Love At First Sight - Zayn Malik Love Story -

This is the story of how 5 guys fell for the same girl . That girl ... is you .


3. Chapter 3

 The boys each hand you the roses and Zayn puts his arm around you. Niall offers a piggy back ride and you hop on. You see that Zayn starts to get jealous. He mumbles something but you can't make out what he said. " Hey look! " You say pointing to a stand filled with teddy bears. " I can win you one if you would like one " Zayn says with a sly smile. " Really? Yes! " you say running towards the stand, you feel someones hands wrapping around your waist, you look back and see Zayn holding you. " Alright so all I gotta do is shoot 3 bulls-eye's in a row " Zayn says. " You can do it love " you cheer him on. Zayn gains confidence and he makes the 3 shots, right on target! " YAY !!! " You say jumping up and down you go over to Zayn and give him a big kiss, you take the bear and go over where Harry is at, you don't notice that Zayn touching his lips not believing you just kissed him. " Hey Harry " you say. He gives you a kiss on the nose " Hey Love " he replies. He hands you a cotton candy " Aw thanks " putting some in your mouth." You eat so cute " Harry says. You giggle a little. Harry thinks to himself " Damn, she has the cutest giggle ever " You give him a kiss on the cheek as you get up to go see what Niall is doing. You find that Niall is over getting some food. " Niall can't you stop eating for just a minute!?" You ask him " Nooo they have awesome hot dogs here " You laugh and you drag Niall over to the photobooth. You guys take pictures and in the last picture Niall kisses you, " I love you so much, i don't care if I have to stop eating just to hear you giggle or see you smile " Niall says, kissing you again. " Niall .... Harry and Louis. " you say " What about them? " he asks " .... They like me also, they've kissed me too " Niall's smile disappears and he walks out the booth slowly and quietly... you feel bad for Nialler so you run up to him " Niall ! " Niall turns around, you give him a soft and gentle kiss " But i like you more than them " Niall kisses you back. You have no idea that Harry and Zayn are watching you two. Niall gives you a piggy back ride and you join Zayn and Harry. " Enjoy you're little smooch time back there?" Harry asks. " Shut-up Harry! " You playfully punch Harry on his arm. " Hey it's not our fault you two were connecting haha " Zayn says also " Zayn! " Niall says. " Oh come on you two, let's go on the roller coaster " Harry says. You guys get on like 5 roller coasters and finally after a long night it's time to go back home. You recieve a text message from your mom saying " Honey, won't be home tonight sorry, but you can sleep the night with the boys. Behave ! xx " You ask the guys if its okay for you to spend the night " Of Course Love ! " they all reply. You get to the room and you find Louis and Liam shirtless watching tv . Your mouth drops instantly. " Heyy! " Liam says picking you up and dropping you on the bed beside Louis " Hey Lou ! " You say giving him a kiss on the cheek " Hey Love ! " he replies. " Oh so now you're kissing Lou.? " Harry says " What are you talking about? What happened at the carnival?" Liam asks " Me and Harry were watching as Niall and her were smooching over by the photo booth " Niall comes and sits by you " Back off she's my girlfriend " He says. All the boys look at you with stunned faces. " You and Niall are dating ?!!" Harry asks. " He asked me at the photo booth " You say smiling as Niall gives you a kiss. " NIALL DUDE I TOLD YOU SHE WAS MINE! " Louis says. " Just because you kissed her doesn't mean she's yours " He says. " Ugh ! Whatever!" Louis storms out the room. Harry just stares at you his eyes teary and he slowly walks away. " Niall i'm gonna go talk with Lou and Harry, okay?" you say " It's fine sweetheart " he replies. You go into Harry's room and you find him on his bed crying " Harry?... " you ask " Go away please " he says " Harry look I'm really sorry, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings!" You feel a tear run down your face. " No, you don't have to be sorry. " Harry says getting up and kissing your forehead " I can still ask you out when you and Niall are over" he says jokingly. " But you might wanna go talk to Lou " Harry says pointing towards Louis' room. " Okayy " you say . 
You go into Louis' room and you find him in a corner, you sit beside him " lou-" " How can you do this to me?" Louis interrupts " How can you kiss Niall and date him?!" " I kissed you, I told you how I felt about you" He continues " Louis don't blame this on me! You really should have known that I like Niall too " " Lou i still like you too !!! " You say giving Lou a big hug. Lou starts to smile and he hugs you back." You're forgiven " he says. You get up and you see Niall, Liam, and Zayn playing video games. " Come sit over here Zayn says moving over leaving a spot open inbetween him and Niall. After a while you start to get sleepy and you fall asleep on Nialler's lap, you can hear Zayn and Niall talking " Niall, seriously you better treat her right. " " Zayn why are you acting like that ?! " " Niall don't act stupid you know how me, lou, harry, and liam feel about her. We feel what you feel for her okay" " Zayn look she's an amazing girl and I would never do anything to hurt her. I love her so much " . After that you fall asleep and you don't even notice when Niall carries you to bed.... " Goodnight my beautiful angel " he says kissing your nose. 

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