Being A Peazer

"The hardest part is being around him knowing you can't have him and he'll never want you."

That's how Rebecca Peazer feels about her sister's, Danielle, boyfriend Liam Payne. All everyone talks about is how cute they are. She's getting fed up with all of it. Will she choose to stay or leave it all behind and go where no one knows her?


3. My Girls and Plane Rides

"Becca,wake up love!" I heard a voice say as I drifted awake

"urhgsjdghf" I groaned

"Was that even English?" I heard another voice chuckle

I opened one eye to see Zayn and Niall,"Ugh I'm up!"

"Well geez snappy, we'll just leave you here while we go on tour and then you'll be all alone!" I jerked up when Niall said this.

"NOOOOO! I DONT WANNA BE ALONE!" I  whined like a child and pouted

"Then c'mon, we're at the airport!" Niall laughed and they piled out of the car as Paul pulled out our luggage.

"Anyone know if my girls are here?" I asked checking my phone

"Oh, yeah Madeline called you while you were asleep so we answered it. She said they were here and she has Aleu." Zayn raised his eyebrow as he said this

"YAY! Y'all get to meet my  girls and Aleu is my dog. She's was visiting her "Aunt Sarah"." I did the qoutation marks with my finger as I refered to my eldest sister.

"Ohhh is that why you asked if we could bring pets?" Harry asked

"Yup,"I popped the P," is Eleanor bringing Pepper?" Pepper is Eleanor's Cairn Terrior and Aleu adores the smaller dog

"Yup, any other animals we should know about?" Louis asked

"Well Jessica, you'll meet her in a few, brought her cat Darcy!" I started to walk faster, I havent seen Aleu in forever, the girls too!

"YAY! A PUSSY..........CAT!" Harry shouted and people began to look at him funny

"So, why arent there any paps?"I asked

"Well its like 4 a.m. so they arent up yet." Danielle stated as if it wasnt obvious

"Oh really? Cause I thought it was 4 p.m.!" I said sarcastically and the guys laughed

"Grow up!" she snapped

"Make me!" I snapped like a little kid and stuck out my tongue

She rolled her eyes as all the boys laughed, well except for Liam,"Why am I the mature one?"

"I dont know why dont you ask all your haters."I know that was mean but she was beginning to tick me off.

"REBECCA! You know how sensitive I am about that! Why would you bring it up?" She acted like she was about to cry as we reached the girls.

"I dont know, maybe because you need to lighten up a bit!"I snapped

"The only one who needs to lighten up is you, your just jealous of me and you always have been!" she glared

"Oh please, calm your tits, I have nothing to be jealous about." I clenched my fist

"Oh really? We all know you dont have any talent and wish you were me!"She smirked, I knew if this didnt stop she was going to bring "it" up.

"I'd rather have no talent than be a stuck up bitch like you!" I snapped

Before I knew it I felt a hand slap my cheek,"The only one thats being a bitch is you, your lucky I asked the boys to bring you along."

My jaw clenched and my eyes filled with tears. She's never slapped me before, and she knows how I feel about being hit.

"Okay looky here Danielle, I'm not your little sister so I dont have to be nice to you. If you EVER slap Becca again, you will be in a whole new world of pain and hate." Maddy started to raise her voice, she was like the sister I never had.

Maddy and the other girls wrapped me in a hug as Aleu growled at Danielle. The boys stood there shocked and Danielle crossed her arms.

"Aleu kuacha"I commanded her in Swahili. Kuacha is Swahili for stop.

She stopped and sat by my feet. I patted her head and gave her a treat. We stood there in silence for a while till Eleanor walked up.

"Hey, why's everyone so tense?" She asked

"I'll explain later."Danielle wrapped her in a hug. Great she was gonna make me sound like a bitch to Eleanor.

"Oh, I forgot to introduce everyone," I mentally slapped myself for forgetting," This is Madeline, Jessica, and Amelia." I pointed to each girl as I said there names

"Nice to meet you girls." Eleanor, being the friendly girl she is, wrapped them in a group hug,"I'm Eleanor by the way."

They nodded, I walked up to the boys" And girls these are Louis,Niall,Zayn, and Harry!" I pointed to the 4 out of 5 boys in One Direction.

"We go by Maddy, Jessie, and Leah though!" Maddy informed

They walked up and the boys shook their hands. They already knew Liam from before he dated Danielle. After the introductions were through, we were called to board out flight. As we reached the terminal Jessi,Eleanor and I  got stopped.

"Miss, no dogs or cats allowed unless they ride with luggage." The flight attendant told us

"Well I cant go without Aleu,you see, I've got anger issues and she keeps me from loosing it." I replied and she let me through

"Now both of you cant have the same excuse so they go with luggage." The flight attendant pointed to where the luggage was going

Louis turned around,"They have special permission from the pilot and the guy who actually owns this company."

Her eyes widdened,"Oh, I'm so sorry Mr.Tomlinson, I wasnt aware of that." She let them through and we had to stop ourselves from smirking.

We took our seats in first class. We got lucky enough to all be near eachother which made it easier to talk.Aleu layed at my feet as Darcy and Pepper curled up on Jessica and Eleanor's laps.

"So, whats up Danielle's arse?" Amelia asked, Danielle had gone and sat as far from us as possible and Liam joined her.

"I have no clue, I'm so sick and tired of her though. She flaunts her dating Liam around like a gold medal or something." I sighed and propped my head on my elbow

"Ever since the "it" she's been a bitch to you!"Maddy stated

"I know!"Jessi chimed in

"Whats the "it"?" Eleanor asked


 Liam had made it through auditions and was headed to boot camp. I had gotten his number once he got off stage and we'd been hanging out every since. Once Simon formed them into One Direction, I began hanging out with him and the other members. I had just gotton home and Danielle sat on the couch waiting.

"Sooo, that Liam guy, he's pretty cute huh?"Danielle asked

"Yeah, he's really great" I blushed, she knew I liked him

"Look sis, I dont mean to sound harsh but you should find someone else. Liam only pictures you as a friend, its completley obvios"She snapped out of no where

"How do you know that?" I asked crossing my arms

"Because he's talented and going to be famous and your well.........not" she replied like it was obvious

"So? What has that got to do with anything?" I was getting annoyed

"Look you just need to back off and let me have him. He needs someone with talent and actually gets him." She blurted out

My eyes filled with tear, I knew she was right partially.

"Plus I'm your older sister and now I'm calling dibs, which you have to respect dibs its in the girl code." She smirked

"I..." She cut me off

"Just back off kay? I dont want you to have to get hurt"With that she stormed out of the room

The next day Liam called and I ignored it. I knew what Danielle would do to me so I backed off. A week later she began to flirt with him and within a month they were dating.

~End Flashback~

"So that's the what happened."Maddy finished telling Eleanor

"Oh my, thats awfull." She looked appalled

"Yeah I really liked him, and from what Niall told me he liked me too until I began ignoring him." My eyes began to tear up. I hated talking about it.

Eleanor hugged me,"I'm so sorry! But karma will come back to bite her in the butt."

I smiled,"Well with all this hate she's getting then lets hope so."

We talked about several other things before we all yawned. We agreed that we should sleep for a while since we'll have so much to do when we get to America. I plugged in my Ipod. I drifted off to Taylor Swift You Belong With Me.

So why can't you see? That you belong with me

Authors Note: Dont hate me for what I made Danielle  be like, She'll turn out nice in the end but sisters do fight so thats why I made her act that way! Written By: CarrotPrinceandPrincess on 10/6/12


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