My Angel ♥

' I still love her with all my heart and I can't live like this anymore. Bella if by any chance you're reading this all I have to say is that we won't stop until we find you, Because you've been like an angel to all of us, but to me? You're My Angel, the one that was meant for me and only me. I love you with all my heart. ' Zayn tweeted that night before crying himself to sleep.


6. [[ 6 ]]

 ** Bella's POV ** - recording studio -
' Where's Hazza? ' Zayn asked me. We were waiting on Hazza and Lou to come out the dressing room. ' Ughh dressing room. What are they even doing?? ' I said. Suddenly Lou came out with Harry behind him. ' OH MY GOD ' I, Niall, and Liam said. Louis once again had straightened Harry's curls. ' UGH! ' Harry said flicking his hair. I giggled immediately.  He looked so freakin CUTE with his hair straightened. ' It looks great! ' I said hugging Harry. I felt Harry smile as they entered the recording room. I waved to Harry as they started to warm up. ' Okay Niall's voice is like soft so we need to bring that up. Zayn gets into his solos so we need to keep track of that. Harry's fine, Liam too, and Louis. He sings like an angel ' I said. I had a life as an assistant to a famous recording studio owner. I had to keep track of the artists and their progress. ' Since when do you know ' I heard Liam's voice say from the other room through his mic. I pushed the speaker button ' I had a life before I met you guys haha ' I said smiling. I saw Niall smile too. ' Alright so we'll start off with I Wish ' I said . ' Gotcha ' Zayn said. The music started and then Zayn started singing. ' Up ' I said moving a knob for tempo. [ I know how to work these things lol ] ' Ohh How I wish that waas me ' Zayn said . Now Harry ' He looks at you that way that I would, ' He began.. he was so into the song. ' Perfect! ' I said into the speaker when the song was over.  ' Take Five! ' I yelled. The guys just needed to record one more song and that was their new album Up All Night. ! ' Bella!! ' The boys sang. ' Yess ' I sang back. ' Come Sing ! ' They said smiling, I rolled my eyes playfully ' Fine ' I said stepping into the room with them. ' Alright, you know Forever Young? ' Niall asked ' Yeah Forever Young! ' Harry said. ' Love it ' I said putting on the headphones as the lads did too. ' Just sing Niall's solo, to test it out ' Louis said. ' Kay ' I said. The music started and Liam sang first ' Let's dance in style,Let's dance for a while,Heaven can wait we're only watching the skies,Hoping for the best but expecting the worst,Are you gonna drop the bomb or not?


Then Harry. And then it was my turn .... Keep Calm Bella. You can do this. !   ' Some are like water, some are like the heat,

Some are a melody and some are the beat,But sooner or later they all will be gone,Why don't they stay young? '  

I sang. The guy keeping track of the beats and tempo stopped the sounds and just stared at me. I felt my face burn ... Was I that horrible?? ' That .... was amazing ' He finally said. I let out a big bubble of air. THANK GOD.   ' But do you know any Taylor Swift songs? ' He asked. I smiled ' I love her! ' I said into the mic. ' You know her song Breathe? ' He asked. The boys smiled ' DUH ! ' We all said .  

Practically sing that song everyday! . ' Alright. Alright. Cause I'm thinking of you making an album of you singing some of 1D's songs and Taylor's. Your voice is perfect for both tempo's and beats. ' He said smiling. ' YAY ! ' I squealed into the mic while jumping up and down ' THANK YOU ! ' I said laughing. ' Welcome ' He said back. ' OKAY! Now I'm hungry so hurry up and record Stand Up and we'll be outta here! ' I said laughing giving Harry a kiss. ' Alright love ' he said smiling. I smiled back blushing. 

** Harry's POV ** 
' Make sure it comes out when our album comes out okay? ' I told the guy working the beats. ' Yeah iight ' he said. I smiled as I saw her coming out the recording room. She was testing out some material, Sounded more like already recording because she sounded incredible. ' Now can we leave! ' She whined as she got out the recording room, grabbing her stomach ' Yeah go ahead! everyone needs to be here next Monday to finalize BOTH albums ' He said laughing ' Yes! ' We all said. I grabbed Bella and gave her a kiss. Mmm something tells me she just bit into a gummy worm. I licked her lip as she giggled ' Hahaa, want some ' she said holding up her candy bag. ' I already got some '  I said giving her another kiss. ' Yo, we watched you two suck on each others faces for like half an hour already! damn ' Louis said throwing his beanie at us. We laughed as we kissed one last time. ' great news everyone @Bella_Loves_1D will be recording her own album! Yeah but it's just covers of other songs though. Mainly our songs and the incredible Taylor Swift. Yeah the producer says Bella has her voice. Ahhh gotta love our Bella haha . #Excited! ' I tweeted. ' I'm super excited!!! @Harry_Styles practically was drooling while I was testing out some material !! haha I love you babe! ' Bella tweeted. ' Love you too ' I whispered in her ear as she rested her head on my chest. I heard her giggle. God she has the most adorable giggle ever. ' It's gotta be youu ' I cooed. ' Onlyy youuu ' she cooed back. Hahaa. She was amazing. 

** Zayn's POV **
wow ... I can't believe it. Bella recording an album? She always wanted to sing too. Haha. She's super excited too. 'And I can't breathee without you ' She cooed at Harry laughing. I can't LIVE without you ...  I wanted to tell her. She was my everything .. and now Harry had her ... Why, just why. Did you have to leave me. I made a mistake in life. I know that ...I just breathe without you. I just can't . You taught me to be strong but it's hard now! I stay up all night thinking about what we used to have while you snuggle up on him. You don't see what I see. You got my heart and you don't know that! I miss you so much Bella ... I really do . I always thought she would come begging to have me back but I guess she really did move on. I can't let her go like this.! I want her back!! But how.... How was I gonna get the girl of my dreams back?  Or do I just have to admit that she's gone forever ... haha I have been talking to this girl for almost a month now. She's really sweet too.  Her name is Star. She shines like one too . I don't know, I'm torn between the two but I'll see how it goes with me and Star.. Maybe it'll start to get interesting after a while. Maybe, just maybe



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