To Prove I Am Something

I was 11 years old.I thought everyone thought I was nothing.The only talent I have is singing.I have 3 friends.What will they think of it.I am going to the UK X Factor.It is my time to shine.Will good or bad news be brought upon me?


3. Off to the Uk

So I am going to UK.My friend Harley was coming with me.I am so glad that her mom is letting her come.I was nervous out of my mind.I was thinking what the heck woman?Are you CRAZY?!I looked at Harley whom looked pretty nervous too."So are excited?"Harley asked."No."I said sarcastically.Harley rolled her shiny blue eyes.We have just landed.We were at the hotel.Harley and I had a room to our selves.Thank God!Tomorrow was the day for the tryouts.I was so scared that I could puke.Maybe if I get a good night sleep,I will feel better.I closed my eyes.I couldn't fall asleep early though.My parents wanted to take me out to dinner.I was just afraid that I would be nothing.I kept that in mind.I guess dinner was ok.If even that.I had mixed emotions.Since Harley and I shared a room all by our selves,I was going to tell her everything I felt."Harley what if I am nothing?"I asked."You are a treasure Kaileigh.You need to step forward into this."Harley replied."I usually am treated like nothing." "Just open up into your heart.You will figure everything out soon.You are only 11.But what if you become famous?Will you forget me?" "I would never in a million years forget you.I bet you I would never become famous.I probably won't make it to Simmon's house." "You never know chickadee." "Lets get to bed." "Fine."I layed down on my bed.For about 20 minutes I lied awake thinking about tomorrow.What if everything goes bad?What if they hate me from the start?I have a lot of questions I am asking myself.Oh shut up already Kaileigh.I went to sleep.

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