My Love For Who

Beth, a young, confident girl, never had a liking for the boyband, One Direction. Never met them, never planned to, and never wanted to. But what will happen when she moves to London with her dad and meets a certain guy on the plane ride there? Will she confront her hatred to him? Will they meet again? Will her feelings change for them? Will teasing begin and competitions for love start? It can be hard to be around such friendly people and never grow feelings. Can she just stay friends..even with benefits? Or more..?


3. Fun Plane Ride..Fun?

So I guess in that short time of looking at him, he noticed because he winked at me. Which made me want to puke. Like for real. I just rolled my eyes and turned back around in my seat. Then the seat-belt sign turns on and as I start to buckle up, he sat next to me. Perfect. I look over to see him showing off his stupid cheeky smile in my direction. I couldn't help but notice how handsome he actually was though. DAMN he is hot! "No.. you don't think like that about him, he is your enemy," I tell myself. "Why hello beautiful," I hear Harry say to me in his cute British accent. "Um hi." I quickly replied. He smiles even bigger for some reason and says, "I was going to sit in a private spot, but then I noticed you looking at me and well I didn't want to let a fan down. So I decided to sit by you. I hope you don't mind-" "Oh I do mind actually." I interrupt. His smile disappears a bit, "Oh babe, don't play hard to get. It wont work. you might as well just give in now and just enjoy the ride with me." I glare at him, "First Mr. Big Shot, I'm not your 'babe' so don't act like I am! Second, hard to get?! how about hard to believe?! Because you aint ever going to fool me into liking you with that cheap smile and the flirtatious acts! Your just an arrogant prick who thinks he can get any girl in the world, but newsflash there is a lot more people who hate you than you think! So don't even bother because I'm not wasting my time with you! Sorry unlike the drunks sluts you take home, I actually have a working brain, and I've came to knowing how to use it." I smile at him and I see his eyes water up and his smile drop completely. He quickly moves his eyes to the floor and avoids eye contact with me. He stands up without saying a word, and walks away. Well now i feel like shhh. I might have went a bit overboard. I mean he was nice but didn't even know me for five minutes and was already hitting on me! Gosh I should NOT feel bad. Some one had to put him in his place...right? Wrong.

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