Love At First Sight - Zayn Malik Love Story -

This is the story of how 5 guys fell for the same girl . That girl ... is you .


2. Chapter 2

You're nerves are getting the best of you as the whole place turns pitch black, smoke spills out, the crowd gets loud. The screen is the only light. You see the introduction video of the boys. The screen goes black and then comes on a count down. 5 ..! 4...! 3..! 2..! 1.!! ZERO !!! The Crowd goes wild and the boys come out, they start to sing Na Na Na . you notice Niall wearing the gift you gave him; a bracelet. You immediately start jumping up and down because Niall actually liked his gift! Harry notices you jumping up and down, his face starts to glow.(: You wave at Louis, Zayn, and Liam when they come by singing and they each wink and wave back. Nialler goes over to where you are standing and he gives each fan a high five. You can't stop staring at his eyes and his smile... you think to yourself " This is gonna be an awesome night " 
The next morning you wake up in your hotel room. You get up and go into the bathroom and you notice a note sitting by your bed. You read the note and it says " Hey Beautiful, it's me Louis. From One Direction. Meet me at the park at 11am. I have a special day planned for us<3 xx Love your Boo Bear. " You smile and you start to remember the concert last night, You meeting them and them giving you their numbers, Niall wearing his gift. and then you remember what happened during One Thing. During his solo Niall went and sat on stage in front of you and sang his heart out not taking his eyes off you. He held your hand at the same time also. You remember during What Makes You Beautiful that Zayn kept looking over at you. You sit on your bed just remembering how they smelled. Ralph Lauren <3 . You check your watch. You have only 20 minutes to get ready!!!! You quickly take a shower, fix your hair, chose an outfit, and say goodbye to your mom as you leave. " Where are you going ?!!? " your mom says." Out! " you reply. You go to the park and you find Louis standing there with a single pink rose, his mouth drops when he see's you. " You look amazing " he says. " You're so sweet Lou " you say. " Haha it's only the truth." he says " Ready for today's things to do? " he continues " Well what are we doing? " you ask " You'll see haha " he says. You are amazed as Louis takes you a cafe with an amazing view of the town. You both have an amazing morning and at 2pm Louis takes you back to the Hotel, " I had an amazing day with you " he says " Me Too Louis, we should do this another time. " Louis gives you a hug and as you're pulling away to go back inside Louis pulls in into a kiss on the lips .... " I really really like you, I wanted to show you how much " Louis says and then he walks away. " I really like you too " You whisper... You go back inside and you collapse crying as you are climbing the stairs making your way to your room. You can't believe that Harry and Louis have kissed you saying they like you so much. You really don't know what to do with the situation. You make your way to your room and you see your mom left the door open again, you close it and you go into your room. You stop in your tracks as you see a small pink teddy bear on your bed. It has two pieces of papers with it. You read the first piece " This bear was waiting for you with a note at our door.! Love Mom xx " you read the next piece " It's me Zayn ... hope you like the bear. I was hoping you would join me, harry, and Niall for a day at a local carnival tonight at the park. Hope to see you there love xx " You smile as you notice that the bear smells exactly like Zayn. " Zayn is so sweet " you say quietly. You hear your mom knock on your door " Come in mom " you say. " Honey did you-" she says " Oh nevermind haha i see you saw the bear " she continues " who is it from?" she asks. " Zayn ... " you say smiling " Really? Well he is sweet for that " she says " Mom, this morning i went on a date with Louis " you say " Wow! No wonder you were smiling so much " she says " Mom but listen you CANNOT tell anyone I told you this. when i met the band backstage..... harry kissed me" you say " I bet he really must like you to kiss you then honey " she says " So you're not mad!?" you say " Of course not, why would i be mad. Those 5 boys are amazingly sweet " she says " Aww! Mom Zayn invited me to the carnival tonight " you say " Well are you gonna go ?! " she says " OF COURSE! " you reply. You and your mom talk for what seems ages about the boys " Sweetheart! It's time!!!" your mom says " Oh my gosh!! i look a mess" you say " You look great honey " your mom says " Thank you mom!!!" you say. You receive a text message, you read it, it says " It's Harry love, looking forward to seeing you tonight. Hope your ready for the funnest night of your life! xx " you smile and you show the text to your mom " Oh Gosh!!! he's gonna propose!! " your mom says " Hahaha MOM !!! he is not going to propose!!! " you say " I was kidding!!! " she says. You go out the door looking forward to for a night that your going to remember. You get to the park and there you see. Zayn, Niall, and Harry. Each holding a rose, Red, Pink, and Yellow. You notice that each boy is wearing skinny jeans. You LOVE boys who wear skinny jeans .

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