You can't change me

When Leah's school realizes her ability to dance, they do their best to place her in a top school of dance in London. However, Leah is 16, been in a gang all her life, and doesn't know a thing about Ballet. She's give two weeks leave from school to go and try the school out. It is nothing like she expects. But when she is forced to live with the head boy of the school, can he change her ways and make her see a different light? And can she change her views about the rich boys?


1. The Fire

Leah's P.O.V 

I was out of breathe from running so fast, and so far, I could hear the sirens in the distance. Not knowing where anyone else was worried me. I hoped none of them got caught. That bitch Beau. I ducked and hid behind some bins as I heard voices and footsteps running. My new army jacket was soaked, it was raining heavy. You could call it pathetic fallacy, but I just call it English weather. It was march after all, which meant that it wasn't meant to sunny. As the voices got closer I realised that it was Charlie and Blake. I popped up from behind the bins. Charlie noticed me first.


“You alright?” He asked, his deep voice booming loudly. I nodded, walking towards them.

“We need to find the others,” I said. They nodded and we started walking further into the estate.  Orange and red flames danced around each other, reaching for the sky. You could hear people screaming and shouting.

“Um, so what’s happening between you and Arron?” Charlie plucked up the nerves to say. I was silent for a minute. I knew someone would ask but it still felt weird talking about it.

“We broke up, we’re staying friends, we did both make this group together, after all,” a little annoyance in my voice and emphasis in the word both.  He was silent. They both were.

“I’m glad your staying,” He said. I had no idea why he was being all soppy with me, I didn't care as long as he shut up soon.

“Enough with the soppy crap, we have bigger problems on our hands,” I said, thinking back to not to long ago. We at the back of one of the houses in the estate. We’d ended up walking into Beau’s crew. Bad idea. We started arguing, then one of her boys threw a lit can through the open window of the house and they’d turned and run. We were left standing for a few seconds before we heard sirens and I had shouted at them all to run.

We had to find them.


When I got home later, gladly no one had run into the police, Ruby was calling me.

“Hello,” I said.

“Omg, what happened?” She said excitedly down the phone. Ruby was my best friend, in the world. But when we started secondary school I mixed with the wrong people, but we’re still best friends.

“We bumped in Beau’s crew, they set a house on fire, so we all ran, and now my new army jacket is soaking wet,” I answered her question. I could hear her thinking down the phone.

“I wish you hadn't met that lot you know, I worry about all the time,”

“You shouldn't, I’m fine, and I’m not going out with Arron anymore,” I told her. She sighed.

“Thank god for that, why can’t you be the little girl that I met at dance, innocent, sweet and always happy,” Ruby asked.

“Because she grew up,” I laughed.

“I grew up, but I’m not like that, do you still dance?” Ruby asked.

“I don’t go to any classes any more but I still dance around the house,” I said, remembering when I was little and always annoyed my parents, as I pranced around the house. My dad would always shout. But he’s not around to shout anymore.

“Okay, please stay safe tonight, don’t go out again, I really do want to see your face around school tomorrow,” Ruby insisted.

“I won’t go out I swear,” I said reassuringly.

“Good, I’ll see you tomorrow, I need to sort something out,” She said.

“Bye,” I said.

It was a Thursday night, I couldn't be bothered to go to school for a day tomorrow, but I would to please Ruby. She was always up to something. I jumped in my bed and pulled the covers over my body. The sounds of the sirens still rattled around on my mind, the screams and shouts like they were still going. I had to sleep. My life was so messed up. 

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