My Angel ♥

' I still love her with all my heart and I can't live like this anymore. Bella if by any chance you're reading this all I have to say is that we won't stop until we find you, Because you've been like an angel to all of us, but to me? You're My Angel, the one that was meant for me and only me. I love you with all my heart. ' Zayn tweeted that night before crying himself to sleep.


5. [[ 5 ]]

** Harry's POV **
I couldn't open my eyes, I just sat there. I tried and tried but i couldn't ! I kept thinking about Bella and how she was. All I remembered was when the car hit me and her and then everything goes blank. I felt someone touch my arm, their hands are soft as a baby's hand ' Do you think he can hear me? ' I heard a girl's voice say. It was Bella's! I felt like screaming in joy. She kissed my cheek and rubbed my chest ' Please wake up Harry. please let today be that day. please ' She said. Let today be the day? What?? How long have I been sleeping? ' Niall. I can't take this anymore it's been 2 months since the accident ! He's been in a coma for 2 months '  Bella said crying. WHAT THE FUCK ?!?! COMA ? 2 MONTHS!?  Why have I been in a coma for 2 months??! Oh yeah! the car accident . Okay Harry Edward Styles, you must wake up. NOW! I tried opening my eyes but I couldn't ... I just couldn't. WHY! .. I felt Bella rest her head on my chest her tears running down her face, her hand intertwined with mine ... I had to wake up now .... for Bella. I put all my thoughts aside and I thought about Bella .. it seemed to be AGES before I slowly started to feel my fingers move ... I slowly gave Bella's hand a slight squeeze. I heard her gasp . 

** Bella's POV ** 
I cried on his chest, he'd been in a coma for two months already. Why couldn't he wake up? Why! I just layed there crying and then suddenly ... I felt a slight soft squeeze on my hand.. I looked over and saw his hand moving. HARRY! ' Harry ? ' I softly said looking at him. My heart instantly skipped a beat when I heard ' Hi Beautiful ' come out his mouth ' Harry! ' I said giving his a kiss. He softly kissed back. I missed his kisses! It's been two months oh my god! ' I missed you so much Haz ' I said hugging him as he sat up ' I missed you more babe ' He said giving my forehead a kiss. I loved him so much, I just couldn't imagine losing him <3 . ' @Harry_Styles Woke up today from his two month coma! This calls for celebration everyone! He's perfectly fine everyone . He says Hi ! :Dxx '  I tweeted. I took a picture of Harry and tweeted it too ' Hahaha, isn't he just a cutie pie!'  I said. ' Yes you are ' I heard Harry whisper into my ear. I bit my lip as he kissed my neck ' Harry, it's a hospital! ' I said giggling . ' Who cares, can't I kiss my girlfriend? ' Harry whispered as he sat me on his lap kissing me like never before. I loved him even more than ever. ' Whoaa! This is a hospital ! Stop all the mushy stuff ' Louis said coming in the room. He laughed as he gave Harry a high five. '  Caught @Harry_Styles and @Bella_Loves_1D making out on the hospital bed xD! haha Sorry for the scare mates! xx '   Louis tweeted ' LOUIE ! ' I yelled at him. Louis is just plain embarrassing at times. I don't know how Eleanor deals with him haha. 

** Niall's POV ** 
' Anyone else hungry ? ' I asked coming into Harry's hospital room. Harry was busy signing the check out papers and Bella was hanging out with the rest of the lads. ' SUBWAY! ' Bella and Harry said at the same time ' JINKS! ' Bella said poking Harry's bum. Harry jumped alittle ' ONLY ! I can do that to Haz ' Lou said ' Sorry pretty boy he's mine now ' Bella said sticking her tongue out at Lou . Bella was so funny haha. ' Mate, your hair is fine! ' I said to Zayn who was fixing his hair again in the mirror. ' Ugh ' Zayn groaned . We walked over to Subway since it was just across the street. ' HURRY UP ! ' Bella yelled before jumping on my back. ' YEAH BUDDIE ! ' I yelled giving her a high five. Hazza jumped on Louis' back and Zayn jumped on Liam's. But of course me and Bella were winning. ' VAS HAPPENING ! ' Bella yelled getting off my back as we got to Subway first. She gave me a high five as we ordered some food.  ' I'll have that, that, that, ohh that! omg that too! ' Bella said pointing to almost everything they had ' That's my girl! ' I said giving her a high five ' Sorry Nialler she's mine ' Harry said smiling ' You know what I meant Haz ' I said back punching his arm.  ' Thought so ' Harry said winking at Bella before kissing her. ' Thank you ' Harry said recieving the food. Bella immediatly attacked him for her food ' Thanks Love ! ' She yelled as she ran out Subway. ' BELLA! MY FOOD! ' I yelled. She had my food!!! Grrrr! She's so mine now ! 

** Bella's POV **
Shit! I took Niall's food too! I'm so dead now. ' Hello ' I heard a voice say behind me. ' AH ! ' I screamed but turned around to see Niall ' Holy Shit! Don't do that! ' I said to him ' Don't take my food then love ' Niall said kissing my cheek and taking his food. I blushed and I turned around and sat on the ground as I began to eat my food. ' Save some for me ? ' Harry said. Hahaha he was drinking a usual Mango Smoothie from Starbucks. I handed him a piece of my sub and I took a sip from his drink. He sat beside me as we watched a little girl and her mom feed some geese. That reminded me of my mum ... me and her used to be like that. Before she left me. I felt a tear roll down my cheek, I quickly wiped it away with my hand. ' What's wrong? ' Harry asked pulling me into his arms ' Nothing .. ' I said smiling . ' Come on love, just tell me ' He said kissing my forehead. ' I just... you see that little girl with her mum ? ' I said pointing in their direction ' yes ' Harry said nodding ' that's how me and my mum  used to be. Everyday we would go to the park and play. She meant everything to me in the world. and then one day I woke up and I couldn't find her anymore. She never came back. She left me at the age of 15 alone in the house. ' I said crying. I rest my head on his shoulder ' oh my god, that's horrible Bella. Why haven't you told me this before? ' Harry said as he cupped my face in his hands ' I ... i dont know ' I said. Harry sighed slowly and then he looked into my eyes ... next thing I knew Harry was kissing me. His tongue begging for entrance. I smiled as I gave way. Kissing him back . I loved him so much <3 

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