X-Factor Dream

this isnt anything i dreamt it to be... its so much more.

im just a normal girl from the outskirts of Washington DC. but right now im about to walk out on to the stage and sing in front of millions for the biggest audition of my life...

Im Jocelyn-Rae Adams and this is my story.

(this story have some x-rated chapter)


3. chapter 3-


“That was amazing” Savan and Brian congratulated me on a good rehearsal. Brian waved for baylee to get on the stage. “Jocelyn, you free to go” I nodded and walked off. All the guys waved besides harry of course. I left and went to grab a bite to eat and took the food to my dressing room. I sat in my dressing room alone for awhile when boredom sat in. I heard a knock at the door, I leaned over opening it ” hello” without looking to see who it was. “Oh my god niall and savan told me about your diva freak out” baylee walked in. ” Ha-Ha it wasn’t that bad. Plus IT’S WAS REMI. Give me a break” I huffed. “oou oou someone jealous” she said teasingly. “Im really not! We’re all just so close I can’t let him or anything get in my way.” Baylee shook her head, she knew I was right. ” how was your rehearsal time with them?” i asked. She went on to tell about her voice cracking from nerves. “It happens… don’t sweat it babe” I said pulling her into a hug “yeah. Their waiting for us in the rehearsal rooms.”she said and we left. ” bay your in Room-A” they had split half of the guys up for this week female duet “Jocelyn,Room-B” mike, the other producer said. I walked into the room with camera men following me to only be met by “Zayn and Harry” I said aloud not enthusiastic to see harry styles. “CUT” mike yelled. Zayn and Harry sat at the piano. “Rae, you have been talking about how you’ve been dying to work with these guys all season and this is your reaction” mike said. I blushed knowing that they heard that I had been talking about them like a crazed fan. “Lets try that again!” Mike said walking back toward the door.I looked over at zayn and Harry,mouthed a ‘sorry’ and closed the door. “5… 4 … 3… 2… ” I opened the door “AHHH, OH MY GOD” I screamed before running and tackling harry to the ground as zayn looked down onto us. ” ugh get off me” he pushed me off him. I laughed as harry was visibly angry.    “Real mature,Really? real  MATURE” harry said. zayn reached out and pull us off the floor laughing along with me. “Did you get your shot!” I said annoyed with this whole set up, looking directly into the camera. “Yeah?” Mike said unsure. But he knew not to make me do it again. “Hey,so this week your going to be singing Kelly Clarkson” zayn said grabbing the sheet music. While harry gave me the death glare. I didn’t blame him the fall kinda hurt my back too. But I wouldn’t show it. I notice him rubbing his butt and turning his face. “oh come on hazza it was just a joke. ‘I’m Sorry’. okay? Feel better?!” I said not meaning it and he knew it. “Dont call me that, I'd feel better if you kissed it…” he smirk. Ugh his smugs little smile was something of my dreams, but now it just made me wanna hit him. “ No,Thanks ” I rolled my eyes then sat back down next to zayn at the piano. We had been working on this song for hours now, and harry just texted what I except to be another stank;like remi. Zayn was a great mentor he was teaching me how he does those ad-libs but harry didnt speak much or at all. I would remember to at that into my show interview. “Can’t we take a break” harry interrupted. “From what? Your not even doing anything” I snapped. “Jocelyn can we have a min” zayn said as he got up from beside me and pulling harry over to the corner. I don’t think they knew I could hear everything.   “What the hell” zayn spoke first. “I know she such a -” harry glared back at me. It was like he was trying to burn my soul “no bro. You! So what, She doesnt like you…but we’re here for Simon and if she doesn’t make through this week his going to have it out for the whole band.” Harry just nodded. He knew zayn had a point,it would look bad. everyone was expecting me to win this season.”she’s a cool girl, and you can’t deny her voice is amazing” zayn defended me. i wanted to let out a sweet 'awe'. “okay, okay! ” they did that awkward guy hug and harry left. “What’s going on” i asked “oh well he wasn’t much help,anyway?” Zayn said before pressing play. The next hour was great. me and zayn had finished the song and i had confidence in this week. “I think you’re good, we’re supposed to meet with baylee and put it all together in a few. so i guess we can, relax” zayn said sitting on the sofa. “alright,sounds cool” i said awkwardly. i wasnt singing anymore i would actually be talking to zayn. i have so many things i wanna ask him but that would be creepy? i  dont want to  be bombarding him with my fan girl questions. what do i do, this was Zayn Malik, i had been idolizing One Direction for over a year now. and here was one of the members seated on a sofa looking back at me. " i think...  