X-Factor Dream

this isnt anything i dreamt it to be... its so much more.

im just a normal girl from the outskirts of Washington DC. but right now im about to walk out on to the stage and sing in front of millions for the biggest audition of my life...

Im Jocelyn-Rae Adams and this is my story.

(this story have some x-rated chapter)


8. chapter 8-

i pulled the dress all the way on i forgot i'd need help zipping it "will you zip me?" i walked over to a shirtless harry. i turned and waited for him to . " NO" his strong arms turn me around as i face him. " what? just. happened." he looked into my eyes as if he was trying to find something he had lost. i looked into his green eyes. i felt it again.  the space between us was growing smaller "no, harry!" i protested against kissing him. i couldnt let this happen again and expescially not with Harry Styles. i actually wanted to cry.     have you ever looked at someone and knew this is the start of something new? like Troy and Gabriella in high school musical did!? now i know what it feels like but i didnt want it, thats the last thing i wanted. the last thing i needed right now. "harr-" i was cut off by harry's lips. i didnt stop him and i didnt stop kissing him back. in fact, i started in deeper. the way his lips made me feel was like nothing i had ever felt before. i wanted this feeling more and more. i never wanted to stop. but i had to stop for my own sanity "Harry." i said into his lips "NOW... Zip me! PLEASE" i turned around he didnt hesitate.    "we better get going..."  "yeah i guess" he spoke quietly.  he seem just as taken back by this whole thing as i am. "im sorry about erm.." i said before heading to the door  "hey the night not over yet?"  he winked and i left harry in the locker room. I saw the group standing already mic’d up. I snuck up on them "guys, ready ?!” I said hugging Liam and Louis.  They all turned to me “where have you been?” “We’re on in 3 minutes” baylee said handing me a microphone  “sorry! nervs?!?!” I lied  "and look …. where were you?” Zayn said as harry walked over.  I  didnt have to turn around to see who was coming. i actually had nervs but is was caused by him? "HARRY" louis called out.    Harry walked right to me and kissed my forehead” mhm niall she does smell good” all four guys eyes widen “YOU TWO!!!!” Zayn shouted. I pressed one finger to his lips“shhhh….” I whispered. I shot harry a look , i hit his chest.“what I didn’t say anything” he said. ” so are you guys dating” baylee said I shot my head to be face with 5 questioning eyes “NO!” we shouted in unison “go get mic’d up... ass-wipe!” I pushed harry away.  “good luck” I said to the other boys before walking away to my marker ” wait up…” baylee called “what happened” she asked as we waited to go out and announce the boys ” nothing! We just messed around its not a big deal… we didn’t have sex” I snapped ” hey I’m not judging you.. no one is” she hugged me "bay, i might be falling for a tool like him...” i cried “HAY! The guys were talking about some after party, lets go...it will get your mind off of everything!” I smiled. It had been so long since I’ve been able to party and drink since the show.   “The next performance got their start on the UK  X factor... when they entered all as 5 solo artist” Baylee read ” 2 years later, they have a #1 album in 16 countries, including america. their album debuted number 1 in the states... making history as the first international band to ever do so.” I paused as the crowds screamed “okay okay so here they are here tonight to sing their hit song What Makes You Beautiful..... ONE DIRECTION”. Instead of going back to our seats we decided to stand in the front row and enjoy the show. We giggled when the boys looked our way. We were getting crazy looks from all the stuck up celebrities that probably thought we were weirdo groupie fans but that wouldn’t stop us. Louis pointed us out during zayn solo.    I watched as they sung. Me and baylee started dancing and jumping around. This was unbelievable, I had spend the day with my favorite band and now I’m at the teen choice awards rocking out to them. And I’m so close to winning x factor I can taste it. “bay… bay this is a moment I will never forget” I smile at her but I don’t think she could hear me over the music and everyone singing along. She stared and pointed at the stage. “Baylee! What’s Wrong” I turned to see Harry walking right to me he reached his hand out and i immediately grabbed it. The crowd went wild and so did the boys on stage” Baby, you light up my world like no body” he sung looking right into my soul it felt like. I knew i was crazy.”the way you flip your hair gets me overwhelmed” I sung touching his curls the fans in the audience when crazier.I just giggles ” but when you smile at the ground it ain’t hard to tell you don’t….Don’t Know Your Beautiful” we finished off in unison and Harry doing his signature jump. I reached my hand out for baylee to join me on stage…. she did. Each guy had about five females around them singing along and dancing with. “And That’s What Makes You Beautiful” Harry sung and hugging one of the fans. the light dimmed and we all cleared the stage. The fans returned to their seat after getting each boy to sign a item or taking a photo. Few of the fans said they voted for me and asked if I was dating harry “Ha-ha no… One direction are going to be on X factor this week” I smiled and she seem pleased with my answer. The fire storm of rumors would starts soon I knew it but their was nothing to worry about. “That. was. amazing.” I ran over to the boys, now that all the fans had left the backstage area. “You were great” baylee said to niall he just blushed. “So do you wanna get out of here” Zayn asked “ party!” Niall shouted. I chuckled ” let’s go… that was so much fun” I leaked arms with zayn and walked out with niall,baylee,Harry,Louis, Liam. Paul said “Alright Lou and Liam your car is the first one. The others the second van is your for the night” I looked at Louis and Liam. “Where are you clowns going” I said “ The girlfriends are jet lag so we're going to stay with them for the night” Liam said. “Will they be at the studio this week” I said hugging Liam “they’re leaving in the morning” Louis said before kissing me on the forehead “awe boobear… you still have hazza” I laughed then got in the van. I didn’t sit with harry this time I sat with zayn. He was easy to talk to, and it seem like he was on the same high I was on right now. “here lets take a picture” zayn called out everyone huddled together for the picture *Click* we looked at the photo “awww…harry really?” I said staring back at the photo. Everyone smiled except for Harry. He sat in the back. “har-” “WE’RE HERE” the driver cut me off. Zayn helped me out of the car. We walked the red carpet and stopped for a few photos but not for long. “Baylee… i think harry is mad about something” I turned to her as we made our way in the club."well go find out"she said as niall pulled her ahead. Tonight was going to be fun, no matter what i want to get shit-face drunk.  We were V.I.P tonight and the club owner said drinks were on the house. "SHOTTTTS!"i screamed racing zayn to the bar. "you better not be a light weight" i said to zayn as the bartner pourd our drinks. me and zayn took 3 shots at the bar "Hey can you just get us your strongest drinks and bring it to our table" i shouted to the man behind the counter .we went back to our table feeling confident. their were tons of girls up here and all of them wanted to be sitting in my seat. our drinks came a few minutes later "DRINK UP HAZZA" i handed him a beer and 2 shots. he took to shots in seconds and sipped on the beer "thats the spirit....hey thats chick checking you out" i smiled at him.  he just looked pissed " whats wrong" "nothing... and i dont need your help picking up girls... i can have any girl i want in here!" he got up from the table and made his way over to the blonde in the corner. 

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