such friendly people and never grow feelings. Can she just stay friends..even with benefits? Or more..?


2. Just My Luck


Beth's POV: Today is the day I leave my fun-filled life in Missouri to my new and awaiting life in London. I have grown up in Missouri and I will miss it but its for the best to get out while I am young. I am not a hick like many would predict me to be for being from "lil' ole Missoura." Its not like that at all. I have a tiny tiny tiny accent from being around SOME country boys, but people always say its kinda cute. I am very excited for London because of many things, including all of the fashion! Me and my friends have always been fashionistas. We love shopping, wearing the latest trends, and creating our own.  I sit up to the sound of my phone alarm singing 'I Want You Back' by Cher Lloyd, so I shut it off and get up. I wake up at 5:30 in the morning to get ready for the plane ride that leaves at 7.  I start the day with a shower to get refreshed. I get out and its now 5:47, so I get dressed. I wear a pair of pink Hollister sweat pants, tight white tank top, and gray Holli sweatshirt. i decide to let my long, blonde, hair stay naturally wavy. I also decide to wear no makeup because i have no one to impress..right? I go to my room and see it empty but a mattress and a few random meaningless objects. I already had most of my stuff sent to my dad's. I decide to go downstairs and make some breakfast. I have a bagel with jam..yumm. I get on twitter and see that there is ANOTHER trend about One Direction. I'm not a fan of them..I do like their music but that doesn't mean I like them. There is just something about them that screams cocky and arrogant. I don't really know what they look like or their names even..well except for Harry, but only because of this article I read about him being a player. Reading that just made me assume that they are all like that. Now the time is 6:18. I decide to wake up my mom and Ralph (her new hubby) Now me and mom are on our way to the airport. After a car ride full of tears, laughter, loving talks, promises, and much more, we enter the airport. We say our sad goodbyes and I leave. When I got on the plane I decided to listen to music on my IPhone  I was so tired but so excited for London! Yeah i am going to London! How am I not screaming right now?! Right when i was about to let out my excitement I heard someone else beat me to it. Since i am on a plane and i am the paranoid person I am, I immediately think we were being hijacked  I snap my head back and for a second I feel like just getting up and jumping off after seeing what was before my eyes. Harry freakin' Styles is standing in the aisle a few feet away from me talking to an overly happy flight attendant.
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