My Angel ♥

' I still love her with all my heart and I can't live like this anymore. Bella if by any chance you're reading this all I have to say is that we won't stop until we find you, Because you've been like an angel to all of us, but to me? You're My Angel, the one that was meant for me and only me. I love you with all my heart. ' Zayn tweeted that night before crying himself to sleep.


3. [[ 3 ]]

** Harry's POV **
I smiled. ' Exactly how I meet this chick ' I said . ' Did not Harry ' Bella said punching my arm, ' Harry as in Harry Styles? ' The young man asked. I nodded yes. ' My sister loves you ' he continued ' Oh that's cool ' I replied. He nodded and smiled. ' Bye Haz, bye Bella. I'm hungry ! ' Louis said running towards Liam, Niall, and Zayn at the food court. Me and Bella left the store hand in hand. ' So, you wanna eat, or shop some more? ' Bella asked, her eyes so pretty and blue. I intertwined my fingers with hers, ' Shop til we drop ' I said. ' Yeah Buddie! ' Bella said out loud giggling. She leaned in a kissed me again, god i love her kisses. I wrapped my arms around her waist as we past the boys on our way to a Converse Store. 

** Liam's POV **
' Mhm ... ' Niall said looking at Zayn ' What? ' Zayn asked. ' Couple Alert ' Louis said. ' No ' Zayn said looking at them in the store. Bella was all lovely dovey around him. Bella used to be like that around Zayn. I bet it was killing him on the inside. Really bad. ' Dude, i could care less ' Zayn said sipping the last of his Caramel Frappe from McDonalds. Bella came out the store on Harry's back, she seemed even more happier with him than when she was with Zayn! Uh Oh !!

** Zayn's POV **
How?!! Why?!! She's just WANTING to break my heart. If that's what she wants, it's working 100% -____-
That whore. Ugh why would I call her a whore?!!? I love her ! Harry is definitly not gonna get her, he's not taking her away from me.
Oh great, she comes out the store on his damn back ! .... why ... why does she seem so happy with him ? She seems happier.  What is it about Harry that girls just love ?!?! . I'm the badboy over here! I'm sensitive too !. ' Hey Guys ' Bella says as she comes over ' Hi ' I quietly say. I can feel everyone's eyes on me ' What ?! ' I say ' You talked to her .... and you guys aren't fighting ' Niall says. I roll my eyes and go buy another Frappe, I need coffee and sugar. ' Hey you go ' Harry says feeding Bella a gummy worm. ' You've got something on your nose haha ' Bella says giggling, she stands on her toes and she licks the sugar bits of his nose ' you're trying to tease me right ? ' Harry says smiling. ' Is it working? ' Bella responds. I'm officially grossed out... that's just eww.  

** Bella's POV **
' whateva ' Harry says in his cute accent. God he's adorable ! ' Bloop ' I say poking his dimples while I sit on his lap ' Bleep ' he says poking my stomach ' Ahh! ' I said, almost choking on my gummy bear. ' Sorry love aha ' Harry says. ' It's gotta be youuuu ! ' He cooed. ' Only youu ' I sung back. ' Love your voice cupcake ' Harry says kissing my chin ' Thank you pookie bear ' I say smiling. 

** Liam's POV **
Haha they have nicknames for each other, that's cute. I look over to Zayn, oh god his eyes. They look like they're about to explode. -__- Poor Zayn.  
Text Message; To; Zayn
Liam: You alright Mate?
Zayn: They have nicknames for each other, ugh.
Liam: Yeah, it'll be fine mate. Just you see . xx

** Louis's POV ** 
' So what else do we not know about Bella? Other than how well you sing. ' I say. ' Well ... I can play the piano. I usedto play for 8 years. ' Bella said smiling licking leftover sugar off her thumb. ' Wow! ' Liam says. ' That's basically it haha ' Bella said laughing. Suddenly a cell phone goes off. ' I think it's Zayn's ... yeap ' I say grabbing his phone. ' It's a text ' I say.
Hey Babe, it's Perrie. Wanna come show me a good time tonight;D XOXO 
' Zaynie Boo, it's Perrie ' I say, Zayn immediately comes running over to read the text ' Don't know you ' Zayn texts back. ' Who's Perrie? ' Harry asks. ' I don't know, she's been texting me for 3 days and I've never met her! ' Zayn says. ' Haha watch this ' Bella says grabbing his phone.' Hi, this is Zayn's girlfriend. Bitch back the fuck off my boyfriend before I personally go beat your fucking ugly ass. I don't care who the fuck you are '  Bella texts Perrie ' Danng, can't wait to see what she says back ' Liam says after she shows everyone the text. Even Zayn couldn't hold back the laugh. ' Shut up she texted back ' Bella said grabbing the phone .
' Oh, sorry love. I didn't know he was in a relationship. Well in that case I just wanted to say that me and him have been dating for around 2 years now '  Bella read the text out loud. ' TWO YEARS ?!!? ' Everyone yelled at Zayn ' I THOUGHT YOU SAID YOU DIDN'T KNOW HER ' Niall said practically choking on his sandwich. Bella started wiping the tears from her eyes ' two years? ' she said before leaving. ' Please tell me you started dating that whore after you and Bella broke up ' I told him. Zayn bit his lip nervously ' You just lost all respect from me ' I told him after that. Harry ran up after Bella ' Bella! Bella ! stop please.! ' Harry said grabbing Bella by her waist ' He cheated on me with that whore when we dated 2 years ago! ' Bella said crying. Harry wiped the tears from her eyes. ' Babe, look Zayn is just messed up for that. Okay. But you still have me ' He said before kissing her. 

** Harry's POV **
Like Taylor Swift said....  ' Sparks Fly ' . That kiss sealed out relationship forever <3 . ' HARRY, BELLA.! THE CAR !!! ' Louis yellled but it was too late. I felt my body smash against something hard like glass, I heard something crack, I heard Bella say something. It sounded like ' I love you '  ... what happened .... 

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