To Prove I Am Something

I was 11 years old.I thought everyone thought I was nothing.The only talent I have is singing.I have 3 friends.What will they think of it.I am going to the UK X Factor.It is my time to shine.Will good or bad news be brought upon me?


7. 2nd Level

Niall smiled.I wish I was older.I have a huge crush on Niall."I will be watching you tonight on x factor.Bye."Niall said."Bye."I said.I almost fainted."Kaileigh don't you remember you super power?Ya know.When if your true loves kisses you on the cheek or something that you become their age so you can date him."Harley said."Shhh!I know.Maybe if I do become famous I will have a bond with the boys."I said."Lets go back to your house so we will be ready to go." "Ok.I have redo my hair." We literally ran back home.I did my hair.Harley got dressed in one of her plaid skirts and her favorite shirt that said,"Hugs not Drugs." She curled her hair. I don't really think she needed to curl her hair.Her hair was already curly. We sat on the couch.My mom dad and sister soon came in so we could leave.I don't know if I was still happy about seeing Niall or if I am really scared.We finally were there.I was really anxious to get to sing.Then they called my name."Ok Miss Kaileigh.What are you singing today?"Simmon asked."Numb by Usher."I replied."Alright go." I sang the best I could. Again the judges were in shock.They looked at each other.They all said I was fantastic."You will be moving to Simmon's house."one judge said."Thank you!"I said.I jumped in the air.I left the stage.Harley and I were jumping up and down."Dear there is someone people who wanted to meet you."my mom said.After she said that,One Direction walked over to me.I totally freaked.Yes I know I have already met Niall,but now I get to meet the other boys."Hi.My name is Kaileigh."I said."Nice to meet you Kaileigh.You already know about us.At least from what your mum told us."Louis said.Oh shoot!My mom told them everything.I looked at my mom.She smiled,then went somewhere with my dad and sister."You are a really good singer."Liam said.Harley walked away from us slowly.Then she ran.Oh great what did she tell them?!"Ok.What did my friend and family tell you guys?"I asked.Liam whispered what in my ear.He said about my power and me liking them. I was about already to kill them."Will you hold on a second?"I said.I ran the way they all went.I took a hold of my sister's hair and pulled her.Then I picked up Harley.My parents followed me."Ok what are you guys telling everything about my life to them?!"I yelled.The nodded their heads.I sighed.They boys smiled.

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