im going.. to get some.. um water or something ermm.. you want anything? i'll get it for you anything it doesnt matter " i said. "ummm no? are you okay" he ask noting my change in behavior, but i couldnt help it. "yeah im fine" i lied, trying to put on my best chilled voice but you could hear the excitement in my voice. "okay?" zayn said pulling out his phone. "okay" i couldnt get out of this room and out of this awkwardness fast enough.   i left and went down the hall i didnt care where i was i just wanted to get away from the awkward place. i laughed to myself as i walked down the halls.i decided on just going back to my dressing room. i went to put my key in but my door was already unlock, i was 100% sure i locked it. i walked in unsure if i even should "what the fuck are you doing in here" i yelled at a naked harry and remi. she jump to cover her self but didnt move from on top of harry. "Just having a little fun, your welcome to join." they were having sex on my sofa " BABE?" he smirked at me. they way he called me 'babe' made me sick. who was this guy?! this wasnt the Harry Styles i had been looking forward to meeting, he was nothing like him. if only the fans really knew, ugh! " Your Vile, Styles" i scowed at him. "GET THE FUCK UP! remi get back to work before i have you fired!"  she swung her leg landing on the ground and got dressed. " you really have no class or self-respect" i said as she hung her head down as she left. "bye harry" she whisper as he put his pants on himself. "GET OUT" i yelled. i looked over at a shirtless harry, his never ending torso just begging to be touch. "can you put a shirt on, please" i said trying to keep eye-contact. " for what? you'll just be taking it off for me" he said. " UGH, in your dreams styles" i picked his shirt off the floor throwing it at him. "or maybe in YOURS" he mummble as he put it on. "Whaaat the fuck were you thinking breaking into my dressing room and with her of all people GOSH! Vile. Vile i tell you" i paced back and forward as i letcured him. "oh come on, you cant be that mad" he said getting off the sofa and taking hold of my hand then quickly pinning me to the wall "i did ask you to join" he winked. "seriously Vile. you really are" i rolled my eyes, i could feel my most private area getting wet as our lips moved closer and closer, and his bulge grew pressing me against the wall " but not vile enough,where you dont wanna kiss me" he said."come on" he whispered in my ear, then kissing my neck and collar bone. i moaned. "yeah, well you should have thought about that before you hooked up with a whore, i dont do well with leftovers" i pushed him away then opening the door for him to leave. "she was a great fuck, and so will you" i shout the door and sat down on the sofa before jumping up remembering what had just happened on it.   i needed to get out of this room so i headed back to the rehearsal space. i didnt like this "Harry Styles" one bit. its kinda like that moment when you find out santa isnt real or that not everyone gets a 'Happy Ever After'. i wasnt much for believing in the good in people or good in the world for that sake. i had seen too much at a young age, and that pretty much fucked that ship for me. i had always been this way. but i'd learn to put on a happy face for my friends and family or be shipped away again. no different on the show, if i wanted to win, i need to be 'RAE OF SUNSHINE' and thats where the nickname came from being preppy and happy always but i was getting a bit sick of the acting job i was doing here. Honestly i think thats what i enjoy about being a bitch to harry so much. when i was being rude and bitchy to him it just felt like home, i felt like myself again in a sick way. it felt good to finally say something i truly believe in and that was that HARRY STYLES WAS A TOTAL TOOL! hay,it wasnt as if he wasnt asking for it. he was a womanizer! i hated guys like him, back at home there was this guy named Karl. Karl was charming easy on the eyes for sure... we planned our future together, i thought i had found the one in my first love... then he broke up with me! no reason. just texted and said it was over. that was a low point for me, a very dark time but after that i was never the same again when it comes to love and the older i get the less and less i believe in it. Love is dangerous, it was a motto i lived by.  
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