Being A Peazer

"The hardest part is being around him knowing you can't have him and he'll never want you."

That's how Rebecca Peazer feels about her sister's, Danielle, boyfriend Liam Payne. All everyone talks about is how cute they are. She's getting fed up with all of it. Will she choose to stay or leave it all behind and go where no one knows her?


4. Singing in The Rain

I woke up with a bump as the plane landed. I looked out the window and it was pouring down rain. I groan, great just great. I got up and steched my legs, Aleu yawned and followed me. I walked around the first class cabin and began to wake up my friends. They all groaned when they realized they had to get up. I laughed and plopped down into my seat.

"So when we get out of the airport we have to ride in the limo, check in with the hotel, unpack, then head to the stadium so the boys can rehearse, then we go back to the hotel, change, and go to a movie premier."Eleanor listed our schedule

"Ugh but I wanna sleep." Maddy whined and Zayn high fived her

"I want FOOD!" Leah shouted

"ME TOO!" Niall jumped up and shouted, waking up everyone else in the cabin."oops."

I laughed, I knew Niall and Amelia would get along. I looked over and saw Harry talking to Jessie and petting Darcy. I smiled, I'm an excellen matchmaker. Hopefully they will all work out! The flight attendant annouced that we could get off now, and I waited for the rest of the first class people to get off before Aleu and I. Once we were out of the terminal I saw Liam and Danielle holding hands and being all coupley. I shook my head and slowed down. Everyone was pretty much paired up except for me. I watched as all my girls and the boys got along. I was going to be the lonely one this time. We grabbed our luggage and walked out the airport to a bundle of screaming fans. Aleu whined and walked closer to me. I never needed a leash for her, I'd spent 2 1/2 years training her and now she's completley trained and loyal to me. The boys stopped to sign autographs and answer some of the paparazzi's questions. Zayn wrapped his arm around Maddy, Niall wrapped his aroud Leah, Harry wrapped his around Jessie, Liam did the same with Danielle, and Louis did too with Eleanor. I hung out in the back watching it all.

"So, who are you?" One of the fans asked me

"Oh I'm just another one of their friends." I smiled this fan had to be at least 8 or 9.

"Ohh then why arent you with one of the boys?" she raised her eyebrow

"Because they're isnt enough of them." I answered honestly and she nodded. I walked over to Maddy and Zayn,"I'm gonna walk to the hotel, I'll meet y'all there!"

"Are you sure? Do you want me to come with you? I mean its raing out." Maddy and Zayn argued with me

"I'll be fine I have an umbrella and Aleu. The directions are plugged into my phone." I responded pulling out my umbrella and opening it

"Fine but be carefull please!"Zayn said acting like the big brother I never had

"Will do!" I walked off and put my headphones in. Aleu walked along next to me under the umbrella.

I turned the corner and scrolled through my songs. I decided to click shuffle and leave it at that. The song that came on was I Wish by, well..., One Direction. I looked around to see if any of them followed me. I didnt see anyone so I decided it was safe to sing along.

Na na na na na na
Na na na na na na

She takes your hand
I die a little
I watch your eyes
And I'm in riddles
Why can't you look at me like that

When you walk by
I try to say it
But then I freeze
And never do it

My tongue gets tied
The words gets trapped

I hear the beat of my heart getting louder
Whenever I'm near you

But I see you with her slow dancing
Tearing me apart
Cause you don't see
Whenever you kiss her
I'm breaking,
Oh how I wish that was me

She looks at you
The way that I would
Does all the things,
I know that I could

If only time, could just turn back\
Cause I got three little words
That I've always been dying to tell you

But I see you with her slow dancing
Tearing me apart
Cause you don't see
Whenever you kiss her
I'm breaking,
Oh how I wish that was me

With my hands on your waist
While we dance in the moonlight
I wish it was me
That you call later on
Cause you wanna say good night

Cause I see you with her slow dancing
Tearing me apart
Cause you don't see

But I see you with her slow dancing
Tearing me apart
Cause you don't see
Whenever you kiss her
I'm breaking,
Oh how I wish
Oh how I wish
Oh how I wish, that was me

Oh how I wish, that was me

(Authors Note: When she was singing she changed he and him to she and her cause it related more)

A tear slipped down my cheek as I realized how true the song was. I wanted to be Danielle. I wanted to be the one he flaunted around town and to the paparazzi. The one he took home to his parents and they adored. I wanted him to love me like I loved him. I know it will never happen but its something I can dream of.  I wiped the tear away and hung my head. I didnt realize I there was someone in front of me as I walked faster. I ran smack into them and we fell to the ground. Aleu began to bark rapidly.

"Aleu kuwa na utulivu!"I said to her as I got up and brushed myself off. It was swahili for be quiet, she stopped barking and came over to make sure I was okay.

"What did you say?" the guy asked

"Oh I was talking to my dog, I'm sooo sorry by the way." I helped him up

"Its fine I was in a hurry too. I'm Travis by the way." He stuck out his hand

"I'm Rebecca, but most people call me Becca and this is my dog Aleu." I shook his hand and Aleu barked, responding to her name. This guy was extremley fit and had gorgeous blue eyes.

"Well Becca it was nice meeting you, maybe we could grab a coffee some time?" he asked still holding onto my hand

"S-sure, I have to go meet up with my friends at our hotel but here I'll give you my number." I let go of his hand and scribbled my number on to a sticky note in my purse.

"I'll call you tomorrow. Bye Becca, Bye Aleu." He took the sticky note and waved goodbye

I smiled and continued walking. He was nothing like Liam but I've got to move on. About 15minutes later I walked in throught the hotel doors. Everyone was sitting in the lobby waiting on me.

"I'm so sorry! I ran into this guy and we began talking and it was a long walk here!" I stammered as I walked over to them

"Its fine we're already checked in so lets head on up." Liam said and handed me my suitcase and we piled into the elevator.

Authors Note: Written By CarrotPrinceandPrincess on 10/7/12

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