To Prove I Am Something

I was 11 years old.I thought everyone thought I was nothing.The only talent I have is singing.I have 3 friends.What will they think of it.I am going to the UK X Factor.It is my time to shine.Will good or bad news be brought upon me?


5. The Next Level

I was still in complete shock.Literally,I thought my jaw was going to break because I had made it drop so low.Inside my head I was saying,"This is just a dream.Right?" I was so confused.I kept pinching myself to see if it was a dream.I soon later knew this was real.I slept the through the night. I woke up around 3 in the MORNING!Stupid me.I sat on the couch in the hotel room.I was wandering what the second level was on x factor.I looked it up on the computer.It said it is at the part right before Simmon's house. In this round,the judges are harder.You are pretty darn lucky if you get to Simmon's house.I went ahead and took a shower.I straitened my hair today.I put my purple sundress on.I made me lucky charms to eat.I turned on the news.I was on it.This was what they said:

A 11 year old girl named Kaileigh Hybarger rocked x factor last night.She was amazing.She is American.But for a 11 year old?Wow.That is a great voice.

I couldn't believe my eyes.My phone rang.It was Kayde.

K:You were so good!I can't believe that you are going to the second level.

M:Yea.I can't wait for later today.

K:Good luck.


K:Your welcome.Bye.


I am ready for today to get rocking.

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