X-Factor Dream

this isnt anything i dreamt it to be... its so much more.

im just a normal girl from the outskirts of Washington DC. but right now im about to walk out on to the stage and sing in front of millions for the biggest audition of my life...

Im Jocelyn-Rae Adams and this is my story.

(this story have some x-rated chapter)


5. chapter 5-

“You are something else” I rolled my eyes and went to hit the lobby floor button, but was stopped by Harry’s body “move it” I said. “Come on” he said then throwing me over his shoulder. “Put me down you fucking perv,this is how you get your rocks off your sick”I cried and kicked and hit as he continue to walk to a room. He didnt say anything but I could tell he was enjoying this. I wasn’t going to let him have his way with me. He might be stronger than me but I wouldnt go down without a fight. He reached the room and I was prepared to fight as hard as I could. “now look” he said placing my feet on the floor. i slapped him and kneed him in the balls and watched him double over in pain. he grab his cheek and covered his privates, when I heard a unison gasp and knew we weren't alone. ” you crazy bitch” harry cried. I turned around to a room full of people,even baylee and the boys.”oh my god,Im sorry harry”I turned back around to face him. I don’t know why and but I hugged onto his neck and kissed his cheek. “I’m soooo sorry… I didn’t know…. I’m sorry…. why didn’t you tell me…. you should really gets some ice for that” he just nodded and walk into the bathroom. I ran over to baylee and hugged her.”why did you hit him” she laughed “I dont know…he told me he got a room and I thought something else” zayn,Liam,Louis,and niall doubled over laughing “oh classic” niall said laughing the loudest “that cheeky bloat” Liam said. I still felt bad but It was still pretty funny I joined in with a slight giggles when I heard a husky voice “yeah laugh it up” harry walking in with a bag of ice on his crouch. “Oh my” i said laughing hard at the sight of him.”seriously what your issue” he said sitting on the sofa and placing his feet on the coffee table. I walked over to him and whispered seductively “I’ll make it up too you” his eyes widen. I smiled at myself, I knew how big of a tease i could be. i also felt bad he was actually being nice to me back at the studio and then setting this up for me and baylee. He wasn’t being a jerk and I attacked him. He looked up at me “what?!” I knew what he was thinking. I angled myself so only he could see my face and shot him a look ‘play along’. ” oh I was just having a bit of fun,don’t be such a prude.” I sight in fake disgust ” babe I could really loosen you up” he wink and gave my butt a squeeze. “Looking for round two ah?” I walked away toward the other that were trying to hold there laugh. “Are we all getting ready here ” I asked. “Yeah, we got your measurements from the studio and Caroline our stylist” niall said pointing out the woman in the corner. “picked out a few different outfits for you and we hired a hair and make up crew. we'll be out here waiting for you I notice that niall only looked at bay,and both their cheeks were turn rosy “okay?” I smiled at the other boys and they smiled noticing the same chemistry I did. “Thanks guys! This is so sweet” I said hugging them all besides harry,who was still sitting down. When I reached Louis he said ” Simmie told us to take care of you guys and show you a good time so we are” he smiled “we havent been to any real parties” baylee said still making googlie eyes with niall. "come on, baylee niall will still be here when we get back" i said trying my best to sound like a mother or school teacher. zayn and louis laughed, i was glad they thought i was funny. "yeah niall its okay your girlfriend is going to be okay" liam said pulling them apart. i pulled bay into the other room and caroline followed with racks of clothes.    "this is for us" i shouted. "sorry... Im Jocelyn-Rae,pleased to meet you" i said shaking caroline and the other young ladies hand she looked a little bit older than me but not much older." Caroline... and this is my Assistant lauren” “hi” I smiled politely. Baylee and them did the same routine. “So we have a few pieces for you to try on” Caroline said pulling clothes off the racks and throwing them to Lauren. Caroline was a bit of a diva but what fashion stylist isn’t. “NOW…. go go” she pushed us both into a bathroom. We tried on dress after dress. Judging for each other.me and baylee were too different body type. Bay was about 5’11 and had the body of a high fashion model;flat chest and all. I was about 5’8 and had curves with a flat stomach; but at what costs. I wanted to look sexy tonight I normally went for the 'sweet girl next door' look but tonight I knew what I wanted and he had curly hair and a British accent. I smile as I put on a sexy club dress. “Hot damn,you look hot” bay said as she tried on another dress. “thanks,but you dont think its too much” I asked as i smooth the dress down. baylee answered “No, its a one night kind of dress” I smiled at myself ” good cause this is a one night deal” I said. ” can I try on shoes” I leaned out the door. “Wait what is” bay asked. I sigh preparing to tell her my evil plans “I’m going to have sex with Harry”I smiled when I heard a knock at the door ” thanks” I took the shoes from Lauren. ” what has possessed you. What the fuck Rae?” She laughed hoping I was joking. I wasnt the one to sleep around “but its Harry styles, I’ve been fantasizing about long before the show and