Love At First Sight - Zayn Malik Love Story -

This is the story of how 5 guys fell for the same girl . That girl ... is you .


6. Chapter 6

[ continued text conversation with Liam ].
You: Aww really? I'm glad he's moved on. :)
Liam: Alexia .... his new girlfriend is Dolores ...
You stop dead in your tracks. " What's wrong Alexia? " Zayn asks. Harry bumps into because he's texting someone " Ow ! " both of you say " Sorry babe " Harry says. " I have to make a call " you say walking over to the side. " Dolores??" You ask when the phone answers " Alexia.... i know you're probably mad but I was just about to text you " Dolores says " Why would I be mad ?!? I'm calling to say Congrats !! " you say smiling.  " Oh my gosh really?? " Dolores says. " Yeah! Look Niall will be in California with Liam and Louis for like a week and a half . I wanna go fly over to Texas and pick you up so when Niall gets back you can surprise him! " You say. " OMG YES !!! THANK YOU !!! " Dolores exclaimed. " Okay I'll talk to you later about when I'm picking you up " You say again. " okay bye " Dolores says. You get off the phone and Zayn comes behind up and says " Vas Happenin ' ? " You turn to face him and you  say " He's dating my best friend Dolores " Harry immediately looks up " NOOO !!! WHYY DOLORES !!!?! " Harry says " Harry ... are you okay " Zayn says " NO! NIALL STOLE DOLORES AWAY FROM ME ! " He yells back. " Ugh Man Whore " Harry says. " Harry it's okay honey " You hug him. You guys return back to the hotel, and you explain to Zayn and Harry about picking Dolores up in Texas. " That's a great idea Alexia! " Zayn says " Yeah but I wanna pick her up in a week " You say " So you wanna go pick her up once we get home and Nialls' still gonna be in Cali for another week? " Harry says. " Exactly " you say back. " She's not used to the UK, she lives in Texas " you continue. " Ohhh yeah that's true " Zayn says. For the next week the three of yall are in Paris you're trying to buy party stuff. " Hey Harry, you should buy Dolores a gift " Zayn suggests. " What should I get her? " Harry asks. " Buy her a teddy bear or a bracelet. Alexia loves it when I buy her flowers, teddy bears, and sometimes candy " Zayn says " Really? Okay well then I'm gonna get her to help me find a teddy bear " Harry says. He goes over to you " Hey Alexia, I need help finding Dolores a gift " " Really?? Awww that's sweet. Okay well what are you thinking about giving her? " You ask " Teddy Bears? " He says not sure " Yay ! " You say. You bring Harry 5 different teddy bears " Pick one " you tell him. " What if she doesn't like the color? " Harry says " These are her favorite colors! " You say. Harry picks out the blue bear and he buys it. Zayn just so happens to go into the Christmas items aisle in the store and he brings you over he grabs your waist. He just stands there giving you a sexy look " What " you say biting your lip. His eyes motion up and you look up and see a mistletoe. You smile and you bite the inside of your lip. Zayn grabs you by your waist and he leans in giving you a passionate kiss his hand on your lower back. You hear someone clear their throat and you turn around and see it's Harry " That was disgusting " he said " Harry, shut-up " Zayn says. He puts his arm around your waist as you guys go to check out. * back at the hotel * " Hey, guys I just found out my mom is staying at my aunts house here in Paris, ima go visit them ! " Harry said " OK ! " you and Zayn responded you were on Zayn's lap as you watched a movie, everytime an explosion came on it scared you because the room was all quiet and then BAM ! car crashes and everything. Zayn pulls you up and sits you are beside him on the couch. " Oh my gosh, how are you not cold " You say holding on to him " Hahaha " laughed Zayn as he placed his varsity jacket over you. Zayn just stared at your eyes as you were watching the movie, " You have such beautiful eyes Alexia " Zayn said " They're so green " He continued " Really? Aww, they turn green during the summer and blue during winter " You say. Zayn leans in a kisses you his arms around your waist, he finds your sweetspot on your neck. You let a little moan escape from your mouth. " I love you Alexia, just give me tonight to show you how much I love you " Zayn whispered in your ear. His breathe was warm and relaxing. He pulled your head but as he kissed your neck, you moaned again. " I promise I won't hurt you, I've got a condom. " Zayn told you. " Okay Zayn " You say to him. You start to remember when you and Niall had sex too, he wasn't this gentle towards you. " I love you baby " Zayn said as he got on top of you kissing you his hands inside of your shirt and he took it off, he took over his shirt and you took off his pants. He took off your jeans and shirt, kissing you he took off your underwear and bra, you took off his boxers. He grabbed you by your waist and he layed you back on the bed. You kissed him on his neck as he slowly and gently started to push in " How'd you know that's the thing that really turns me on babe " he whispered in your ear, " lucky guess " you said moaning he pushes in more and starts to pull in and out. He starts to move faster you slighty arch your back as he starts to moan too. Your nails dig into his back as you both reach your climax. Zayn kisses you and you make your way under the sheets " Come on Zayn " You say to him. " Round 2 ? " Zayn asks " Psf " You say " I was just kidding babe haha " Zayn says " Whatever! Come on I'm freezing and you're like a heating fan " You tell him " Only want me for the warmth, damn " Zayn says. You cuddle with him and you quickly doze off but you're wakened again when Harry pokes his head through the door, " Eww, it's a good thing I wasn't here to witness all the fucking " Harry says " Shut-Up Haz ! " You yell throwing one of the pillows at him. He catches it and tries to hit you but ends up hitting Zayn. " Alright now you're dead " Zayn says getting up he's only in his boxers, Zayn goes out the room and then you hear " Harry! Really ?! You chose NOW to strip?! " Harry's naked again -_- " It's hot! " Harry complains " Dude how are you hot and Alexia was freezing " Zayn says " I'm sure shes not freezing now that she's been fucked by you " Harry says " HAZZA !!!! " You yell " FINNE ! " Harry yells back. Zayn comes back in the room and goes back to bed. He pulls you closer to him and he puts his arms around you. You kiss him as both you doze off to sleep in eachothers arms. The next morning you wake up and find that Zayn's fast asleep, he looks like an angel when he sleeps. You get up to make him breakfast, a few mins later you go to go wake him up you feel warm arms wrap around you and you turn around to see a sleepy Zayn say " Thanks love " as he gives you a kiss. " Why doesn't anyone make he breakfast?! " Harry says getting up he forgets he's naked and you see his ... [ you already know ] You immediately cover your eyes " Okay uhmm Harry, you're naked please put on close, " You say " Oh Shit ! that's right " Harry says quickly putting on his jeans. "Hey, but you're in your underwear! " Harry says pointing towards your boy shorts. " They're shorts !! " you say back. " Whatever " Harry says. 

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