Being A Peazer

"The hardest part is being around him knowing you can't have him and he'll never want you."

That's how Rebecca Peazer feels about her sister's, Danielle, boyfriend Liam Payne. All everyone talks about is how cute they are. She's getting fed up with all of it. Will she choose to stay or leave it all behind and go where no one knows her?


10. Day 2- Telling Anne

I woke up with a yawn and walked down the stairs. Aleu, as usual, was at my heels. As I walked into the kitchen I noticed it was oddly silent. Usually I could here Lily by now. Peeking around the corner I noticed a note on the kitchen door. Carefully plucking it off, I began to read it.

Dear Becca,
I'm so sorry I forgot to mention this last night, but today we have family publicity event. I would have invited you but you looked like you could use some rest. You'll have the Manor to yourself today. Well besides Brian and Anne. Feel free to explore as long as you don't get lost. If you need anything we've left our numbers on the fridge. I hope you have a wonderful day and we'll see you at dinner!
                                                                                                      With love,
Mrs. Brightmore

Folding the note up I walked into the kitchen. Anne was cooking some eggs over the stove. I slid onto the bar stool quietly and picked up the newspaper. Scanning the headlines for something new as she continued cooking. I spun around and tossed the newspaper into the recycling bin.

"Good morning Becca!"Anne chimed as she rinsed her hands in the sink

"Good morning Anne! How are you?" I  asked and leaned onto my elbows

"I'm fine sweetie, but are you?" She handed me a plate full of food, and sat down across from me

I shrugged my shoulders," I've been better....."

She raised an eyebrow at me,"Want to talk about it?"

"Can it wait till after breakfast?" I used my fork to play with my food

"Sure, how about we go on an afternoon walk and picnic?" she took a bite of her eggs

"Sounds great!"I stopped playing with my food and began to eat

After breakfast I headed upstairs to get dressed. I slipped on a pair of black jeans, white lacy v-neck t-shirt, and a red leather jacket.  Afterwards, I threw my hair in a messy bun and slipped on my black boots. I didn't need makeup to go on a picnic with Anne. 

Anne peaked her head in the door,"Ready for a walk and then a picnic?"

"Yup, let me just grab my phone!" I ran back into "my room", I guess, and we headed down stairs.

We walked most of the way in silence, both of us just enjoying the beautiful weather, which was rare here and back in England for that matter. Unfolding the blanket in my arms, I spread it out as Anne pointed to the perfect spot. I wasn't hungry yet and I didn't think Anne was either. Aleu barked, and I flicked my hand to get her to stop. She whined a little bit before laying down. I sat down next on the blanket, crossing my legs and folding my hands neatly in my lap. Anne sat down and placed the basket in the center.

"So, what's up? You don't seem your usual cheery self." Great, if Anne noticed the others would be able to as well once they got home. 

"Nothing its-" She cut me off

"Don't lie to me Becca."

I sighed, "Well you know Liam from One Direction, right?"

She nodded,"I've heard of him."

I sighed and told her our entire story, all the way up to today. She sat there listening intently and nodding. When I finished my story I shifted my gaze to my hands. Aleu rested her head on my knee and looked up at me.

"Promise you won't say a word to the Brightmores?"

"Now deary, why would I do such a thing? It's your story to tell, whenever you're ready to tell it. I'm so sorry you had to go through that. But if that boy can't see what a great catch you are then you might as well forget him." She reached out and patted my knee.

"I wish it was that easy Anne. He's special to me, I'd do anything for him." I reached over to the basket and began pulling some food out. I didn't want any of it going to waste. 

"Would he do the same for you though?" I didn't know how to respond to that, so I just began eating some food. 

We sat there in silence for a bit, eating what amount of food we packed. Aleu barked, letting out a slight growl. I heard a twig snap and I jumped. Aleu jumped to her paws, her fur bristling slightly.

"Who is girl?" I stood on my feet. Aleu dashed towards the sound.

"Easy Aleu, it's just me and Miles." It was Travis, Aleu still growled slightly.

"Rahisi msichana, yeye si kuumiza yetu." Which is Swahili for 'Easy girl, he wont hurt us'

She shook her fur and came to my side," Thanks Becca. I figured y'all would be out here."

I nodded as Miles came up to my side, "Hello Miles, how's it going boy?" I scratched his head

"So, my mom was going to take us out to dinner later tonight, you want to come?" Travis smiled and bent down to pet Aleu

I glanced at Anne, unsure if I should go. She nodded,"Sure, what time?"

"7ish? 3 hours from now." He tilted his eyebrows somewhat unsure.

"Yeah sounds good. That gives me enough time to shower and stuff." I put the plates and utensils into the basket as Anne folded the blanket.

"3 hours, yeesh you girls take forever." He teased

"Oh shut it." We began walking back. I had an uneasy feeling about dinner tonight. Though I shouldn't have a reason to, should I?



Authors Note: Hey everyone! I'm sorry it's been forever since I've updated. A lot of things have happened and it was crazy! But I'm back and the school year is almost over so I should be updating more. IF I'm not to caught up in Supernatural. Thanks for being loyal Carrots and not giving up on me! Love you all! Thanks for the support and comments. Also, I'm so sorry this chapter is short. I just didn't know how to get restarted into this story.

P.S: This link will show you Beccas Outfit

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