X-Factor Dream

this isnt anything i dreamt it to be... its so much more.

im just a normal girl from the outskirts of Washington DC. but right now im about to walk out on to the stage and sing in front of millions for the biggest audition of my life...

Im Jocelyn-Rae Adams and this is my story.

(this story have some x-rated chapter)


7. chapter 7 -


“We have to go get ready” Liam said looking at all the guys. “you can’t leave us” I said “are you nervous,babe” Louis ask. I nodded yes. “Don’t be!” Louis leaned down and kissed my forehead “thanks Lou” i smiled up at him. “Your hands are so sweaty” harry called out. i was so nervous I hadn’t notice that I was holding Harry’s hand. I pulled my hand away and rubbed it on the fabric of the sofa. “So I’m just freaking out, you guys go ahead, break a leg” I stood up and hugged them all. Harry,Liam and Zayn kissed my cheek as they passed. As we sat their knowing our award was next I tried not to think about it.    “And the winner is…X factor ” I stood up and hamed it up hugging baylee. And we both left for the stage ” oh my gosh… Simon couldnt be here tonight so he sent his favorite girls” I joked and the crowd actually laughed at my lame attempt to be funny “thank you all for voting and watching the show…ummm thank you” I said backing away “thank you so much” baylee spoke and waved. We were told where to exit and were  met by the boys wearing Black and White “someone a good actress”niall said I ran into zayn’s arm “ugh I’m just glad its over” I said. ” we go on in 45 mins ” Liam said ” I’m going to go find Danielle … Louis your with?!” I watched them walk off in search for their girlfriends. A part of me was dying to meet Danielle and Eleanor but I didn’t want to be too pushy. The five of us remained niall and baylee were whispering to each other. Me and zayn talked about our favorite shows. I found out he watched a lot of the same shows like Spongebob and Good Luck Charlie. Harry tried to join in but he was busy getting his foundation touched up. I watched as the make up artist finished ” how long do we have left” i asked one of the crew members “about 30 mins Ms.Adams” I chuckled that he called me ‘Ms. Adams’. “alright… I’ll be right back” I pinched Harry’s butt as I passed. i could see him processing if he should follow. I winked at him and  he started after me. “Ay ! Harrr…. where you going?” niall shouted. I was out of the boys sight but still in Harry’s I turned around and looked at him seductively “no where! I erm  left my phone somewhere?!” He said and continued in his steps I saw a locker room. No one used locker rooms but the backup bands. I walked in “Hello? Helloooo! Anyone in here?!” I jumped when I heard the door lock and turn around to see Harry locking it. I ran into a passion kiss, “30 minutes?” I said as he kissed my neck making me moan as his giant hands felt my breast “Harry….” “I knew you wanted me!” He said in my ear strangely turning me on. he unzipped my dress and it fell to the floor. i stepped out of it. i looked down at my body immediately trying to cover it. "whats wrong?" harry asked as he pressed his body into mine. i could feel his hard cock through his trouser. "nothing"i leaned in to his pink lips. i pulled is jacket off and layed it on top of my dress.  i kissed on his neck as i unbutton his shirt. harry lifted me by the bum. he sucked on my nipples causing me to let out a moan. we hadnt even gotten below the waist line and i knew it would only get better. why was this so good? this was the most passionate make out session i had ever had. Practice Makes Perfect?! thats it, i bet harry had sex with every girl he sees, for fuck sake he was just with remi today. Remi. Remi. Remi. Remi he almost had sex with remi today case closed.    I tapped his shoulder “let me down…” i asked he did.  i just stepped away and stared at him. "Babe? what is it" harry said  "I. Dont. Know... this is wrong!"  i shook my head.  "you... you... you just screw with girls all the time, i dont want to be thought of as 'just another notch in your bed post'. " "did you just quote Fall Out Boy" harry chuckled.  "ehhh this is so fucked up." i was better than this. if we had sex, harry would get what he wanted all long. i couldnt let him win.  i couldnt just have meaningless sex, i was that type of girl. but im not anymore.  " im not asking for love, but is it too much to asked to mean something to a guy anymore"i said  harry backing him in to the wall.   "WHAT?" he said.  " im not doing this... i dont do this shit.... this wasnt smart....  this was a dumb idea, im just going to go i'll meet you out there." i muddle to myself as i walked away from him.  " You know what?" harry asked sweetly "what" i said as i rushed to get my heels back on. i dont remember taking them off. "you never gave me a chance... your afraid of falling in love with me? arent you?" he cockily said with that smug smirk was plaster across his face.  "no!"  i said trying to believe that myself. i finished placing my heel on and stood up" no... you should be more worried about falling in love... with. me." i backed harry into the door wearing nothing but a black thong. "i dont love you" his answer sounded just as much of a lie as mine did. "and neither do i" we stared at each other for a moment. " than what are you STILL doing here jocelyn" his husky voice said.  "i cant love you harr-"  "shhhh Jocelyn" harry moved the loose curls out of my face. i closed my eyes at his touch his warm hand warm the side of my face  "kiss me"spilled across my mouth and harry jumped at the chance.  it felt as if time had stop the second our lips met. he pulled away for my lips and my insides begged for  more. "do you hear that" he whisper  "Hear What?"  "shhhhh"  "HARRY STYLES. HARRY STYLES. HARRY STYLES" a voice from the hallway yelled. i looked at his watch we had to be on stage in about 5 min "Shit" i grabbed my dress "what was all that" i think he was just as confused as i am about what just happened.  i threw harry his shirt " here. hurry up. we have 5 min til we both have to be on stage"  "no. no. no not that ... what just happened here?" he said "A Mistake." i bluntly answered. i could tell that wasnt the answer he was hoping for. 

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