X-Factor Dream

this isnt anything i dreamt it to be... its so much more.

im just a normal girl from the outskirts of Washington DC. but right now im about to walk out on to the stage and sing in front of millions for the biggest audition of my life...

Im Jocelyn-Rae Adams and this is my story.

(this story have some x-rated chapter)


1. chapter 1-

this isnt anything i dreamt it to be, its so much more.    im just a normal girl from the outskirts of Washington DC. but right now im about to walk out on to the stage and sing in front of millions for the biggest audition of my life...    Im Jocelyn-Rae Adams and this is my story.   "5 and 6.7.8, there you go. It hit and hit. pump it pump it. Just follow the beat and you got it, its all in the head come on" Brian said creative director and choreographer i sigh and followed the steps to this weeks new dance at half speed  "good. now one more time from the top then we'll get the dancers." Brian was the Choreographer and creative director of the show. i heard the music playing and the background "5-6...5-6-7-8 " brian called at the steps as i danced to the up-tempo song i had been given this week. Im 19 year old, Jocelyn-Rae Adams from Virginia currently competing on the US X Factor, its now week 8 of the show. I had spent my childhood dreaming of a chance like this that someday i would sing in front of millions of people. i sung the last note and hit my end pose "GREATT RAE take 10" i heard kenny the producer say. "thanks" i said in passing to the hallway of the studio.  We had been here for 2 months and it felt like home i loved every second i spent here. I was learning so much from everyone and about everything; not just music.        their were now 7 acts left in the house. only two females left; Me and Baylee. me and bay hit it off at bootcamp and we had made it this far together. Baylee was tall, blonde the all-american girl. the type of girl i  had avoided in high school. but once i got to know her she was not what i expected. once we got to the xfactor house we shared a room. Next to our room was the girl group Little Mix. they were trashy and the fame  they would get for it just made them even worst. after a long day in dance rehearsal, i got back to the house this place was huge and it felt crazy living in here,even more crazier living here with people i dont even know and waking up to a camera most mornings. "how was your day?" i said walking into my room. Baylee was already home,  i was always the last to leave the studio.    "its was alright" she looked a bit down. not really the typical bay answer. Baylee was a chatter box and a bit of the hippy love child.  "Whats? what gettcha" i throw my bag on my bed. "are you and ryan off again?" i asked knowing her history with one of the guys in the house "we need to kill it this week or i might be going home" she said sitting up.  "ermm... did simon say something?" simon was the girls mentor this year. he wasnt that scary, at my audition in nashville he told me "i wasnt going to make it far". and now he was my mentor, he knows what works and what doesnt work. i had faith in simons opinion.  "no no no, its just its getting down to the wire, you know?" she said as we got ready for bed. "well fine! no distractions! no partying,no boys,no nothing" i said as i slipped into bed, we had both gotten the nicest room in the house but we had promised we would give them a good storyline and do extra interviews and stuff. we didnt mind tho, more camera time meant more votes.  " WHOA NOW, slow your horses" baylee laughed "i didnt say that we just have to stay focus this week" "alright texas rager goodnight"i said.       *next morning*        "WAKE UP,BITCH" i hear baylee walking around "we really should clean this room one day". "NAHHH" we both answered in unison. "what time is it? its 7 we're leaving in 45 mins and you still have to shower and do your hair and makeup" she said pulling on a pair of bootcut jeans."alright, im up" i said finally sitting myself up in my bed. i took a hot shower as my favorite One Direction song played in the background  'ITS EVERYTHING ABOUT YO-OU-OU-OU ITS EVERYTHING THAT YOU DO-O-O'i sang and dance around. they were the reason i audition for the show they were the reason i was here living my dream. i finish my shower and then pick up some baggy sweats and a bra and cami. i sat next to bay and let my hair down from the towel.    "i dont wear makeup to rehearals, so thats a step i can skip" i said as i watched bay apply make up in the mirror. "well you might wanna do it today kenny sent a camera crew." baylee was up to something she wasnt giving me much details, but i decided to just laugh it off and i started straighting my hair as baylee curled her into soft waves.  "what are you doing" i stopped and asked.  "my hair?" she threw me a look. "your actually wearing clothes to the studio... on a tuesday bro" i mocked in a fake jersey accent  "OH YOU'VE CHANGED" i said getting up off the floor.  "i told you! the camera crew is coming with us today, thats all?" i didnt believe her one bit she was the worst at lying ever but i loved her for that. "well im going to change too..." as i put on my leggings  "fine by me" she smirked at me in the mirror    "FINE" i said trying to put on my best angry voice.     it was time to leave for the studio, most Tuesday we do vocals with Savan. i loved working with him, he always had new and fresh ideas on how i should sing and he let me tryout different styles. as we make our way downstairs we were met by kenny and the crew as baylee had warned me. "Good Morning Ken" i said as i walked into a hug "Good Morning, BAY-RAY" a nickname me and baylee had been given by our fans. its was still unsurreal that i had a fanbase. i stood back and waited to be hooked up with my mic and pack. i had loved all of the little things like this."Rae, today sav have gift for you so we going to have you mic'd up and your going to wait in little miss barbie dressing room" i nodded as baylee shot him a look for the nickname. she looked like a barbie but she was far from one.  "Your going to flip your shit when you see" bay said on the ride in "so you know? oooh what is it" i had turned in my seat to face her. she acted as if she didnt hear me " oh come on bay" i cried "just think about what is 1 THING you REALLLY want" she replied "errmm, for you to fucking tell me" the crew turn, i forgot i was mic'd i mouthed a SORRY to the camera.    i wasnt getting any answers from these people, so i put in my ear buds and listen to music the rest of the way. i read through some tweets on last weeks show and what the people had to say. i mean i do need to do what they like cause they are the ones voting for me week after week. i sent a few tweets and i checked out i had a few new followers one i wasnt expecting to see LIAM PAYNE! was following me. "OH MY GOD... OMG... AHHHH" i screamed "whats wrong" baylee jumped "omg liam payne is finally following me, i wonder has he ever seen  one of my performances omg this is the best day ever." oh that moment was fangirling at its best. we arrived about 25 mins late but liam payne was following me on twitter. i tweeted him back but i knew he wouldnt see it.    "okay they're on stage, Okay. we are heading into the dressing rooms now"i heard kenny talking in his headset. Who's on stage? i hated being last to know.  but then i stopped as i heard the song play. the song i had listen to so many times."Do you hear that?" i looked over at baylee she had the biggest smile on her face "no WAY?" i shook my head "no" but baylee just nodded yes . i ran as fast as i could to the stage. "Jocelyn! WAIT?! DONT GO IN YET?" but i wasnt stopping, if it was who i thought it was, Nothing could stop me. i made it to stage right  "Rae,Wait?" Baylee called out. "is it them? or is it some type of joke for the show" i cried as i felt the tears form. baylee stood beside me smiling as i inched to the stage afraid that it was just some type of prank.  i looked across the stage and saw 5 guys. it was real? it was One Direction! i kept walking toward them. Now on stage, all 5 of the guys unaware of my presents i kept walking, it was as if my feet had a mind of it own.     'everyone else in the room can see it everyone else but yoooouuuu' Harry Styles sung holding the last note making my knees weak. i couldnt hold it any longer " HOLY SHIT FUCKING COW BRAINS,YOUR. ONE DIRECTION" I yelled at the top of my lungs. pulling them away from the song and all eyes in the room were on me. the camera crew ran in from stage right "jocelyn?!"in a tone i had heard all to many times "Sorry" i turned around to be meet by kenny, who was now grasping for air "you can beep that out right" i said laughing into the camera. i walked over toward the group they were all smiling and laughing, probly at my embarrassing entrance.    this wasnt real, this wasnt happening? i stood their all the cameras on me and the boys. this is what everyone has been up to. savan stopped the music, yelling "Surprise" from his seat. they were in the middle of a rehearsal "hi" they all tried to speak at once. i responded with a simple "hello" it was the best i had at this time. "boys this is the young lady i've been telling you about" i heard a strong british accent say. i looked over my shoulder in the front row and there sat simon. so he was a part of this too. i mean they are signed to his label and his my mentor this season. i had hoped for simon to let me meet then but i didnt think he actually would. "and this is Baylee, she is also one of my girls" simon said pulling her over to the group of us then kissing bay on the forehead in a fatherly way."guys! this is Miss Adams"simon said "Hiya! in jocelyn-rae, but everyone here calls me rae" i smiled. theres nothing better than this feeling right now "hi im niall" he lean into hugged me first " this is Louis, Liam, Zayn and Harry".  i hugged them all as simon called out their names. baylee walked behind doing the same, each guys saying something small back " hi babe" "How are you" " hi love" "you alright, love?" and sorts.    

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