My Angel ♥

' I still love her with all my heart and I can't live like this anymore. Bella if by any chance you're reading this all I have to say is that we won't stop until we find you, Because you've been like an angel to all of us, but to me? You're My Angel, the one that was meant for me and only me. I love you with all my heart. ' Zayn tweeted that night before crying himself to sleep.


1. [[ 1 ]]

** Zayn's POV **
I sat in my room, today was the day that me and Bella broke up a year ago. Because I cheated on her .... ' It was a mistake ' I said to myself staring out at the beach. I loved the house, it was right there on the beach so I can just stare out and amaze myself. ' Bradford, Breakfest ' Bella said, her voice with no emotion. She still hated me for cheating on her. I acted like I hated her too. ' Shut-up ' I said back getting up ' Don't tell me to shut-up! ' She snapped back, I rolled my eyes. She looked gorgeous when she's mad. ' When are you two ever gonna stop fighting!?! ' Harry said eating food ' When the whore finally shuts up ' Bella said, I just sat there everyone's eyes were on me ' What !?!? ' I said. I hate it when they stare at me, it's creepy. I put my head in my hands as I got up going to the living room. ' You guys really need to calm down ' Niall said coming over to me, and patting my back ' I'm tired of fighting with her, I just ... ' My voice trailed off ' You guys hate each other so much gosh, just stop talking to each other ' Niall said ' Fine ' I groaned. 
** Bella's POV **
I hated Zayn, he hadn't even said sorry for cheating and ever since he's made my life hell . But there's a little spot in my mind that just can't stop thinking about him.... it keeps reminding me of the feelings I used to have.. ' Earth to Bella! ' Louis said waving his hand in front of my face, i snapped out my thoughts ' what ' I asked ' What do you think about going shopping today?? ' Louis asked .. my eyes got wide ' HOLLISTER! ' I yelled high fiving Nialler . ' Yes! ' Niall said. I glanced over at Zayn, he was on twitter, i guess. He barely gets on. Only like once or twice a month basically ' I CALL SHOTTGUNN! ' Niall yelled running towards the car. I bumped into Zayn on the way out, I rolled my eyes as I pushed past him. ' bitch ' i heard him mutter. ' whore ' i muttered back, hoping he heard me. It hurt to hear him call me those names.. it really did. 
** Zayn's POV ** 
I can't stand her called me a whore, I made a mistake! Everyone makes mistakes!! I sat behind her in the car, she listened to her iPod. I peeked to see what song she was listening to ... More Than This ... I felt my heart drop as she skip the song as soon as it got to my solo. 
To: Liam [ Text Message ]
From: Zayn 
                                        She hates me, completely ....

Liam was the only one who knew I still had feelings for Bella .... the ONLY one . 

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