X-Factor Dream

this isnt anything i dreamt it to be... its so much more.

im just a normal girl from the outskirts of Washington DC. but right now im about to walk out on to the stage and sing in front of millions for the biggest audition of my life...

Im Jocelyn-Rae Adams and this is my story.

(this story have some x-rated chapter)


6. chapter 6 -

just before we got  to the red carpet we were told that me and baylee would be walking down alone and we would be doing mostly interviews. at that moment i felt sick i never knew what they would ask or how to answer. "jocelyn-rae? Jocelyn-Rae Adams" i heard "x-factor won for best reality show" i nodded not knowing what that meant as i was about to walk away i heard "so you and baylee will be accepting the award on Simon cowell behalf.” I smiled and started walking to the hair and make up crew for last minutes touch up. My heart was racing “I don’t wanna go on stage” I said to baylee as we got our touch ups. “Why? we do so well infront of the cameras”bay said sarcastically.”I know right” I mocked “but seriously, this is huge and its not really my award” I said as we finished. “Just say thank you and walk away, whatever you do, just. don’t pull a Kristen Stewart” we laughed.I took in a deep breath “you ready?” I smiled. We hugged the boys and promised to meet them inside. “We are seated together, sillies” Liam said as we hug. “Thanks god!” ” you two have your own loveseat” Louis said “we’ve hit the big time” I joked and hug Lou. As I went to hug Harry he pulled me in super tight “sit with me? babe” I let go and rolled my eyes “maybe” i said. “Baylee, you ready” the guys waved us off and my eyes were glued to harry. We had a team of handlers that took us around, first to the ‘photographers’ but they felt more like paparazzi. They were screaming at us to turn here and look there and do this and do that. The lights all shining in my eyes all at different times. As we finished this post ” this looked fun on TV” I said aloud “doesnt it always” the PR said as the handlers giggled. they were a cool group of people too. they all looked around 23-26 years old. “now you have 5 interviews, I'll find out if they want to do them together or have you guys one by one.” She said before walking off “so how was it” baylee said “I can’t see shit” I said blinking my eyes like crazy “oh come on, how was HE” she nodded her head to someone over my shoulder. I turn to see the boys working the cameras. full boy-band status. I just smiled as harry and my eyes met. “You sat behind me…I heard the panting” I felt my cheeks getting hot “its was … great” I tried to hold my excitement but she was like my best friend. We both laughed. “Do you, think anyone else knows” I asked “I don’t know their boys if they do they don’t care” I smiled over at them this time I caught the eye of all of them “bay, their talking about me” i panic. “No.Their. not. ooooh Kay maybe they are. but its only a one night thing. ” i turned back around and nodded trying to fake smile. “GIRLS” our assistance called. we met her “this is seventeen, they have questions for Jocelyn-Rae ….baylee your over at sugarscape and then ya’ll will switch.”she smiled and walked off. These seventeen questions were boring they asked about the things everyone else had. I just smiled and gave them all these bullshit answers. But I was just so excited to get to talk to sugarscape. its sad I bet baylee didn’t even know why sugarscape was the bomb-dot-com.  


Seventeen Magazine: hows its feel to be on XFactor? And to be close to the finals?  Me: its really is crazy to think about where I am, it feels like I just audition yesterday. But still so much has happened. 

SM: how is it living in the houses? Me: its great! I always wanted to go to a music camp. And that’s kinda what its like. We hangout and dance and sing its a great time.

  SM: what are you going to miss when the shows over?  Me:I’m going to miss going to the x factor studio and the crew ‘the family’ and bunlce simon. 

SM: Well thanks for stopping by and we hear your presenting tonight, Good Luck with that.   


I walked over to the assistance “I’m presenting tonight too” I cried. I could feel my breathing change. “It was last minute. ONE DIRECTION said for you girls to do the intro… can you let baylee know thanks ” said pushing me to my next interview.  

Sugarscape: hi Jocelyn-Rae Adams, you are the first directioner on XFactor… hows that feel?  Me:Wow that’s a big honor but yeah I am a directioner!  I knew this would be fun and I laughed 

SC: who's your favorite member?  Me: your kidding me right? i could never pick a favorite! 

SC: they are guest stars on the show this week? what has that been like? the first thing that popped in my head was me and harry's fight earlier, and how much he wasnt what i expected. Me: uhhh i can't say! ha-ha Nah, they're great i met them all this morning. they are cool guys ! its great to have them on the show,i mean seeing them come together on UK x factor 2 years ago and now them being apart of the US xfactor working with me its just all so crazy. i blushed at the realilty of my wildest dreams happening; Singing in-front of millions and having fans and all the great stuff i've been giving. and meeting one direction?!


