X-Factor Dream

this isnt anything i dreamt it to be... its so much more.

im just a normal girl from the outskirts of Washington DC. but right now im about to walk out on to the stage and sing in front of millions for the biggest audition of my life...

Im Jocelyn-Rae Adams and this is my story.

(this story have some x-rated chapter)


2. chapter 2- cowboy casanova

the boys walked downstage. each jumping off so carefree and sat in the front row. i was still in "awe" of them. "wait, WHAT!" lifting the microphone to my mouth "they are staying..." i pointed at the boys. They looked at me as if the answer was obvious  " yes, now are you ready?" savan called out, leaning over to que the music "wait, no" i shouted. i had always had a bit of stage fright. my real fear was singing and having to be criticized afterward.  i had gotten over it with each live show. but now it was all coming back to me. i fell like i did back at my audition.    *flashback*   "Next is, ADAMS." a man yelled in the room " hi, im Jocelyn-Rae" i spoke shyly. "i dont care, get in line behind the others. remember dont stare at the camera." i nodded in took my place in line. everyone else had family and friends it looked like. i had no one. my parents both had to work and said they werent taking off work for some pointless audition, it was one in million chance of me getting any yes's from the judges. but to me it was worth it, i need to know if my whole life had been a waste on a pipedream. did i really have talent? did i have what if takes to be the next big name in music? did i have it? did i have the X-Factor? as each person went up on the stage i felt like just running and giving up but it was too late to turn around. my hairline had form a nice little line of sweat. my palms felt clamy i ran them up and down my jeans.      "are you okay?" i heard a female voice " yeah" i lied. "ARE YOU HERE ALONE?" she abruptly asked. "yes?" she stood on the side of the stage with makeup brushes wrapped around her hips. i knew from that she must had been the shows makeup artist. "Hi. im Zoe" she even had the name of a makeup aritst, it was different-creative. "hi" i said not wanting to give my name unwanted and shot down again like that douchebag in the v-neck."do you have a name" i noticed her strong british accent. "Sorry, Jocelyn-Rae. do you work on the show" i asked even tho i could tell from the belt of makeup tools. "yup! Make up" she said running her fingers across the brushes. i smiled. "your going to be fine,hun" she said pulling me in for a hug"how about this, i will give you a makeover. FREE OF CHARGE!" she smiled "thank you, but you dont have to" i said. "i want to." "thanks" i really was grateful for her she was nice and sweet. we chatted a bit and i was fine until i looked up and next to go. "go get them tiger" she screamed and clapped like all the others family and friends did. i looked back at her going wild and laughed to myself as i cross the stage "HELLOOO" the judge said "hi" i waved awkward as i looked around at the crowd of people that were about to hear me sing. i couldnt do this. i was thinking about running when i heard people laughing. the crowd hated me already, my face turn sour. "Sweetie?" a female voice said "I'm Sorry, I'm So nervious, what was the question" i chuckled "WHATS. YOUR. NAME?" " OH Jocelyn-Rae Adams" i had to laugh at myself. "and where are you from" "VIRGINIA" i said through a bit of a country accent that would only appear with a few words, my homestate being one of them. "do you think you have what it takes to make it in music today?" L.A. Reid asked "I dont know" i dopely answered "thats why im here! I do know i have the passion and the drive. This is been my dream as long as i can remember" i said feeling my confidence grow in the words i said. " good answer, good answer" simon whispered "what are you going to sing for us" and thats when i felt my confidence leave, after i sung they would be giving me a "YAY. or NAY." to my dreams. "adele?" i shyly answered "on with it then" simon said looking a bit annoyed with my song choice. i took in a deep breath and let it out "we're ready when ever you are" i could see i wasnt simon favorite but really who was at this point. i looked up at the booth and nodded for them to start my music....      

