My Love For Who

Beth, a young, confident girl, never had a liking for the boyband, One Direction. Never met them, never planned to, and never wanted to. But what will happen when she moves to London with her dad and meets a certain guy on the plane ride there? Will she confront her hatred to him? Will they meet again? Will her feelings change for them? Will teasing begin and competitions for love start? It can be hard to be around such friendly people and never grow feelings. Can she just stay friends..even with benefits? Or more..?


1. Introduction

Hi, I'm Bethany Robinson, but I prefer Beth. I am now 17 and very open. To be quite honest I am a pretty liked person, from the view of friends, teachers, parents, etc. I am very confident and have high standards for guys. Sometimes that can be bad because I have major trust issues, too. One lie and its all over, that's my motto. But, sadly I am moving from a little town in Missouri to London. Yeah that is a BIG change. But I cant help it, its where my dad lives. His name is Alan and he is like my best-friend  We joke all of the time, he is the funniest person ever. Some people think hes scary because he is a judge..but I don't see it. I am going to live with him because my mom, Elizabeth, has gotten re-married and lets just say I do NOT like the ''replacement" family that has taken over a place I once called home..

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