Being A Peazer

"The hardest part is being around him knowing you can't have him and he'll never want you."

That's how Rebecca Peazer feels about her sister's, Danielle, boyfriend Liam Payne. All everyone talks about is how cute they are. She's getting fed up with all of it. Will she choose to stay or leave it all behind and go where no one knows her?


6. Coffee and Voicemails

 I rounded the corner and wiped a tear from my eye. My phone vibrated and I pulled it out. Maddy Dearest. I hit the ignore button and continued walking down the street. Aleu stayed next to me as we searched for the nearest hotel besides the one we were at. My eyes scanned the signs when I saw a familiar face down the street. I ran and signaled Aleu to follow me.

"Hey Travis!" I shouted as I got closer to him

He turned and grinned,"Oh hey Becca!"

"Hey, so uh hows it going since the last time I saw you?" I wasnt good at small talk

"Pretty good but its only been an hour! You miss me that much?" He winked

"Of course I did! Your just so much fun to be around in the 5 minutes I've know you!" I sarcastically replied

"Gee thanks babe, so how about that coffee?" He raised his eyebrow and stepped closer to me

Aleu barked and I glared at her,"Sure but I need to find a hotel first."

"Oh what happened to where you were staying at?" He asked

"I uh got in a fight with my friend and I need a break..." I looked down at the ground

"Well, dont judge, but I think we have an extra room at my moms if you want..." He looked away as I looked up

"Sure, but wait you live with your mom?" I teased

"Yeah my sis and I do, its easier to stay there while I'm in college." He smiled and took my bag from me

"Give it back!" I shouted

"No I'm putting it in my car!" He walked towards the Nissan 370Z Coupe

"Woah this is your car?" I asked as I stared at the car in awe

"Yeah, whats wrong with it?" He threw my suitcase in the trunk

"N-nothing its beautiful!" I stammered

He chuckled and opened the passenger side door,"Get in then!"

"Ok wait what about Aleu?" I climbed in

"She can ride in the back." He shut my door and opened the one behind me and Aleu hopped in

"So where to?" I asked gazing around the car

"Well....Starbucks?" He slid in and started the car

"Sounds good, I love Starbucks!" I turned on the radio

"Haha me too! We're gonna be BFFS!" He squeled like a little girl and instanly reminded me of Louis

I giggled as LWWY came on.  I  groaned and turned it off the second Liam began to sing.

"What you dont like One Direction?" He asked with a fake shocked face

"No, its just...."Should I tell him?

"Just what?" He asked

Oh what the hell, I'll just tell him," Well actually my sister is actually dating Liam Payne and we're all really good friends......or were."

"Yeah suurrreee" He obviously didnt believe me

"I'm dead serious, here look!" I scrolled through my purse till I found the picture of Liam and I in a photo booth and he's kiss my cheek with his puffed out like a blowfish and I'm sticking my tongue out.

"Oh is this your boyfriend?" He asked hurt

I blinked away the tears," No thats Liam who's dating my sister."

"Ohhh sorry I didnt believe you." He looked at me with a light in his eyes

"Its fine most people dont." I put the picture away and turned back up the radio

We rode the rest of the way in silence. It was pretty awkward. I pulled out my phone and noticed I had 18 missed calls and 9 voicemails.

"Would you mind if I check my voicemails?" I asked

"No go ahead, I'm just gonna go through the drive through once your done." He replied

I typed in my code and began to listen...

First voice message from Maddy,

Hey babe, where are you? We read your note and just want you to come back. You dont even have to talk to Liam or Danielle. Just come back so we know your safe, love you girl!

Next Voice Message from Jessie

Hey hun, look I know your upset but we all want you back. Zayn and Niall are about ready to tear Liam's head off. We're all so worried about you! I love you and be carefull.

Third voice message from Leah

Doll, where are you? We really want you to come back. Niall and Zayn are flipping out. Maddy is starting to as well. Please call and let us know your safe, love you!

Fourth message from Eleanor

Hey sweetie, I understand that you want time alone. I've been there before but please let us know your safe at least. Pepper misses Aleu and I miss you! Love you both, call me!

Fifth voice message from Louis

As king of carrottopia I demand you to come back! I need the princess back, the kingdom is crumbling! So get your arse back here love, love you!

Sixth voice message from Harry

Its Hazza calling obviously and Zayn and Niall are flipping out. They look like they want to kill Liam. Get back here safe and in one piece, love ya babe

Seventh voice message from Zayn

Bloody hell! Where are you? I swear if anything happens to you I'll kill Liam. Please come back we need our Becca. Love you and get the hell back here

Eigth voice message from Niall

Nialler miss you Becca. I want you to come back, we'll make sure Liam stays away from you. Let me know what you decide, love you!

I sighed and knew who this last voicemail was coming from.

Last voice message from Danielle

 The boys are about to kill MY Liam! Your such an attention whore, I'm glad your gone. Hope to see you not too soon, I do love you......sort of. Bye

Well that shocked me, I guess Liam didnt really care about me. I bite my lip trying not to cry. I guess Travis could tell cause he reached over and rubbed my hand with his.

"So what type of coffee do you want?" He tried to change the subject

"I'll have a tall Chocolate Chip Frappe!" Those were my favorites

After he ordered our coffee we rode home listening to the radio. I kepy my lips pre-occupied with my drink so I wouldnt sing. No one knows that I sing and dance except my girls. We've all sworn eachother to secracy about our singing and dancing abilities. If Danielle ever found out she'd be pissed and then I'd suffer. So we've continued to keep it a secret, but only until the time is right. He pulled into a driveway with a high iron fence. He pressed a button and I heard a bell ring

"Hello Brightmore manor who may I ask is here?" I heard an Australian accent ask

"Hey Brian its me Travis, let mom know I'm home and have a guest." Travis replied

"Sure thing Mr.Brightmore, I'll buzz you in now." With that we heard a buzz and the gates swung open

My eyes bulged out of my head as we drove down a long driveway and parked infront a a huge mansion.(Authors Note: I picture the Biltmore House) My jaw must have dropped to the ground because Travis looked at me and laughed.

"You didnt tell me you were rich!" I exclaimed

"And you didnt tell me you were friends with One Direction." He argued

"Touche!" I gazed out my window at all the land, I heard a door shut and then saw mine open

"You coming?" Travis asked holding my door open

"Yeah are you sure Aleu is allowed to be here?" I asked glancing around at the fancy place

"Oh yeah we have horses and cows and pigs, and my sis and I have our own personal pets." He replied and let Aleu out.

She barked and came to my side. I got out of the car and went to the trunk. I pulled out my suitcase and we headed inside. Oh boy.

Authors Note: So what do y'all think so far? Comment and like please! It'd mean alot to me. Published on 10/10/12 by CarrotPrinceandPrincess.

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