To Prove I Am Something

I was 11 years old.I thought everyone thought I was nothing.The only talent I have is singing.I have 3 friends.What will they think of it.I am going to the UK X Factor.It is my time to shine.Will good or bad news be brought upon me?


6. Lets Get This On

Harley woke up around 7:30.She walked over to me."You are already up?" Harley asked in shock."Yea.I have been awake sine 3."I replied."Oh god Kaileigh." "Want to go down to the park near here?" "Sure.Lets go ask your mom first." We got up and walked down the hallway to my mom,dad,and sister's room.I told my mom what I was doing.Me and Harley walked to the park.People were starring at me.One small girl walked up to me and said,"Are you Kaileigh?" "Yes.Why?"I said."Can I have an autograph?I loved your singing." "Sure." The little girl even had a picture of me.I was like,"OH my god!They already have pictures of me?" I signed the picture."Thank you."The little girl said.She ran off to her mom. I guess it was a little weird that people already liked me.I mean,seriously! Why do they like me?Hmm......Oh well.Harley was starring at me too."Oh ok don't you start."I said."Fine."Harley said.We were finally at the park. I thought everything would go great.I thought I had time to relax.But I was painfully wrong.Remember those people I said that were starring at me? Well the kind of...Um like...FOLLOWED ME!"It is the great Kaileigh!Get her!"the crowd of people yelled.They ran into me.I felt a horrible pain.But someone got in front of all the people.He had blonde hair."Leave her alone!"The boy yelled.He was only a little taller than me.But I soon figured out by everyone screaming,that it was Niall Horan.Everyone listened to him and left.Niall turned around to me. "Are you ok love?"Niall asked.He helped me off the ground."Yea.I'm fine.Thanks for getting them away."I replied."Your welcome.So are you that girl that really rocked x factor last night?" "Yes.That is me." "I can't remember your name.What was it?" "Kaileigh." "Oh yea.I remember it now.I liked the way your name sounded." Harley walked up behind me. "Are you hurt Kai?"Harley asked."Nope."I replied.I was surprised that she didn't freak out when she seen Niall.But Harley has a thing.If one of her friends get hurt,she ignores the people around her."Hey."Niall said."Hi.Oh.Your Niall!"Harley yelled."Nice to meet you." "My name is Harley.We are best friends." Harley put her arm around me.Harley was shorter than me.She was 10.I didn't mind her being younger and shorter than me.Harley had a huge smile on her face.

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