SC: Really? what are they like?  Me: yeah well like i said, i just met them like 12 hrs ago really! and most of the time i've been trying not to attack them AGAIN hahah but they are pretty much what you hear, for most part. Niall is a sweetheart, and the way to his heart is food and jokes. along with lou, boobear is the perfect name for him. zayn is amazing to me ive been working with him most of the day. liam isnt as serious as i thought his just as cheeky and funny as the other 'LADS'. i finished with a smile hoping she didnt notice i skipped one.

SC: and HARRY?  oh. she did. Me: Harry... Harry... is just harry?! you know how he can be?! trying not to go any deeper. and i had watch ton of sugarscape interviews, and i knew lauren and harry flirted alot and i thought to myself they must be hooking up off-camera . now knowing styles i wouldnt put it pass him. 

SC: so do you all get along well? Me: yes! im really looking forward to tonight with the boys *smile*

SC: well thank you. and i'll find out what the guys have to say nice about you   

she joked as i hugged her and made my way to the other interveiws. me and baylee had now done all 5 interviews, which most asked about One Direction and my obsession with them. i lied through most of the questions about how nice and great everyone and everything is at the X-factor house. Honestly most of the friends i had made in the house had been sent home. i was really hoping to get the title 'America's Sweetheart' everyone loves america's sweetheart. guys. girls. young or old. "im ready to get wasted" i said as we sat in our assigned seats. "After Party?" baylee giggled "so are you a little excited about seeing the boys perform live, i know i am" she asked. "i was! until i heard we're doing the intro for them" i answered "what?" she said "the boys personally asked for us to do it" i rolled my eyes and baylee did to. i hate being on stage if i wasnt singing and so did baylee. baylee had her country twang made it worst and people would always be teasing her about it. so i've learn to deal with it. stepping up and talking more in front of groups of  people. "i'll do it! dont worry"i said patting her on the back "hey babes" Liam voice came from behind of us. i stood up and hugged them all again it had been about 30 to 45 mins since i had last seen them but i would take every advantage i can get to touch them. i hugged them all and them leaving a kiss on my cheek. "you smell good babe" niall said winking at the other boys" thanks i took my monthly shower yesturday" i joked and raised a eyebrow at the weird comment "no she doesnt" harry said.  i turn my head as i had already pass him. "thats rude" i said taking my seat back next to baylee. "uhh jocelyn- rae adams" i heard harry called  "what may i do you for, Harold Edward Styles" i mocked in a british accent "Harold, is not my first name! come here" he said i rolled my eyes and crossed my legs showing him i wasnt moving. i knew he still wanted to sit together but i wasnt going to, just cause i wanted to have sex tonight didnt mean i would jump at his becking call. i watched harry give bay a look and they soon switched seats "ugh" i moved further away. baylee sat next to niall and zayn. Liam and louis had left to go meet their girlfriends in the fan seats. "oh babe dont be like that" he ran his hand up my leg. i slapped it away "dont" i said "dont you know... i smell" i mocked his accent. " its not what you think, its a guy thing" harry said but i didnt really care,i wasnt mad "Okay!" "Okay?!" "ooookkkayyy" i smiled at him. "i just want to enjoy tonight, harry okay everything is fine" i said. "oh you will " he winked. Liam and Louis made it back just in time for the show to begin.   we sat there as the show went on. this was my first award show it was a bit weird. everyone knew everyone or  at least they tried. during the breaks a few cameramen walked around taking picture. "and can i get a picture of the couples?" he shouted in a thick new york accent at me and harry. "C'mon blondes join them" he snapped the picture. "uhh we're not a couple... We're All Just Friends" i tried to put on my sweet all american look. "hey sweet tits i dont care this photo will sell for big bucks, im just doing my job" he said before walking away. i stood up out of my seat "SWEET TITS" i said aloud causing him to stop "dont disrespect me like that you fucking pig"  i sat back down the boys and bay looking in shock "what?" i snapped "nothing... " they all said in different tones. i just laughed " AHH! he was asking for it" i mocked the camera man accent when someone walked up to our seat " Hey we are goin to need -" a male voice called " im so sorry, i didnt mean it. Please dont kick me out im so. so. so. so. soooo sooo sorry" i rambled out before the man could speak "hmmm okay. we need one direction backstage"

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