*Flash Foward*  


"can i have a min, Savan" i said putting a finger up. i leaned down placing my hands on my forehead "you can do this, you can do this, YOU. CAN. DO. THIS" i repeat over and over to myself. "hey listen" a irish accent filled the speakers "we have all been where you are right now so we understand and-" Niall said. before louis cut in with "we do, better then simon or savan" i looked up to see harry yank the microphone from lou."Just Sing! already?!" Harry said. the boys shot him a look, i rolled my eyes as i saw zayn taking the mic from him " hay,if you mess up, good! mess up here now when no one else is around" his voice sent chills. Zayn Malik is talking to me. even better he was encoraging me. i smiled and stood up,rolled my head and shoulders back "alright im ready" the boys all clapped for me and smiled, minus harry.  which annoyed me to no end. didnt know why it just did. "alright?" i heard the music start.    'He’s The Devil In Disguise A Snake With Blue Eyes And He Only Comes Out At Night Gives You Feelings That You Don’t Want To Fight You Better Run For Your Life'   i stared at the back row and all the empty seats. i sung the song without a care in the world. just like i did at my audition once the music would start, i was fine. i sigh after belting the last note. the boys all clapped and smiled. i looked at savan for approval. i knew the boys wouldnt tell me if i sucked or not, in fear of upsetting a fan. but sav didnt care if i would get mad or sad about that he had to tell me the honest truth,  it was his job to make me sound like a proper recording artist. " good, but what were you thinking about."  what was i thinking about? "nothing, honestly i just sang" i said confused on to why it mattered " okay, see..." savan said walking on stage beside me "vocals were spot on, but i didnt believe the song" i saw the guys all nod in agreement "okay?!"  i said, not knowing what to say really. " this song is about a Heartbroker, and you gotta get mad you gotta feel that fire, that hate toward him.. anyone? that hot guy, that knows his hot stuff and he just uses it, the type your mother always warned you of. you know the type" as he finish i looked over at the boys and saw them all just having a good time, not paying attention. niall was drinking a red bull and laughing at zayn and liam, louis was spinning around in simon's chair, harry was texting away with a cheeky grin. "now this time i want you to think of him" savan walking back to his seat " i can do one better, i'll sing to him" i said so only i could hear. "boys! you ready? remember "mama warned you about him' " the boys looked over not understanding the importants of the saying. i nodded "gotcha". Louis had sat back down with the other guys, liam and zayn had calm down from the fit of laughter, niall was now leaning over looking up at me, while harry, flirted with one of the fashion inter. I was going to sing to harry! this song was pretty much written about guys like him. he was good-looking, Charming was a understatement when it came to him. i had read all about his string of one-night stands. he had gotten the rep for being a ladiesman, heart-breaker, the player and that still didnt stop the girls from wanting him. but i couldnt help but feel bad for the girls he would end up with. they were probly thinking  he actually cared about them and this would be the start of a beautiful relationship. and he would just leave in the morning wearing his signature beanie never to be heard from again.  the music started and he still didnt notice.    'You Better Take It From Me, That Boy Is Like A Disease' i pointed right at harry as he continued to chat with the inter.  savan and the others guys looking shocked at my brave move to call him out with my song 'You're Running, You're Trying, You're Trying To Hide And You're Wondering Why You Can't Get Free'     i looked over at him, one more time then i walked cross stage trying not to get mad at the lack of respect he was giving me. but he didnt look back at me, he sat among the group, with his arm wrapped around the slutty brunette,Remi. i had seen first hand of her handy work of the guys in the show.i kept singing as savan shouted demands over the music, and i did as he said. when i saw harry whisper in her ear and pull away with another cheeky smile and remi giggle loudly. i was getting annoyed "Stop!" i shouted before walking over infront of the annoying little couple "ah, remi can you pull your schoolgirl act another time? maybe not in the middle of my rehearsal" i snapped shocking everyone even myself. "Sure thing" she got up to leave  "bye harry" she turned and looked me up and down. 'BITCH'  "yeah... okay, BYE BYE NOW 'SLUT' " i spoke in to my mic walking away proud of myself when i heard. "what the fuck, is your deal" " 'my deal?' is i'm working my ass off and i just ask for respect? your here to work, not fuck the shows slutbag! no worry hazza, she too young for you anyways"  "what are you talking about?!?"  " oh its just, i hear you like the 'Over 25' crowd" i rolled my eyes and headed back to my marking as harry return to his seat and the guys all laughing.  "OKAY. OKAY. can i have my 'rae of sunshine' back? now that you've had your first diva moment" savan said. " sunshine my ass, she's a total  bitch" i overheard harry say to niall.  "Get over yourself, Styles" i said. he folded is arms like a child.  "lets try this again... hazza, you were being a bit rude" savan said to harry as he passed.  "yeah, whatever" pulling a moody face.  It was safe to say my celebrity crush was no longer mr.harry styles and this would be the longest week ever  

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