My Angel ♥

' I still love her with all my heart and I can't live like this anymore. Bella if by any chance you're reading this all I have to say is that we won't stop until we find you, Because you've been like an angel to all of us, but to me? You're My Angel, the one that was meant for me and only me. I love you with all my heart. ' Zayn tweeted that night before crying himself to sleep.


4. [[ 4 ]]

** Zayn's POV ** 
I dropped everything I had in my hands. I was startled by the sound of screaming and car noises '  HARRY, BELLA.! THE CAR ' I heard Louis scream. I quickly ran out the shopping center to see what all the screaming was about. Just as I got out, I saw a car, it had crashed into 4 other cars. And then I saw Harry and Bella, they were on the ground just lying there not moving, not breathing... ' Oh my god ' I said stumbling backwards ' CALL 911 ! ' I Yelled to Liam and Louis, I had left my phone in the mall. ' Yes,! they're not breathing!!! They're bleeding alot please just hurry ' Liam said after giving them the address of the mall. The ambulance arrived shortly after that. ' Can I please ride with her? ' I asked. I seriously didn't want to leave her side, even though she practically hated me.  ' Yeah sure ' the paramedic said. I held Bella's hand. I couldn't stand to see her like that, blood all over her and she was just lifeless ... ' 1 .. 2 ..3 Clear! ' The paramedic said. The pulse monitor slowly started to beep. ' Bella ?? ' I asked looking at her, she slowly opened her eyes ' What happened ? ' Bella asked barely audible for me to hear. She groaned as she tried to lift up her arm ' No sweetheart, don't move. You might have broken your arm ' the paramedic said slowly guiding her arm down. The paramedic came over to me ' Would you mind... signing this for my daughter. She loves 1D ' he said softly, I smiled ' yeah ' i said signing it . I felt my phone vibrate in my pocket. It was a text. 

Text Message from Unknown Number: 

You should have saw her face when she saw my car coming, hahah priceless.
Harry got in the way, so he got what he deserved too. Have a nice day Bradford xx. 
I suddenly felt the urge to punch anything in my way but I had to be calm about this. FUCK THIS HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO BE CALM WHEN SOMEONE JUST TEXTED ME ADMITTING THEY TRIED TO KILL THE LOVE OF MY LIFE AND HER BOYFRIEND!?!? 
Text Message to Liam:
Someone just sent me a text admitting that they tried to KILL Bella and Harry. Liam, I'm freaking out over here. Please help.
Text Message From Liam:
Oh my god really?!?! That's horrible, I'll get the police on this, but please forward that text message to my phone 
So I can see if I know who sent it. 
I sent Liam the message and he quickly responded .. his answer just scared me, alot. ' Perrie ... '  I stood there staring at the text from Liam reading it over and over again. ' Perrie ' I said. I had dated her for a while and we haven't talked since I dumped her in the U.S. 

This was just a filler, sorry haha. I'll update probably tomorrow since I'll be staying at my aunts wifi-less house XD . 
Sorry lovies <3 Love you guys! 


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