Love At First Sight - Zayn Malik Love Story -

This is the story of how 5 guys fell for the same girl . That girl ... is you .


5. Chapter 5

 [ Sorry this chapter might be suckish ] 
 You and Niall have been together for around 3 months. But you feel like you guys are losing it.. Niall doesn't even say I love you anymore.. " Hey, Wanna come with me to Paris? " Zayn says. " It'll be fun! " he continues. " Really?? Yeah Sure! I've always wanted to go to Paris " You say. Zayn tells you to pack up tonight because you'll be leaving in the morning. You say okay and you go tell Niall. " Oh okay me, louis, and liam were gonna go to California so we won't be home either. " Niall says. " Oh okay, have fun " you say back. " Hey Zayn can we bring Harry with us? Niall, Liam, and Louis are gonna go to California anyway " you ask Zayn. " Yeah sure, tell him to pack up " He says. You go into Harry's room " Hey Haz pack up me, you, and Zayn are gonna go to Paris " You tell him. " Really? What about Liam and Louis and Niall? " He asks " California. " you respond. You feel Harry's hand holding yours " Are you and Niall gonna be okay?" He asks " You guys barely even talk, you act like friends now " he continues " Listen Harry... I don't know whats going on anymore but all I know is that I just wanna have fun now " You say. Harry smiles and he gives you a quick kiss on the cheek. The next morning around 5am you, Zayn, and Harry quietly make your way out the door. You go onto the private jet plane and make your way to Paris. You grab your Apple laptop out your bag and you go on Twitter. You tweet " I don't know what's going on between me and him. But all I know is that right now I just wanna have fun with by boys;D " You see that Harry has tweeted something too " She's my world right now all I need to do is tell her xx " You smile. You take out your iPhone and text Liam:
You: Hey
Him: Heyy, how's Paris
You: On the jet, on twitter haha. How's Cali?
Him: Great, just sitting here on the beach chillen .
You: Sounds like fun. 
Him: I've gotta go now I'll text you later babe xx
You: Okayy, bye xx .
- you go over to where Harry is sitting at. -
" Hey Harry " you say. " Heyy " he says putting his arm around you. You yawn " Haha your yawn is so cute " he says putting your head on his shoulder. You give him a hug but you don't happen to feel a shirt on him " Hazza, are you naked??" you ask knowing his habit. " It's warm in here! " he says. You laugh " Harry!! Hahaha " You rest your head on his chest. You fall asleep after a while. Harry fells asleep too his hand resting on your waist. Both of you don't notice when Zayn takes a picture of you two. " This is going on twitter " he whispers to himself. You wake up 3 hours later as well as Harry when you hear a phone vibrating, it's yours. You see it's a text message. " Can i read too " Harry asks sweetly. You nod your head " sure " you say. You open it up, it's from Niall. " What the hell is up with this!? " It includes a link to the same gossip website that announced your relationship with Niall. You open it up and you see the headline " Sleeping Beauties " There you see the picture that Zayn took of you and Harry when you were sleeping on his chest. " Zayn tweeted this adorable picture of Harry and Niall's current girlfriend as they were asleeo on their way to who knows where. But the question is: Where's Nialler? Well as it turns out he was spotted at a beach in California with Louis and Liam. Are they over? Has she moved on to Hazza? Who knows. All we know is that Nialler is gonna want an explaination when he see's this!" You throw your pillow at Zayn " what the hell Zayn!!!" you yell at him. " I DIDNT KNOW THEY WERE GONNA SEE IT !!! " Zayn whined. " Alexia it's okay, Nialler and you aren't even talking anymore! He barely even looks at you anymore. Would he really love you if he didnt't even remember your birthday?" It's the first time Harry or even heard the boys call you by you're first name. You stay quiet and you go into an empty seat beside Zayn. You can see he's really sad " Zayn, im really sorry. i shouldnt gave yelled at you. Please forgive me babe " you put your head on his lap and you look up at him " Please " you give him a puppy dog face " haha Alexia, don't give me that face" Zayn leans in and he kisses you. Harry takes a picture and he puts it on twitter " Look at the two love birds @zaynmalik and @Hi_ImMrsStyles. Hahaha it's funny because her user says ImMrsStyles." You break the kiss when your phone beeps and at the same time Zayn's beeps too. You look at the screen "HARRY !!!!!!!!" you through the pillow at Harry. " Hey I look good in that pic " Zayn says smiling at the picture. You recieve a text message from Zayn " Be My Girlfriend xx ? " You smile and giggle alittle at the same time as you start to respond you recieve another text " your giggles are adorable, and its super cute when you blush while reading my texts " You look up at Zayn and you go over and kiss him. You grab your phone and you text back " of course:D " Zayn smiles at his phone when he reads it. You go sit by Zayn. " You wanna make it official?" you ask him. He takes your phone, takes a snapshot of the conversation and sends it to his phone. " Yes " he responds as he kisses you. " Okay wait a minute then " you grab your phone and you text Niall " Hey " He answers " Niall Go on Harry's twitter and then text me " you hang up after that and 5 mins later you recieve a text message:
