You can't change me

When Leah's school realizes her ability to dance, they do their best to place her in a top school of dance in London. However, Leah is 16, been in a gang all her life, and doesn't know a thing about Ballet. She's give two weeks leave from school to go and try the school out. It is nothing like she expects. But when she is forced to live with the head boy of the school, can he change her ways and make her see a different light? And can she change her views about the rich boys?


2. What are you doing?

Ruby's P.O.V

I had an idea, it was all I could do to help my best friend. I had to try. I knew where Leah would be when I got to school, she was always in the same place with Arron and the gang. I ran through the school gates, texting Leah at the same time, I need to talk to you xx Walking through the main school building I made my way towards the field. That's where Leah always was. By the big oak tree. I carried on running, not sure why I was running, out the back of the school and towards the field. I could see Leah standing by the oak tree, holding her iPhone in one hand and a starbucks in the other. She was always drinking starbucks, it was like an obsession. I ran towards the tree, now completely out of breathe, and slowing down. Leah noticed me and started walking over to me. I stopped and doubled over trying to catch my breathe. I could hear her laughing at me, before she even got near me. She always found it funny. I looked up still with my hands resting on my knees and my chest raising up and down so fast that I thought my heart was about to explode. 

"You alright?" She chuckled as she reached me. 

"Yeah," I said waving a hand about. "Do you wanna come stay at mine tonight?" I asked, gaining by breathe back.

She didn't hesitate, "Yeah, I'd love too," She answered happily. I smiled. 

"Great," I said, smiling even more. 

"So what was the urgent thing you needed to talk to me about?" She asked me. I gulped. 

"Umm.. This," I said half-heartedly smiling. She raised her eyebrows, and stared at me. 

"Are you serious?" She asked. I giggled. 

"You just nearly killed yourself by running so much, and was telling me that you had something urgent, to ask if I wanted to stay at yours tonight?" She asked. I smiled and nodded. 

"You are a nut head love," She chuckled and walked off back towards the tree. 

"Bye, see you later, text me all the dets!" She shouted over her shoulder. I smiled, it was all going to plan. 


Leah's P.O.V 

Ruby has always been weird, so it wasn't out of the ordinary for her to run up to me and say that a sleepover was urgent. I was actually pretty excited. It had been a while since I had stayed round Ruby's and it was about time we had a girly night in. We would always be watching movies, with face packs, doing our nails and dancing around to songs. Typical girls. Ruby suddenly run out of her room leaving me dancing alone. I took the opportunity to practice some of the moves that I had come up with at home the other day. I was busy practicing that I didn't realise that Ruby was standing at the door filming me. My head shot up when I noticed someone standing in the door way. 

"What are you doing?" I asked her when I noticed the camera. 

"Umm. don't wanna forget these funny moments do you, carry on," She said. I shrugged and carried on, thinking nothing of what she had said. She was still filming me dancing, I hope she wouldn't show it to anyone, it would be quite embarrassing if she did. I started to completely forget that the camera was there and started dancing for it, like my life depended on it. It was all original stuff and did look good. Finally giving up I collapsed on the floor. Ruby laughed and turned the camera off. I glared at her and then joined in laughing, bobbing up and down on the floor, making Ruby laugh more. Soon we were in a heap on the floor in fits of laughter, it reminded me of the old times when we were always sleeping at each others houses and having fun. 


Ruby's P.O.V 

The rest of the night went by quickly after my plan had started going well. We were sitting on my bed watching movies, eating chocolate and popcorn. 

"So have you thought about colleges and stuff?" I asked her curiously. She looked at me. Her mouth twitched. 

"No, I haven't thought about anything," She admitted. I looked at her waiting for her to say more. 

"To be honest, I doubt anywhere will take me on, I've been so wrapped up with everyone else and all the bad shit that I didn't spend anytime on my grades, I don't even know what I want to do in the future, I'm not good enough at anything," She carried on. 

"You should dance," Was the only thing I said before I went back to the movie. She just sat there and stared at me for a while before turning back to the movie as well. I was happy with myself, I had go the idea in her head and I had the video to show Miss Panzeli on Monday. I had talked to her on Friday at lunch time about Leah's dancing ability. Miss Panzeli was the school guidance councellor who dealt with all the students leaving school and and looking for college placements. Leah would have no idea what was happening. 


A/N- I'm really sorry it's a short chapter but I have had a lot of school work to do so haven't been able to write much. Hopefully I'll write more in the next chapter. 

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