Love At First Sight - Zayn Malik Love Story -

This is the story of how 5 guys fell for the same girl . That girl ... is you .


4. Chapter 4

The next morning you wake up to the sounds of people talking, you get up and you go see who is up and you find your mom and the boys talking " Morning Love " Niall says kissing you on the cheek " Morning Girly " Your mom says. " What's up?" You ask. " Nothing much, just telling your beautiful mom here" Harry says " about you and Nialler " he continues. " Ohh " you say. Niall comes up behind you and wraps his arms around your waist. " I'm hungry " you say. " Finally! I thought no one would say anything!!" Niall says. Everyone laughs and gets up to go eat. Afterwards your mom pulls you off to the side before she leaves " Honey, Niall is a very sweet gentlemen " She says. " And I've got great news! " she says " Really, what is it ?!" you say " I found a permanent job here! " She says " OH MY GOSH !!! REALLY ?!?! " you say jumping up and down hugging your mom " Yes sweetheart now you can hang out with the boys all you want!" she says " Aww thank you mommy " you say. Your mom says that you will have to spend the night with the boys everyday since she works 2nd shift. You say thats fine and you jump up and down after she leaves for work that same day. It's around 3pm. Louis suggests he takes everyone to Starbucks. " Yeah sure !" everyone agrees. " I'M DRIVING !!!! " Harry says. " Harry you can't even drive yet " Zayn says " And. You can't swim but yet you bought a house with a swimming pool " Everyone laughs and Louis ends up driving. You are listening to Moments on your iPod and you feel someone hold your hand you look and you see it's Niall. " I love you sweetheart " Niall says giving you a passionate kiss. You feel as if all eyes are on you but you can't see because you have your eyes closed as you're getting kissed by Niall. Everyone IS looking at you two. " We're here! " Liam yells out. Zayn gives you a piggyback ride inside. Niall orders for both of you two and you guys are the first to sit down. You take a sip of your iced coffee and Niall says " You got something on your lip haha " laughing, You immediately start to feel your mouth and Niall says " Here, I'll get it " leaning over kissing your lips, his tongue touching them slightly. " mmm sweet " Niall says winking. " Thank you " you say smiling and blushing. " Alright you two come on " Liam says. Niall takes the bag with leave over bagels and he helps you in the car. On the way home you're stomach starts grumbling " Ugh, I'm hungry again " you say to yourself. You reach for the bag of leftover bagels and you feel a hand touch yours you turn around and see it's Zayn's. With both of you hands in the bag he holds your hand, it's soft and warm. He lefts go and splits half of a bagel with you. You try looking for your iPod. You could have swore you left it beside you. You look at Liam who is to your left and you see that he's the one who has your iPod. He notices you caught him and he smiles he hands you one earbud so both of you can listen. He was listening to Taken<3. You sing softly to yourself and you hear Liam joining in. You see Niall waking up a little and you bury your face into his face. He smiles and puts his hand on your lower back. You can hear his heartbeat ...slow and soft.... you start to notice that it matches your heartbeat .... you smile. Liam is still singing along. Louis decides to take everyone to the mall. It's around 4:30pm . You, Niall, and Louis just walk around while Zayn, Harry, and Liam go into Hollister. Niall and you are holding hands walking along and out of no where you see a girl come up to Niall and ask him for his autograph and lets go of your hand to sign the photo and you two are walking around again just talking about random things, after half and hour you and Niall have bought alot of stuff and you go into a petshop and you see the cutest puppy ever!!! it starts wagging its little tail as you and Niall pass by. " I think it likes you hun " Niall says. " I think it likes you too Nialler " you love calling his by his nickname, Niall laughs. You're exiting the shop when a group of girls start to ask Niall AND You for your autographs. Niall says okay and he comes up behind you, his arms at your sides while signing the mini posters, cards, and shirts. One girl asks you " Are you his girlfriend?" You smile, blush, and nod at the same time. " Awww you two make the cutest couple " she says. " You think so?" Niall says, giving you a kiss at the same time " TOTALLY! " The girl takes a picture of you and Niall holding hands as you walk away. After getting home the boys go on twitter tweeting about their day. You check your twitter and you see your twitter is FLOODED with tweets saying " Has anyone heard about the NEW CUTEST couple ever ?!? " including the picture that the fan took of Niall and you at the mall. Your name and Niall's trend overnight and you guys hit the news scenes! You can't believe you're eyes! " Guys !! " you call out " OH MY GOSH YOU SEE IT TOO !!! " the boys called back. you immediatly run out your room and go into the living room " can you-" You're interrupted by Liam " TURN ON THE TV YOU GUYS ARE ON TV !!!! " You turn on the tv and you see that every gossip show is talking about you and Niall and how much of a cute couple you are. " Aren't they a pair of cuties! " " They're the new Prince William and Princess Kate ! " Are the main headlines used. Niall comes out of his room running and telling you to go with him to his room you follow him and you find his room and he's on the laptop and he sits in front of it and says " Okay guys here she is, you asked to see her " You sit beside him and see that he's on TWITCAM talking to around 500,000 fans. " Niall! you could have told me !!! I look a mess " you whisper to him. He grabs you by the waist and he kisses you his tongue once again slightly touching your lips " You're beautiful, don't worry " You, Niall, and the directioners stayed up til 2 AM talking. You both wish the fans a goodnight as its getting late. Niall logs out and your eyes meet Niall's . He leans in and kisses you passionately, he slids his tongue in your mouth. His hands move around on your back, and you feel him grab the lower part of both legs and you grab on to his biceps as he lifts your legs onto his waist. He closes the door as he lays you onto his bed " Do you wanna continue or are you not ready yet?" You smile and you say " I'm ready " Niall nods and he continues kissing you, he moves on to kissing your sweet spot on your neck. You moan as he slides his hands onto waist as he starts to unzip his jeans leaving only his boxers. You take off your skirt and your shirt leaving your underwear and bra. Niall takes off his shirt and he kisses your sweetspot on your neck making you moan, he slowly takes off your underwear as you take off his boxers. He takes off your bra and he looks at your body " wow, you're beautiful..You ready?" he asks " yes.." you say. You close your eyes " .. ow " you say as he starts to enter you gently " it's okay, it'll go away in a little bit " he was so gentle to you. He grabbed you by your waist as he pulled in and out slowly. You let a moan escape from your mouth. He kissed your stomach as he started to gain speed, he brought his lips to meet skin on your neck and he sucked on it, a red make appeared slowly after " Babe, I gave you a hickey " Niall said in a very sexy voice. " niall .... " you moaned his name. Your breathing got heavier as Niall got on top of you kissing you, moaning. Niall slowed down as both of you reached your climax. Niall kissed you softly as he pulled out. You kissed him on his neck " I love you " you said " I love you more baby doll " he replied kissing you again. The next morning you wake up in Niall's arms you too are still naked, you remember the amazing night you and Niall had last night. Niall kisses your nose as he wakes up too. You both and got dressed, he held your hand as you went to the kitchen. The boys come out their room sleepy but smiling at you and Niall. They give Niall high-fives and congratulate him as they walk by. " you enjoy last night with Nialler here ? " Zayn says winking. " oh my gosh... " you bury your face into Niall's neck " You heard us?! " you ask not turning around " Yes, we were in the room beside Niall's " Liam says You bury your face even more in Niall's neck. " ughh " you say " Aww come on, no one will know but us " They boys say " Promise " Niall says smiling at you and giving you a kiss. <3

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