To Prove I Am Something

I was 11 years old.I thought everyone thought I was nothing.The only talent I have is singing.I have 3 friends.What will they think of it.I am going to the UK X Factor.It is my time to shine.Will good or bad news be brought upon me?


4. Time for the Tryouts

I woke up early in the morning.I ate my breakfast.I took a nice warm shower.I did my hair.I put on my favorite sundress.It was a faint yellow with orange.I did a harmony braid for my hair.My golden hair shimmered in the morning sun.I walked out."You look amazing Kaileigh."Harley said.She gave me a hug."Someone is on the phone for you." I picked up the phone."Hello?"I said.It was my 4th grade teacher from last year."Good luck Kaileigh.You were awesome in the talent show.I know you will be great.I will be watching the show." "Thanks Miss Gilstrap." "Your welcome." I hung up.We got into a car.We drove to the x factor building. I am very nervous now.I was placed back stage.I held my microphone so tight,my knuckles turned white.I was almost screamed when they said it was my turn to go on stage.I walked up onto stage."Hello.What is your name?"asked Simmon."Kaileigh Hybarger."I replied."What song will you be singing?" "Skyscraper by Demi." I pointed toward her.Demi had a huge smile on her face."Ok.Go." I closed my eyes.I started to sing.All the judges (including Simmon) eyes got wide.Demi stood up.She clapped her hands. When I was finished,the judges mouths dropped."Did you no you have the vocal cords of a 30 year old healthy man?"Simmon asked."No."I said."Time to vote."Demi said.The judges looked at each other.At the same time they all said."Yes.You will be moving on to the next level." I jumped in the air."Thank you."I said.I ran backstage.I hugged everyone."See Kaileigh you are moving to the next level!"Harley yelled.Oh my God!!I can't believe this!

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