he wants me. So I’m doing it. plus he leaves and i’ll never see him again. Its a win-win” I said waving my hands up and down like a balance beam. ” well here, use this then” she said pulling out a condom. “I’ll give it to Harry, tonight in the party” I smiled. ” what about you and horan” I asked. she smiled back “is he going to get lucky, tonight ?” “No not tonight “she smiled mischievous. “Ahhh I see hard to get” I joked sitting on the counter as baylee picked through the same dresses again. “I can’t choose” she cried. I jumped off the counter and picked up the dress I thought looked the best on her,and niall would love. “We looks like some high class Hollywood sluts” I said mocking baylee southern roots. ” we both laughed and walked out to see what caroline thought. “No too much, here put this on” she demanded. I was a bit upset. after all that she had already had dresses in mind. And they were a bit boring like my other event dresses. But we did look hot. Baylee had a push up bra along with her teal bondage dress. I wore a long sleeve black dress. "hair and make up" caroline called into the other room. 4 people rushed in with cases and started curling and pluking at me and baylee. after about 30 minutes "already then" caroline said opening the door to the boys.     They were all dressed really smart in their own way. Lou with striped shirt and his braces, Niall wore chino and a polo, zayn in a blazer and jeans with reading glasses, Liam wearing a button down and a vest, and harry in a white tee and a black blazer."wow" " you look beautiful "liam and zayn were the first ones to see us walk into the room. the other boys eyes followed. the way they looked at me made me feel sexy and confident. this was the hottest boyband in the world they had seen millions of girls and i was the one getting this type of reaction. " So you like?" caroline said walking in behind us. Harry stood up and started barking. “UGH!" i said rolling my eyes and walking to the full lenght mirror "Down Boy" louis shouted patting harry like a dog. " so where is this party at anyways" i asked "well its not really a party" niall said as he tried not to stare at baylee's body. it was cute they were like school kids together. i shot them all a worried look. "its more like a... Red Carpet?" zayn said. "which red carpet?" i knew there was only one red carpet event going on to night but i didnt think i would get to go. "Teen Choice Awards" Liam said. "WHAT?... I'M...We're Going to the teen choice awards with One Direction" i awkwardly laughed. "yeah, X factor is up for a award and so are we, and we have to perform tonight too" harry  said  i smiled. i was speechless "are you ready, you both look great" louis said. i shook my head 'yes' as baylee hooked arms with niall. on the ride there i couldnt help but smile. "so tonight?" harry whispered in my ear "not now, harry" i said low, so no one else could hear. "but when?" he questioned with a smirk on his face. i felt his hand going up my dress. i didnt stop him, i just smiled at him then looked forward. everyone else in the car were in talks with each other and didnt noticed harry's actions. harry lean to kiss me i moved the other way and he pulled back. but his hand contintued, he rubbed over my thong. i felt myself getting wet and i knew he could to. i wanted to moan but i didnt make a sound i just smiled. when louis asked "are you excited?" me and harry head popped "uhh... yeah?" i stuttered out i could feel harry smiling. his hands moved my thong aside and ran his long fingers up and down my slit and he slowly ran circles around my clit. i left out a little moan. when i caught myself i followed it with a sigh "are you oka-" baylee turn around  and asked "yeah im fine! im fineee... im just really happy to be here it just feels so good" i laughed  harry start moving his hand faster he was really good at this. "awww jocelyn we're all glad to have you arounddd" he inserted a finger causing me to grasp. "hey you guys work really hard... we just want you to enjoy tonight" niall smiled. "yeah, just sit back and  enjoy the ride" harry said forcing a second finger in my opening. everyone went back to talking about the teen choice award. harry picking up in pace, i bit my lip trying to contain my moans. i was close to my climax " harrry..." i whisper he knew what i wanted and he started going faster. we were in the back row of the van so no one could see, but at this point i honestly didnt care who saw. it felt so good. i turned to face the window and covered my face with my right hand. baylee and niall and paul sat in the row in-front on us and Louis Zayn Liam sat in the front row. "oh my god" i cried as i reached my climax. everyone head turn to face me, harry just sat looking out of the other window "jocelyn, are you okay" he said acting as he didnt know what had just happen. i just laughed it out "i just cant believe this is happening, sorry guys?!" they all gave me a werid looks but soon turn back around. they proly all thought i was crazy by now. harry pulled his fingers out "thanks for that" i winked "anytime, babe?" he leaned over to kiss my cheek "no" i rasied a eyebrow. "fine" he said "fine" i mocked . he shot me the same look i did him  back at the studio. 5 mins later " We're Here" the driver shouted paul stepped out first. me and harry we're last out being we were in the back ,i stepped out seeing all the cameras "ay styles, payback " i winked and walked away making my way to baylee.

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