Niall It's okay. We were falling apart
You: thanks for understanding
Niall: welcome and friends ?
You: Always.
You kiss Zayn. " Okay now you can make it official " Zayn smiles as he tweets " She's newly single but guess what Alexia is mine guys now so back off " including the snapshot of the text message. In around 10 minutes 'Sorry Niall ' and ' #CongratsZlexia ' is trending! You tweet and a picture of you and Zayn making silly faces. ' He's so funny and sweet. Couldn't ask for more. Love you @zaynmalik ' Zayn smiles as he reads the tweet. He tweets ' @Hi_ImMrsStyles needs to change her user to Hi_ImMrsMalik cause she's my everything in this world <3 '  You blush as you read that tweet. You see that Harry has mentioned you in a tweet ' @Hi_ImMrsStyles and @zaynmalik are over here flirting but yet they're right next too each other xD ' Zayn replies to that tweet with ' @Harry_Styles shut-up you're just mad I got her before you! ' you reply to both those tweets with ' BOYS ! Hhaha There's enough Alexia to go around ' you tweet jokingly. Both the boys burst out laughing. You arrive at Paris around noon their time. You use a cab since Harry nor Zayn now how to drive. You arrive at the hotel, security come out and they hold back the fans Harry comes out first, then you, and then Zayn. The fans are speaking french " Harry can you let me what they're saying? " You ask him " Yeah " The fans are asking for autographs and pictures. Harry goes to take pictures with some fans. You feel someone grab you by your waist and you smell Zayn's cologne. The fans go crazy and start yelling " ZLEXIA!!!! " You smile, you and Zayn take pictures with fans. Out of no where you feel Zayn turn you so that you're facing him and he leans in. He kisses you in front of all the fans. As fast as possible they take pictures on post them on Facebook, twitter, and tumblr. One girl is crying off to the side. You break the kiss and you go over to where the little girl is " What's wrong darling " you ask her " Zayn will never notice me " she says. " Are you sure about that? " you ask her winking at her " wait here darling " you ask. You go over to where Zayn is and you tell him about the little girl. He agrees to go over to meet her " Sweetheart, someone wants to meet you " You say pulling Zayn out from behind you " Hello Cutie " he says giving the little girl a kiss on the cheek as he picks her up hugging her. " Where's your mum?" Zayn asks. The little girl appears to be 8 years old; She points towards her mom which is standing off to the side smiling as she saw what you did for her. " Well you go tell your mum that she is lucky to have a cutie pie like you as a daughter sweetheart " Zayn says putting the little girl down kissing her on her cheek. You take her hand as you walk her across the street to her mom " Thank you, all my daughter ever wanted was to meet Zayn Malik " Her mom says giving you a big hug " Thank you Alexia " the little girl says " You are so very welcome honey " you say giving her a hug. You walk back across the street and you meet up with Zayn and Harry. Zayn puts his arm around your waist as you guys go into the hotel. * Skip Checking In and walking into suite * You walk into your room in the suite and you are AMAZED. *Bedroom in Pic* Zayn walks up behind you " It's pink, oh well I can still sleep in here " Zayn kisses your cheek. " Hahaha, guy that can stand pink. Now THAT is hard to find " You say. Zayn smiles and gives your butt a little pat. " Come on Harry wants to go to Starbucks, it's like right across the street " You guys walk to Stabucks. The Starbucks in Paris smells so much homey here than in the one in United Kingdom [UK] . Harry orders caramel frappes for you and Zayn while he orders his favorite, a mango smoothie. You and Zayn walk hand in hand out Starbucks " Harry why don't we just walk around for a little bit." You say to Harry " Sure why not, we might as well since we're staying here for like a week " Harry replies. You guys start walking about talking when you recieve a text message. It's from Liam.
Liam: Hey, Don't freak out but I think Niall has found a new girlfriend.


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